How to sour green tomatoes in a bucket


Even in the most successful season in the greenhouse all the tomatoes do not have time to ripen. If you do not pinch the tops in advance, the tomatoes bloom and tie fruit until the cold. To keep them at this time on the bushes is not worth it - they can rot. It is better to collect and make delicious preparations for the winter. The recipes for such preserves are no less than for red tomatoes, and the taste is just as good.

A warning! An important condition - you can not eat green tomatoes without processing. They contain poisonous solanine, which can cause poisoning.

To deal with it is very simple. It decomposes not only by any heat treatment, but also by keeping green tomatoes in salt water. But after all, this is exactly the process of fermentation.

Tip! In order not to worry, it is better to soak green tomatoes in water with salt for about 7 hours before fermentation. Water will have to change several times.

Salted with green tomatoes tomatoes - tasty and healthy preparation for the winter.

Peculiarities of pickling green tomatoes

The number of tomatoes depends on the volume of the bucket. They can be any, but it is impossible to salt them all together, since they are fermented for different times. Therefore, before salting tomatoes sorted by degree of maturity. Fully ripe tomatoes shed the most quickly.

Attention! The softest ones are red pickled tomatoes, the brown ones will be more elastic and the hardest ones green ones.

Greens usually put about 50 grams per kilogram of tomatoes. It can be any, but traditionally use currant leaves, horseradish, both leaves and root pieces, celery, dill, both seeds and greens, cherry leaves, some add oak or walnut leaves.

Tip! Do not be afraid to move away from the traditional recipe. In this case, you will find the very combination of herbs that will make the most delicious salted green tomatoes.

Other herbs can be added to sauces: marjoram, basil, tarragon, mint, lemon balm, catnip, lovage. Each grass will not only change the taste of the final product, but also enrich it with vitamins and minerals.

There will be no tasty pickled tomatoes without garlic and spices: peppercorns, bay leaf, cloves. The most pungent sharp tomatoes are obtained if you add hot pepper pods during the fermentation, each one determines its number independently.

Attention! You can experiment with everything except salt and sugar. Their amount usually does not change and amounts to 2 glasses of salt and a glass of sugar for a bucket of water.

Sugar is needed to speed up the fermentation process. If you do not like the sweet taste of pickled tomatoes, you can do without it, but then the fermentation will not be so fast.

Water from the tap to boil and cool. If there is an opportunity, it is better to take well or spring water - it can be used without boiling.

Recipes fermented tomatoes a lot. Most often, they are whole. Barrel tomatoes are good, but you can pickle them in any container, its value depends only on the availability of green tomatoes and the needs of the family. Let's try to cook pickled green tomatoes in a bucket.

Quick hot pickled tomatoes

Red tomatoes for this recipe are ready in 3 days, for green ones it will take a little longer. On a ten-liter bucket you need:

  • about 6 kg of tomatoes;
  • 2 bunches of celery sprigs and dill with umbrellas;
  • a couple of garlic heads;
  • for each liter of brine 2 tbsp. spoons of sugar and salt.

Prick each tomato with a toothpick and cut out a small part of the pulp along with the stem.

Tip! Cutting too large a hole does not need to prevent the tomatoes from losing their shape after pouring.

Prepare a brine of 6 liters of water, adding at the rate specified in the recipe of sugar and salt. It needs to be boiled and celery is added there, cutting off the top part with the leaves. Keep celery stalks in boiling water just half a minute. Peeled garlic divided into teeth. We put tomatoes in a bucket, pereslaiv greens and garlic cloves.

Tip! Lay the fruit hole up. Then they will be better saturated with brine, and the air that fell into the tomatoes will come out.

The brine at this time languishes on low heat. Pour it into ready-made tomatoes.

This preparation can be done only in an enamelled bucket, boiling water can not be poured into a plastic container.

We set a small oppression and wait for the tomatoes to ferment. We take out on cold if the brine will be pleasantly sour to taste.

Quick, sour cold tomatoes

They will be ready in 2-3 weeks. It is best to choose a dense cream for harvesting, but of small size - such prokvashivayutsya faster.

