Varieties of bush cucumbers for open ground


Cucumbers are one of the popular, early garden crops. The harvest of certain early varieties of cucumbers ripens already at 35-45 days after planting. After the appearance of young plants, inflorescences immediately begin to be released, from which cucumbers begin to form after 11-15 days. Currently, this garden crop has many varieties. They can be early, medium, late ripening period. They can be grown in open, closed (greenhouse) soil. They can grow in the form of a bush, crawl along the ground, and trail along a special support. Bush cucumbers are characterized by a variety of varieties.

Cucumbers of this variety are characterized by compact growth, so they help out gardeners who have a small vegetable garden.

On the photo bush cucumbers

Features of bush type cucumbers

Bush type cucumbers that grow in open soil are characterized by the presence of a stem from 30 cm to 50 cm. The stem can grow longer, its length depends on the soil moisture during the growth period of the plant.

Visually bush cucumbers have a decorative appearance. They are small bushes with a large number of ovaries. Cucumbers of this variety have short intervals between nodes, and therefore it seems that there is more foliage on them than on cultivars with long stems. varieties of bush cucumbers are characterized by the absence of lateral lashes, in exceptional cases you can see a maximum of two processes of small size.

Basically, all varieties of bush cucumbers planted on open ground are characterized by an early ripening period. In this regard, the entire harvest of this vegetable crop is harvested for 21 days of its fruiting. Spray varieties of cucumbers "together" give the harvest. It is easy to care for a plant. The plant is resistant to various diseases. Mature cucumbers of this variety are characterized by a short size, so they easily break from the stems. Have a pleasant taste, long shelf life. During storage, the color of the ripe vegetable does not change. Used fresh for salads. Ideal for canning in small jars.

Features of growing


Growing bush-type cucumbers is practically the same as growing all other varieties of this vegetable crop.

It is worth noting that the culture must be planted thickly and watered often enough. Experienced gardeners recommend watering the plants 3 to 5 times a week.

The culture can be grown both with the help of seedlings and seeds. Thanks to the first method, the crop will ripen quickly. Seedlings grow easy enough. To do this, you need to buy fertile soil or use the soil previously fed with humus from the dacha.

Purchased seed pods of cucumbers are ready for planting. When using seeds collected from last year's cucumbers, they must be pre-processed. Therefore, the seeds are placed in a special bag of cloth and dipped in a special nitrofoskovy solution. Then for 2 hours they are placed in the fridge. Thanks to this treatment, the plants will become resistant to various diseases, low temperatures. On the photo shoots of bush type cucumbers

The emergence of the first shoots can be observed at 5-7 days after sowing, it depends on the air temperature.

Important! Proper, timely watering, optimum temperature in 20 degrees, contribute to the rapid emergence of shoots.

When 4-5 leaves are formed on the seedlings, they can be planted on the garden plot of the open ground. It should be remembered that the optimum temperature of air when a plant is transplanted into an open ground should not be below 18 ºС.

Attention! Pre-growing seedlings will contribute to a good harvest. Also, this method will save the plant from frost.


In order to increase yields, protection against the occurrence of possible diseases, a garden crop in the row and between rows must be weeded in time from weeds.

Spray cucumbers are characterized by abundant fruiting, in connection with this it is necessary to carry out timely harvesting of ripe vegetables from the bush. This will prevent the stems from bending to the ground, breaking them.

Attention! Gardeners with extensive experience are recommended to monitor the ripening of cucumbers and collect them every 2 days.


It is necessary to monitor the timely wetting of the culture. Watering should be timely, but at the same time, you should not overdo it. Since excessive soil moistening will lead to the development of fungi and other similar diseases of this garden crop. Experts recommend to moisten the soil under the crop often, but with a small displacement of water in the morning or evening. In the lunchtime, the plants are not moistened, since this may cause rapid evaporation of moisture, thermal burns.

Features of open field planting

Tips professional gardeners regarding planting seed cucumbers in open soil:

  • The length between the landing holes for seeds should be 10 cm;
  • The length between the rows of plants should be 45 cm;
  • If the ground is heavy, crops are mulched with peat;
  • When sowing the grains in the holes, they must be temporarily covered with a special agrofiber. This coating will promote the rapid development of the plant and protect it from the cold. After a certain time, to eliminate the abutment of grown plants, the coating is removed.

Top dressing

To exclude the occurrence of diseases and stimulate growth, it is recommended to systematically feed the plant with special complex fertilizers, which can be purchased in stores all for the garden.

The fertilizer container contains detailed instructions for their incorporation into the soil.

Attention! Experts recommend installing drip irrigation in the area with bush cucumbers. This will ensure systematic, automatic, timely, high-quality watering.

Horticultural culture is moistened with water, which has a temperature similar to ambient temperature. Watering with ice water from a well is excluded, as this may lead to a culture disease.

Plot for sowing cucumbers recommended to prepare in the fall. Humus is introduced into the soil. During growth, potash and nitrogen supplements are introduced into the soil under this garden crop. All types of dressings are purchased in garden and vegetable garden stores.

Varieties of varieties of bush type cucumbers

Popular varieties of bush cucumbers: Kustovoy, Baby, Shorty.


Grown exclusively in open soil. Mature vegetables are characterized by a dark green color, a maximum size of 12 cm. Can be stored for a long time.


It is characterized by short stalks up to 30 cm. Grown in open soil. Early ripe. The variety is highly resistant to disease, powdery mildew.

Begins to delight the fruits on the 40th day after the germination of the first sheets. Mature vegetables have a dark green color, large bumps structure. The length of a ripe vegetable is a maximum of 9 cm.


Mature vegetables reach a length of up to 10 cm, characterized by an oval, cylindrical shape. Refers to a variety that is pollinated by insects.

It is used both in fresh form in salads, and in canned.


Thus, bush type cucumbers, which are grown on open soil, are characterized by versatility, unpretentiousness. For a good harvest, you need to choose high-quality seeds and ensure the proper care of this vegetable crop.

Additional information about open field bush cucumbers can be viewed on the video: