Tincture of chokeberry vodka


Black chokeberry tincture is a popular type of processing of abundantly fruiting berries. Many recipes allow you to benefit from the plant in the form of sweet, spicy, strong or low-alcohol beverages. Homemade tincture is a simple, universal remedy for treatment and the basis for culinary experiments.

The benefits and harm of tincture on chokeberry

The black fruits of mountain ash (aronia) exhibit a multitude of healing qualities, they are able to heal the body as a whole and are applicable to the treatment of certain disease states. Infusion on a spirit basis perfectly preserves the properties of a black wolf. When insisting, useful substances pass into the solution, are preserved, and acquire an increased concentration.

Aronia tincture is effective in treating such conditions:

  1. Reduced immunity, susceptibility to infections, lethargy, chronic fatigue.
  2. Iron deficiency anemia, decreased clotting, other abnormalities in the composition of the blood.
  3. Iodine deficiency, vitamin deficiency, the need for additional intake of potassium, manganese, copper, calcium, selenium.
  4. Apathy, depressive states, stress, sleep disorders, loss of attention, memory, ability to concentrate.
  5. Elevated cholesterol, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, hypertension.
  6. The effects of radiation, UV radiation, harmful environmental factors: gas pollution, chemical pollution of water, proximity of hazardous industries.
  7. Benign and malignant neoplasms of any localization.
  8. Reduced acidity of gastric juice, disorders in the discharge of bile.

The use of tincture of black chokeberry on vodka is noted when you need to follow a diet. Drink reduces appetite, which helps in the fight against obesity. Dwarf accelerates metabolism, cleanses the body of toxins and slags, which also contributes to weight loss.

External application of tincture of black chokeberry cleanses and heals wounds, disinfects, reduces inflammation, and promotes the rejuvenation of skin cells.

Possessing a strong effect, the infusion of a black wolf can in some cases be harmful. Contraindications to receive funds:

  • personal intolerance to the black insect;
  • violations in the digestive tract on the background of increased acidity;
  • increased blood viscosity with a tendency to thrombosis;
  • low blood pressure;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • childhood.

Alcoholic compositions with black chokeberry have a fixing effect. Be wary when applied to constipation.

Attention! Harm infusions with useful mountain ash can manifest when excessive use. The alcohol content and concentrated composition require to limit the intake to 50 g per day.

How to make tincture of black chokeberry

In tincture extraction of soluble substances from the berries occurs naturally, without heating and fermentation. Medical tincture (hood) is made of alcohol from 40 to 90% of the fortress. At home for the same purpose often used moonshine or vodka.

Medicinal properties, color and taste of the finished tincture directly depend on the quality of the raw materials. Carefully pick up should not only berries, but also the alcohol base.

Features homemade tincture of blackfruit:

  1. The best raw material is fully ripened, black berry, without spoiled and immature specimens. Before the onset of winter colds, blackberries have the most nutrients, and bitterness is in the lowest concentration. The fruits touched by frosts are the sweetest.
  2. For alcohol extracts, you can use dried and frozen raw materials. The dried blacktop is ground to powder before being placed in alcohol. Infusion time is doubled. Frozen berries are used in the same way as fresh ones.
  3. It is necessary to withstand the tincture of blackfruit at a temperature of about 20 ° C, protecting it from sunlight. At lower temperatures, the return of beneficial compounds from the berries slows down, it takes longer to infuse.
  4. Dwarf crab is very useful, but does not have a strong aroma or a pronounced taste. The tincture is famous for its noble tartness and dense ruby ​​color. Alcohol-containing products on black berry are flavored with spices to add flavor, and additional ingredients are added to it.
Attention! Sugar in the composition of beverages does not affect the process of dissolution of useful substances. Its quantity is regulated arbitrarily. Tinfruit, cooked without sugar, can be taken in patients with diabetes.