Tip! To speed up the process of fermentation, each tomato must be punctured with a wooden skewer in several places.

One puncture should be in the area of ​​attachment of the stem. You can make a shallow incision in this place.

We will need:

  • green tomatoes;
  • chilled boiled water;
  • sugar;
  • salt;
  • currant leaves, horseradish, cherry;
  • horseradish roots;
  • garlic.

The number of ingredients is determined by the weight of the tomatoes. The brine is prepared according to the above proportions: for 10 l 2 cups of salt and a glass of sugar. About 1/3 of the spices with leaves are placed on the bottom of the bucket, then 2-3 layers of tomatoes, some spices with leaves, again tomatoes. So we do, until the bucket is filled. Do not forget about garlic cloves and pieces of horseradish roots. Fill the prepared brine and set a small load. Keep the room. After complete fermentation, we endure in the cold.

There is a recipe for pickled green tomatoes for the winter without brine.

Dry pickled green tomatoes

It will require for every 2 kg of tomatoes:

  • 3 cloves of garlic;
  • 2 dill umbrellas;
  • 2 leaves of cherry and horseradish;
  • 2-3 cabbage leaves;
  • 2-3 tsp of sugar and 2 tbsp. spoons of salt.

Each tomato needs to be pricked with a fork or toothpick at the site of attachment of the stem. We blanch the cabbage leaves in boiling water for about 5 minutes - they will become softer. We put tomatoes in a bucket interspersed with spices, horseradish leaves and cherries; every 2 kg of fruits we fall asleep with sugar and salt. Top lay cabbage sheets. Set the oppression. If a day later the tomatoes did not give the juice, you will have to add pickle. For its preparation dissolve 60 g of salt in a liter of water. The product fermented for the winter is stored in the cold.

The pickled tomatoes in the following recipe are very similar to barrel-shaped tomatoes, but they are prepared in buckets.

Green tomatoes as barrel

We will need:

  • green or slightly brown tomatoes - how many will go into the bucket;
  • Dill greens and umbrellas;
  • leaves of cherry, currant, horseradish;
  • garlic and hot pepper;
  • peppercorns;
  • for every 5 liters of brine, you need to ½ cup of salt, mustard powder and sugar.

At the bottom of the bucket we place a third of all the leaves and spices, then a couple of layers of tomatoes, again leaves, garlic and spices, and so on. On the interlayer should leave the third part of all seasonings. The rest is put on top.

Attention! The largest tomatoes should always be at the bottom of the bucket, so they are better salt.

Fill the right amount of brine in a bucket, all the components for it are well dissolved in water. Set the oppression. We keep a few days in the room and bring it to a cold place for the winter.

Fermented Stuffed Tomatoes

If the green tomatoes are slightly cut and stuffed, and then fermented, you get very tasty, sour stuffed tomatoes. Stuffed tomatoes with herbs with the addition of garlic. You can add carrots and sweet peppers. If you want the taste of the product to be bright, add hot pepper pods.

Tip! If he does not remove the seeds, the taste will be very invigorating.

All the ingredients for stuffing tomatoes need to grind, the easiest way to do this with a blender.

On a bucket in which we will sour tomatoes, you will need:

  • 4 kg of green tomatoes;
  • 1.2 kg of sweet pepper;
  • 600 g carrots;
  • 300 g of garlic;
  • 2 bunches of dill and parsley;
  • a pair of hot peppers - on request;
  • for brine: 3 liters of water and 7 tbsp. spoons of salt.

Everything except tomatoes and herbs is ground in a blender. Dill with parsley finely chop. Making stuffing mixture. Cut the tomatoes in half or crosswise, if they are large. Put in the cut a mixture of vegetables.

Put them in a bucket and fill with cold pickle. We place under the yoke to completely covered with brine. We keep it warm for a week, then we take it out in the cold for the winter. They are well kept until spring, especially if you put a hot pepper on top or horseradish roots.

Green pickled tomatoes are not only a great way to use all unripe fruits, but also a delicious vitamin preparation for the winter. They are good as a snack, will be a great spicy addition to any dish.