The most fruitful varieties of potatoes for central Russia


Today, almost three hundred varieties of potatoes are grown in Russia. All varieties have their strengths and minor flaws. The main task of the farmer is to choose the right potato variety for his plot, to take into account soil features, temperature conditions, principles of agricultural technology. This is the only way to ensure a decent result - a high yield of tasty and beautiful potatoes.

Crop varieties of potatoes

Of course, any gardener, first of all, is interested in the quantity and quality of the crop, which he will receive from his plot. Therefore, choosing planting material, autumn often give preference to high-yielding varieties of potatoes. These are considered varieties, giving more than 300 quintals of root crops from each hectare of land.

Growing in large quantities is necessary either for sale or for long-term storage. Therefore, the potatoes should be beautiful, maturation, transportable.

Important! With proper care, regular watering, weeding and treatment against insect pests, a gardener can get up to 900 centners of potatoes from one hectare of a plot.

There are varieties, the mass of root crops which reaches three kilograms!

The most fruitful potato varieties suitable for the temperate climate of central Russia: "Idaho", "Bela Rosa", "Rosara". A description of each can be found below.


The potato variety, which is considered early ripening, because it ripens in a very short time. This potato does not have a lack of all early ripe varieties; it cannot be called watery and tasteless. Idaho root vegetables are very nutritious, as they contain large amounts of carbohydrates and starch.

America is considered to be the homeland of the variety; it is there that the traditional dish of the same name is made from this potato. Not bad caught on the vegetable and in Russia, it is suitable local climate and soil.

Potatoes have a rounded shape and almost the same size. The color of root crops is beige, the flesh is well boiled soft, has a pleasant taste and aroma. Thanks to their perfect shape and smooth skin, roots are often grown for sale. This also contributes to the high yield - about 600 centners per hectare of fields.

Bela Rosa

This potato ripens within fifty days after planting. The plant is not afraid of viruses, endures drought and a slight cooling. For the variety is not too important soil composition and soil acidity.

But "Bela Rosa" will not give a good harvest on depleted land. Therefore, potatoes should be regularly fertilized with organic fertilizers, and it is better to plant them in the place where peas, beans or other legumes grew last season.

Watering the bushes is necessary three times per season: two watering should be done before the flowering period of the bushes, and the last one after the potatoes have faded.

Tubers have a round or oval shape, are painted in a pinkish shade, the skin of root crops is a little rough. The average potato mass is about 500 grams. Tastes are high: the tubers are well boiled soft, have a pleasant, slightly sweetish taste, contain a large amount of carbohydrates.

Bela Rosa is grown not only in the middle part of Russia, but also in Belarus. In the southern regions, due to the precocity of potatoes, the crop can be harvested even twice a season.

The yield of the variety is high - from 350 to 400 centners per hectare.

Review of the potato "Bela Rosa"

Albina, 42, Kemerovo This plant only potatoes for the second year, while very pleased with the result. The potato is unpretentious, it grows on any soil, it doesn’t matter to him what was planted in the same place last season. When cooking, the tubers quickly boil soft, puree obtained without lumps, uniform and fragrant. This potato is just as good to fry or stew, it is absolutely suitable for any purpose. They did not notice that the bushes were hurting with something, there were also very few beetles. During the winter only a couple of potatoes are damaged. I can say with confidence that next year we will plant Belo Rosa again. Council! Planted tubers "Bela Rosa" must be at a depth of at least 25 cm, otherwise the ripening potatoes will be located too close to the surface of the ground and turn green.


This potato was selected by German farmers, and from there it came to Russia. Potatoes are considered mid-season - root crops are ready for harvesting 65-75 days after the first shoots.

This variety is perfect for growing vegetables for sale. Potatoes have an ideal shape and small size. The average weight of root crops does not exceed 150 grams. The shade of the peel is very memorable: from bright red to brown.