Classic tincture of black ash

Traditional medicinal infusion of vodka on chokeberry is prepared without seasoning or sweeteners. The composition of the drink includes only alcohol and berries, taken in equal proportions. Per kilogram of recruited, washed, dried blackfroats take 1000 ml of vodka, alcohol (diluted to 40%) or moonshine.

The process of making classic tinctures:

  1. It is optional to crush berries. Whole fruits poured into a glass dish and poured vodka.
  2. Maintain the mixture in the dark at a temperature of + 15-25 ° C, shaking every few days.
  3. The tincture is completely ready in 60 days. It is poured, filtered, poured into clean bottles.

The black avocarp, left over from cooking, is capable of giving away many more useful substances. Her knead a little and pour 1 liter of vodka. Secondary tincture will get softer to taste, but will require more careful filtering.

Tincture on chokeberry on moonshine

Homemade cooking hoods often produce homemade alcohol. Recipes for black wats on moonshine require attention to the quality of raw materials. Suitable for home production of high-purity alcohol is not stronger than 60%.


  • Black Carp - 1 kg;
  • moonshine - 1000 ml;
  • sugar - up to 300 g


  1. The washed, dried fruits are poured into a container for infusion and poured with alcohol.
  2. Combine sugar and stir until dissolved.
  3. A tightly closed dish is placed in a dark place.
  4. Shake the composition every 5-7 days.

After 3 months, the drink is filtered, and the berries are thrown away. The process of insisting can be extended to 4 months. To improve the taste, it is possible to infuse moonshine on chokeberry with the addition of cloves, cinnamon, lemon, berry leaves and other flavoring additives.

Homemade tincture of black chokeberry on alcohol

Taking as a basis food or medical alcohol, you can get a concentrate that is not inferior to the pharmacy option for quality. Such a home tincture will be high-grade, which will require dilution before use.

Preparation of extracts of black insects on alcohol:

  1. Glass dishes are filled with black berries for 2/3 volume.
  2. Add alcohol to the top.
  3. Insist a minimum of 20 days.
  4. Wring out, filter, spill in vessels of dark glass.
Tip! The resulting elixir of blackfruit is used externally for pain in the joints, as a rubbing for colds. For rubbing and lotions composition is not diluted.

Strong alcohol or moonshine on chokeberry, made according to the proposed recipe, before ingestion, should be diluted with clean water.

Chernoplodka on vodka

At home, it is convenient to use store vodka to prepare black chokeberry infusions. For the recipe, choose a proven alcoholic product without fragrances.

Vodka and black berries are taken approximately equally (per 1 kg of fruit per 1 liter of alcohol). Sweeten the tincture to taste. Traditionally, 500 g of sugar is added to a specified amount of ingredients.

The manufacturing process differs from previous recipes on moonshine and alcohol only by aging. Pour off the sediment and filter the tincture should be after 40-50 days of infusion, and after incubation for another 10 days to ripen the product.

Recipes for vodka are universal, based on them you can make tinctures from chokeberry with cherry leaves, any spices, citrus. Thick ruby ​​color, characteristic tartish taste differ both sweet drinks, and clean extracts.

Homemade tincture of black chokeberry with cloves

Clove has a strong, spicy flavor. A few seasoning buds are enough to add a new sound to the black worm. Especially pertinent to the addition to recipes on moonshine.

Quick recipe with cloves:

  1. For 500 g of black-bottomed you need 300 ml of moonshine (vodka, diluted alcohol).
  2. The berries fray with 2 buds of cloves. If desired, sugar is added to the composition and stirred until the crystals dissolve.
  3. A thick mixture insist a few days.
  4. The crushed raw material is poured with alcohol in a bowl with a wide neck.
  5. Stand under the lid, stirring every few days.

You can taste the tincture after 15 days. The best consistency and taste is achieved at a shutter speed of 60 days.

Comment! To separate the pulp using a dense filter. In recipes with whole black fruit berries, several layers of gauze are enough.

Blackberry tincture with cherry leaves

Enrich the taste of homemade alcohol can not only spices. The unusual aroma gets chernoplodka with cherry leaf and vodka. Intense inky red color of the tincture, the characteristic tartness is well combined with the taste of summer berries.

