Malina Zyugana


Among the many varieties of raspberry gardeners and gardeners, of course, try to choose the most fruitful and large-fruited. Raspberry "Zyugan" refers precisely to such. This variety came to us from Switzerland in 1999. In a short time, the reviews about Zyugan raspberries spread throughout the country. Now almost every gardener who grows raspberries, either heard, or independently engaged in the cultivation of this variety. The article will consider a detailed description of the Zyugan raspberry variety, as well as its photos and reviews of gardeners and gardeners.

Characteristic raspberry variety

The variety of raspberry "Zyugan" is characterized by rather high shoots. Often they grow up to 2 m in height. But despite this, the branches are very strong and strong. If other tall bushes have to be tied up, then in this case it is not necessary to do this. True, to create a more aesthetic appearance, gardeners often use special tapestries.

In addition, remontant raspberry "Zyugan" has a high resistance to various diseases. On a 10-point system, it can put a solid seven. This greatly facilitates the care of the bushes. The bush is moderately spreading and in diameter can reach up to 0.7 m. It is very pleasing that there are no thorns on the branches. Thanks to this, picking berries is quick and painless.

On the shoots of raspberry can form a large number of additional branches, which also bear fruit. The leaves have a dark green color, quite large. As mentioned above, "Zyugan" refers to remontant varieties that bear fruit twice a season.

Attention! From the reviews of raspberry "Zyugan" it is clear that for re-fruiting you need to follow all the rules of care.

This variety responds well to sudden changes in temperature. And most importantly, the description of the variety and reviews show that the raspberry "Zyugan" has a very high frost resistance. Experts estimate the resistance of the variety to frost at 9 points out of a possible 10. This is a very worthy indicator.

The yield of raspberry variety "Zyugan" is simply amazing. Thanks to this criterion, she became the favorite of many gardeners. Those who have already grown such raspberries, argue that with one bush can collect up to 9 kg of berries per season. It is noteworthy that all the fruits are large. They have the correct conical shape and slightly elongated. The berries of this variety can boast a wonderful aroma and sweet taste. They are juicy and very tasty.

The most important thing is that such fruits can be collected for quite a long period, starting from mid-summer and until the first frost. Berries tolerate transportation and can be stored fresh for a long time. At room temperature, they lie for at least 3 days, and in the refrigerator for a week.

Important! During storage, the fruit does not lose taste and smell.

Planting seedlings

We now turn from the description of the variety of raspberry "Zyugan" to practice. For the bushes to take root well and give a generous harvest, they must be properly planted. This takes into account some important points. First you need to choose a suitable site. It should be well lit, and on the north side to hide behind buildings or trees. On the slopes and in the pits to plant raspberries is not recommended. Only fertile areas with loose and light soil are selected.

Attention! Many gardeners plant this variety near the fence. It perfectly protects bushes from wind and gives access to sunshine.

Even in the not very fertile soil raspberries will grow and develop. Perhaps the harvest will not be so generous, but if there is no more fertile site, then you can grow berries in such a place. The main thing is that the soil is not too sour. If you have just such a soil, you can make a liming or dig a bed with the addition of wood ash.

When planting raspberries, the following rules should be considered:

  • fertilizers (organic or mineral complex) should be placed at the bottom of each well;
  • the soil before planting raspberries must be moistened;
  • bushes are planted at a distance of 50 cm from each other, and between the rows of raspberries leave about 150 or 300 cm, it all depends on the method of planting and the size of the site itself;
  • the best time for planting seedlings is the end of September or early spring (as soon as the snow melts);
  • After planting, it is possible to carry out soil mulching with peat or humus. The layer of mulch should be at least 5 and not more than 10 cm.

Raspberry Care

In the description of raspberry "Zyugan" it is said that this variety will bear fruit for a long time only with proper care. Caring for him includes the standard steps:

  1. Watering.
  2. Soil mulching.
  3. Soil loosening.
  4. Regular feeding.
  5. Pruning bushes.

Let's take a closer look at each of them. For the formation and ripening of berries need a sufficient amount of moisture. The root system of this raspberry is close to the surface of the soil, so the bush can not extract water from the lower layers of soil. As soon as it is noticed that the surface of the soil dries out, it is necessary to immediately water the bushes. Mulching in this case is very helpful. Mulch helps to retain moisture in the soil and watering can be reduced. To do this, you can use dry leaves, hay and straw.

Do not forget about dressing. Fertilizers help the bush to remain strong, and the crop becomes better. Fed raspberries form large and tasty berries that bear fruit right up to the frosts themselves. These procedures should be carried out several times per season. In the spring it is necessary to accelerate the growth of the bush and green mass. And also at this time the plants simply need phosphorus, calcium and potassium. To do this, use the nitrate or urea. In autumn, special mineral complexes are used.

Important! For feeding raspberries in the autumn, many gardeners use superphosphate.

Fans of organics can replace such complexes with ordinary rotted manure. Any dressings are carried out in dry weather, preferably after rains. It is equally important to regularly loosen the soil. This is done so that the soil can be saturated with oxygen. Loosening is carried out according to need, depending on the condition of the topsoil. It should not be forgotten that the roots of the raspberry are located close to the surface, which means that they can be easily touched during the procedure.

All the above steps will simply be ineffective if you do not cut the bushes every year. Pruning is directly related to crop yield. According to reviews of gardeners of a grade of raspberry of "Zyugan" it is better to cut off in autumn time, after harvesting. In this case, all old and damaged shoots should be removed. Leave no more than 9 young shoots.

In the spring, re-pruning is done, during which all the young shoots are cut from the bushes. On the bush should remain e more than 10 branches. If you decide to tie a raspberry "Zyugan", then it is better to do it in the spring. Closer to the summer bushes should grow up to 1 m in height. At this stage, you can pinch the shoots to stimulate the vegetative process.

Attention! The berries picked in the morning are stored better.


The photos of Zyugan raspberry given in the article, as well as the description of this variety, helped to imagine how beautiful and large these berries are. Each gardener wants to grow only quality products on his plot. This dream can be turned into reality by simply planting a raspberry variety "Zyugan". Reviews on the Internet confirm that the description of the Zyugan's raspberry rebuilding is true. This is really a great variety with high yields, high resistance to disease, and unpretentious to the conditions.


Evgeny Viktorovich, 39 years old, Astrakhan I began to grow raspberries only for my family. Soon, this occupation was so fascinating to me that I decided to expand the raspberry jam and start my own small business. It did not take long to choose a variety. All sellers asserted that it was necessary to take the Zyugan variety. Having listened to the specialists, I purchased seedlings of this variety and never regretted it. Raspberries bear fruit very long. The berries are large and tasty. I recommend it to everyone! Valentina Igorevna, 43, Moscow A couple of years ago I was looking for raspberries for planting in the country. I heard a lot of pleasant reviews about the Zyugan raspberry repair and bought it. I planted bushes in the fall and the next year gathered the first small crop. Further berries became more and more. A small bed is enough to prepare raspberries for the winter and plenty to eat fresh fruit.