The yield of this potato is completely dependent on watering. In addition to regular and abundant irrigation, the Rosary bushes, in principle, do not need anything else: the variety is protected from most diseases, is not picky about the composition of the soil, and does not need regular fertilizer.

If you water the potato bushes plentifully and often, under each of them you can find up to 30 root crops. The total yield in this case will be 400 centners per hectare.

Taste good quality, fragrant potatoes, with a pleasant taste, well boiled soft.

Tip! The only thing that the Rosara variety is afraid of is the attacks of the Colorado potato beetle.

Therefore, the bushes need several times per season to treat insecticides and collect adult beetles and larvae. Leaves damaged by beetles lead to a deterioration of photosynthesis, which will certainly affect the yield and quality of root crops.

Characteristics and description of the most delicious varieties of potatoes

Yield is not so important for those who grow potatoes for their own needs. And in order to feast on fresh young tubers, you need to choose the most delicious variety. Such can be considered a potato with a high content of starch and carbohydrates, which is quickly boiled soft, does not give lumps and dark inclusions, has a strong flavor.

Such potatoes, as a rule, are not only the most delicious, but also nutritious and healthy.


This potato variety is very capricious: it does not like drought, is picky about the composition of the soil and the amount of fertilizer, easily infected with viruses, susceptible to fungal diseases, it is “loved” by Colorado beetles and wireworms.

But! This potato, by right, can carry the name of the most tasty. Tubers have an even slightly elongated shape, painted beige, and eyes have a pink tint. The rind of root crops is so thin that it can be brushed off, avoiding cleaning.

Potato preparation time is only 15 minutes, it is gentle and uniform.

The yield of the variety is low - from 200 hectares of vegetable can be collected per hectare of land. But this is more than offset by the taste of the fruit.

Important! Potato varieties "Picasso" is not suitable for long-term storage.

The tubers will begin to spoil within two months after digging. In order to slightly increase the keeping quality of the harvest, you can put a few apples in the boxes of potatoes, they will stop the rotting process and prevent the emergence of sprouts in the roots.


The variety developed by Russian breeders combines excellent taste and high yields - more than 300 centners per hectare.

This potato has a number of disadvantages:

  • bushes are afraid of frost;
  • potatoes tolerate drought very badly and need regular watering;
  • tubers can not be stored for a long time - a maximum of 1.5 months lie potato "Tuleevsky" after harvest;
  • if stored improperly, the tubers wither and turn black even faster.

But the taste characteristics level all the above disadvantages. Potato razvaristaya, without lumps, very nutritious and satisfying, with good aroma, have a thin peel. Indeed, it is one of the most delicious varieties. In addition, "Tuleyevsky" zoned for Russia and the local climate.


The variety was selected in Holland, and subsequently acclimatized for the features of central Russia. Probably the most famous variety among local summer residents and gardeners, because this potato combines all the best qualities:

  • average yield - about 250 centners per hectare;
  • excellent taste characteristics;
  • unpretentiousness and good resistance to diseases;
  • excellent keeping quality - for 7-9 months, the roots are able to maintain not only the appearance, but also the nutritional value;
  • large sizes of root crops - the average weight is 300 grams;
  • in one bush can ripen more than 20 potatoes.

The only thing this variety of potatoes needs is regular and abundant watering.


This variety is most often chosen specifically for individual plots, although potatoes can be grown on an industrial scale. The yield is above average - more than 400 centners per hectare. And the taste characteristics meet the highest requirements.

The bushes of this potato are powerful and tall, they are not often damaged by the Colorado potato beetle, the potatoes are also rarely sick. But to water and fertilize the bushes varieties "Pai" must be regularly.

Potatoes are large - about 400 grams, beige and rounded. In each bush can grow about 15 root crops.

Attention! Without timely watering, the rind of root crops becomes much thicker, and the potatoes themselves are smaller than they should.