Popular recipe for "cherry" blackfruit liqueur:

  • Aronia berries - 250 g;
  • cherry leaves - 1 glass;
  • citric acid - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • vodka and water - 250 ml;
  • sugar - 250 g

The process of preparation of black tincture with cherry flavor:

  1. Berries and leaves are washed, sorted, placed in a wide cooking capacity.
  2. Bay with water, bring to a boil. Insist until cooling (if possible - up to 8 hours).
  3. Adding sugar and acid, boil the mixture for 20 minutes.
  4. Strain broth, berries squeeze out carefully, drain both liquids together.

In the cooled composition injected vodka, tincture is bottled. Liquor is ready to use immediately, but it is better to let it mature for 30 days.

Blackberry tincture with honey

The product of beekeeping adds a density, aroma to the tincture of black rowan, makes it even more useful. For the manufacture of honey elixir will need a glass container with a capacity of at least 2 liters.


  • washed black fruit berries - 3 cups;
  • liquid honey - 1 cup;
  • vodka - 1 l.

Fruits fall asleep in a clean jar, add honey, pour in alcohol. Keep the composition in a dark place for at least 4 weeks, regularly shaking. The finished elixir is filtered and packaged in bottles. Use the composition inside, for compresses, rubbing. The amount of honey in the recipe can be supplemented with sugar, if desired, to get a sweeter product.

How to make a tincture of black ashberry with orange and vanilla

Citrus flavor in combination with vanilla fits perfectly into the recipe of fragrant black chokeberry infusion with cherry leaves. The dessert taste of such a drink after 90 days of exposure resembles "Amaretto."

Components on 500 g blackberry berries:

  • vanillin powder - 1 tsp;
  • orange (juice + peel) - 1 pc .;
  • cherry leaves - 40 pcs .;
  • citric acid - 1 tsp;
  • granulated sugar - 2 glasses;
  • water - ½ l;
  • vodka - 1 l.

Cooking process:

  1. Rowan boiled with water for about 15 minutes.
  2. Cherry leaves are put into a container, they pour orange zest.
  3. Heat the mixture for another 2-3 minutes. Cool, squeeze well, filter.
  4. Sugar, vanillin is added to the aromatic broth. Continue to heat until boiling, then pour the citric acid, topped up with orange juice.
  5. The syrup is removed from the heat and completely cooled.

Mixing the filtered dessert base with vodka, it is left to ripen. After 3 months, the infusion of black insects is re-filtered, poured into glass containers, tightly sealed.

Sweet tincture on chokeberry

Thick homemade tincture of blackfruit with sugar added well with cinnamon. Dessert tincture is well enriched with citrus scent, adding lemon peel.

For 1 kg of sorted black fruits of mountain ash, it is enough to add ½ tsp. cinnamon and zest of one lemon. The ingredients are poured into a jar, topped up with diluted alcohol or vodka to the shoulders. Insist 3 weeks in a dark place at room temperature.

Recipe tincture of blackfruit without the addition of alcoholic beverages

Black rowan is characterized by its preservative properties. It contains a lot of disinfectants, and there are few yeast cultures on the surface of the fruit. Therefore, natural fermentation occurs slowly and the product may not reach the desired strength.

To remedy the situation, special yeast cultures or unwashed raisins are introduced into the homemade formulations with a black agroplane.

Preparation of a simple non-alcoholic black wrap infusion:

  • 1 kg of unwashed berries are kneaded or crushed with a blender;
  • put the mass in a jar, covered with sugar (3 kg), add 5 pcs. raisins, stirred;
  • they tie the neck with gauze and take the container to a room with a temperature of up to 25 ° C;
  • daily mix the composition of a wooden spoon, waiting for the active fermentation;
  • after the appearance of foam, install a water seal of any design on the can or leave it to mature under gauze;
  • after the mixture is boiled with gas evolution and foaming, the solution is filtered.

The tincture should be left to ripen in a cool place for up to 60 days, then re-drain from the sediment and strain. Non-fixed organic drinks should be in the cellar or room with a temperature not higher than + 14 ° C.

Tincture of black chokeberry and leaves of cherry and currant

The leaves of shrubs and fruit trees tell berry aromas to blackberry infusions, although they are prepared in late autumn when the season is over. Cherry and raspberry leaves can be collected in advance, and used in dried form. But the best results gives fresh raw materials.

The composition of tinctures:

  • black rowan - 1 kg;
  • currant and cherry leaf - 20-30 pcs. each;
  • alcohol or moonshine (more than 70%) - 300 ml;
  • sugar - 250 g;
  • water - 0.5 l.

The process of making tinctures:

  1. From berries, water and sugar brew syrup. Boiling time - 15 minutes.
  2. Lay the leaves and warm a few minutes.
  3. Leave the mixture to infuse and cool.
  4. Berries knead a little to return the juice.
  5. The mixture is poured with alcohol without filtration, with leaves and fruits.
  6. The exposure time of infusion - 2 weeks.

The present product is filtered, squeezing vegetable raw materials, and packaged in sterile bottles.

Chokeberry on vodka with leaves of cherry, raspberry and currant

Garden aromas in combination with a blackfly always give a good result. The best combination of flavors for tincture - the classic trio of raspberry, currant and cherry. The leaves of all cultures are taken equally, respecting the proportions of the recipe for 1 kg of black carnations:

  • leaves (dry or fresh) - 60 pcs .;
  • vodka - 1 l;
  • sugar - 250 g;
  • water - 500 ml.

Preparation of infusion repeats the previous recipe. The water in the composition is only for the best performance of the fragrance leaves. The smaller it is, the stronger the product will be. An increase in the rate of liquid and sugar by 2 times, with the same technology, results in a drink resembling liquor.

Tincture of 100 black chokeberry leaves

A simple way, recommending to take the berries not by weight, but by counting, guarantees a proven result. Tincture of cherry leaves and chokeberry will always have the same strength, taste and color.


  • 100 blackberry berries;
  • 100 cherry leaves;
  • 0.5 liters of water:
  • 0.5 liters of vodka;
  • a glass of sugar;
  • package of citric acid.

Water syrup, black fruit and sugar are boiled as standard, trying not to digest the leaves. Citric acid (no more than 15 g) is poured before turning it off. The cooled mass is drained through cheesecloth and mixed with alcohol. The mixture can be considered tincture only after 15 days, when it is re-filtered and poured into storage tanks.

Black vodka: recipe with star anise and cinnamon

The introduction to the recipes of various spices makes the infusions different from each other and add new, oriental notes to the medicinal composition. The taste and thick aroma of an alley very favorably emphasizes the astringeness of the black chokeberry, but its use requires caution.

Do not add more than 2 star aniseas per 1 liter of vodka. The combination of these products in greater concentration is excessive in taste and can cause headaches.

Star anise and cinnamon can be entered into the recipe of the basic tincture of aronia with cherry leaves, honey, any sweetened drinks. Excessive blending of flavors can be observed with cloves or cardamom.

Black choke tincture at home with prunes and spices

Spicy taste and volatility attached to the tincture of prunes. For the preparation of such an alcoholic beverage, it will be necessary to insist the composition twice: first, a classical alcoholic extract is prepared from a black-nopod, then an even more aromatic drink is made on its basis.


  1. In a 3-liter jar is placed 100 g of washed prunes, 300 g of sugar, cinnamon, star anise.
  2. Fill the jar with tincture of black insects to the top and close the lid.
  3. In the dark, defend the mixture to 30 days, stirring at least once a week.

Pour the tincture from the fruit and sediment, filter and pour for storage.

Black Argus Tincture with Lemon

A very rich infusion is obtained from an increased amount of black berries. To balance the taste, lemons are added to the composition, their acid neutralizes excess astringency.