The best grades for the middle band

Potato varieties for central Russia are usually selected for the entire country, as well as suitable for Belarus, and for most of Ukraine. This is the potato that:

  • grows on black soil;
  • not afraid of showers;
  • tolerates drought;
  • can withstand short-term freezing;
  • gives good yields;
  • can be stored during the winter;
  • not afraid of fungal diseases and infections.

Reviews of gardeners and summer residents of central Russia helped to identify the most popular potato varieties here - their photos and description are presented below.


Depending on the time of ripening, there are several varieties of this variety. Tubers of the correct extended form, are painted in a pink shade. The yield of the variety is high - about 300 quintals per hectare.

The taste of potatoes is good, has a thin peel, quickly boiled soft. Variety can be stored up to the spring, he has excellent keeping quality.

But this potato needs frequent watering and organic dressing.


A fruitful grade with early terms of maturing. Potatoes are rarely exposed to diseases and viruses, but often become the “prey” of the Colorado potato beetle. The variety needs organic fertilizers, regular watering and careful care.

“Latona” is stored remarkably: it does not fade, does not darken and does not sprout (if the sun rays do not penetrate into the storage). It is recommended to sort the potatoes a couple of times in a season to remove spoiled tubers and prevent the spread of rot.

Red Scarlett

One of the most common and well-established varieties of Dutch breeding in Russia.

Root crops have the correct form, are painted in a reddish shade. The skin is so thin that the tubers can not be cleaned, but simply washed with a brush before cooking.

Tastes are high, potatoes are beautifully stored and transported. In each hole you can find up to twenty potatoes. At the same time the variety is not afraid of drought and frost. However, the potato needs three to four times a very abundant watering.

Review of potatoes "Red Scarlett"

Natalya, 49 years old, Voronezh. We are planting potatoes on our plot for the third or fourth season. I can say that the grade is excellent! Fully justifies its characteristics. I cook mashed potatoes and soup from this potato, and bake the tubers in the oven - just a versatile potato. There are no difficulties in the process of cultivation. Chernozem land of our Voronezh region, apparently, relished this variety - it bears excellent fruit potatoes. Root crops are large, more than the size declared by the manufacturer, smooth and beautiful. Before spring all the tubers are added. Going over the harvest, you have to remove only two or three potatoes, the rest are all safe and sound. One drawback is that there are a lot of Colorado potato beetles on the bushes in the summer, you often have to treat plants with insecticides or collect insects by hand. Another plus of Red Scarlett potatoes is low starch content. Root crops do not darken in the cut state. This quality allows you to cook chips and pancakes from tubers. In general, the variety is excellent, we are not planning to change it.


One of the early maturing varieties of potatoes - roots ripen on the 70th day after the first shoots emerge from the ground. Distinguish bushes "Gala" is very simple - they have bright green leaves.

If the potatoes are well watered and fertilized several times per season, you can get a fairly high yield - about 25 potatoes will ripen in each bush. The variety tolerates drought well, withstands various diseases and is of little interest to insect pests.


The potato is the fruit of labor of Russian breeders, it is perfectly adapted to the local climate, not pretentious to the composition of the soil.

Taste characteristics are good, the aroma is pleasant, the flesh is razvaristy, snow-white.

Bushes bloom large inflorescences, well-branched, differ in high growth. The tubers themselves are also large, rounded, beautiful. The yield of the variety is high, the potatoes are resistant to high and low temperatures.


The variety of German selection, has a good yield and excellent taste. The potato belongs to mid-season varieties (it ripens by the 80th day after germination), zoned for central Russia.

Potatoes are oval, beige, with slightly flaky skin. Plants are resistant to viruses, coping well with temperature changes and difficult climatic conditions.

In each well, with proper care, you can find up to ten root crops. Potatoes are perfect for long-term storage in cellars and cellars.


Almost all modern varieties of potatoes have excellent taste, and with proper care they give equally high yields. It is necessary to choose a variety, based on personal needs, to take into account the ability of tubers for long-term storage, the size of potatoes, or the level of starch and carbohydrate content in fruits (that is, the variety and nutritional value of root crops).