Ингредиенты берут не по весу, а рассчитывая для 3-литровой банки. Готовят настойку с лимоном так:

  1. Банку наполняют черными ягодами чуть ниже плечиков.
  2. Добавляют по стакану сахара и воды, выжимают сок трех лимонов.
  3. Add 0.5 liters of vodka (diluted alcohol or moonshine with a strength of about 50%) to the vessel.
  4. Insist 3 weeks, shaking the jar every other day.

The tincture is poured, the raw material is squeezed and discarded. The composition should be left for another 2 weeks before final filtration and spill.

Black ashberry tincture on cognac with oak bark

A drink with a noble cognac taste of blackfruit is thickly colored and fragrant. To enhance the effect, add a bit of dried oak bark, powdered.


  • Black Carp - 300 g;
  • honey - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • oak bark - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • Cognac - 500 ml.

Preparing the tincture is very simple: after mixing all the ingredients, leave the billet for aging. After 60 days, filter the composition and you can start using.

Tip! Candied honey is pre-dissolved in a water bath to a liquid state.

Tincture of black vodka and red ash

Both berries are called rowan because of their resemblance, but these cultures differ in their origin and properties. Their combination in one drink extends the beneficial effects of infusion.

For the preparation of alcohol extracts from mixed raw materials, it is enough to replace half the norm of the black wolf by the red rowan. The further process does not differ from the recipes described above. Since red berries are more bitter, it is preferable to choose recipes with citric acid.

Tincture of dried black ash on vodka

Properly dried blacktop retains all the useful qualities of fresh berries and is quite suitable for homemade alcoholic beverages. Using such raw materials, several rules are followed:

  1. Before preparing the extract, the dried black chokeberry is ground in a mortar or coffee grinder.
  2. The number of berries, taken by weight, reduced by 2 times from the original recipe.
  3. The term of infusion of the product is extended to 4 months.

The rest follow the general recommendations on cooking.

Black chokeberry moonshine

Moonshine can not only insist on the wolfberry, but also fully cooked from berry raw materials. Preparation begins with the preparation of the mash, which is subsequently distilled, obtaining alcohol of different concentrations and degrees of purification.

Blackberry Braga


  • crushed black ash berries - 5 kg;
  • granulated sugar - 2 kg;
  • filtered water - 5 l;
  • yeast: dry - 50 g or pressed - 250 g

To maintain the fermentation process, you can use unwashed raisins (100 g). In this case, the yeast is not added.

In a large capacity pot lay all the ingredients, mix thoroughly. Set aside the container, covered with a cloth, for a week. Blackberry braga is mixed every day to destroy the film on the surface, which prevents fermentation.

How to make moonshine on black mountain ash

A week later, but not earlier than the wort will stop foaming, sediment sinks to the bottom of the pan. Braga can be carefully drained, drained and used for distillation. Black fodder moonshine can be made from fresh or frozen berries, as well as using leftover jam.

Terms of use tincture of black chokeberry

Take the tincture of a black apple should be as a drug, avoiding overdose. The therapeutic effect is manifested when a dose of no more than 50 ml of tincture per day is observed.

The daily rate can be divided into several receptions and drink a tablespoon before each meal. Chokeberry has contraindications and can cause side effects in some diseases. Therefore, before taking tinctures for medicinal purposes, you should consult with your doctor.

Terms of storage tincture on the black wolf

Hoods on alcohol without additional ingredients have an unlimited shelf life, provided that the bottles are in a dark place. The optimum temperature is no higher than + 18 ° C.

Sweet alcoholic blackfloods are stored for up to 3 years. The best place is a cellar or a refrigerator. Dry tincture is stored no more than 90 days after filtration.


Black chokeberry tincture is not just a tasty alcoholic drink, but also a medicine. It helps to maintain immunity, restores strength, cleanses the body. The strong effect of alcohol extract requires careful use. In order to get benefit from the black womb, rather than harm, the drug should be taken in small doses.