Cultivars of long-term fruiting for open ground


Long-fruiting cucumbers are a common garden crop that grows in open soil, which grows quickly and bears fruit for a long time. It pleases with fragrant cucumbers for more than 3 months, before the onset of the first frost. But basically the last harvest is done at the end of August. With proper selection of seeds, planting, cultivation, care, you can significantly increase their growing season.

The main varieties of cucumbers, with high yields

The main varieties of open cucumbers, fruit-bearing for a long time: Mother-in-law, Piccolo, Excelsior, Bogatyrskaya Force, Ajax, Green Wave, Avalanche.

Grade "mother-in-law"

Refers to the early ripening variety, pleases with fragrant cucumbers after the appearance of the first sunrises on the 45-48 day.

It combines demand, versatility, since it can be grown both in greenhouses and in open ground. Shrubs have an average foliage with ovaries in the amount of 3-4 pieces. Cucumbers of this variety have a cylindrical shape, 13 cm length parameter, the skin of a dark green color with a slight white bloom. On the tactile sensations, their surface is characterized by a tuberculosis and burping. The weight of a cucumber ranges from 100 g to 130 g. The cross-section of a ripe cucumber is 4 cm in length. It has a dense internal structure, emptiness and bitterness are excluded. It is sufficiently resistant to diseases (powdery mildew, peronosporoz). When ensuring proper planting and care pleases with a bountiful harvest (12.5 kg per 1 m²). The variety has a high taste.

Variety "Picollo"

The variety is early ripening. This garden crop is self-pollinated, grown in greenhouses and on open ground. Begins to delight cucumbers for 40-44 day.

On each node 5-7 fruits are formed. Commodity ripe fruits have a color of dark green color, parameters of length 10 cm. The peel is covered with large pimples. The structure is dense, without emptiness. It tastes pale-aromatic, without bitterness. The variety is highly resistant to diseases. Eaten fresh in salads, as well as in canned form.

Excelsior Grade

Average productivity, the ovary of the bouquet type. Pleases the first crop of cucumbers 50-55 days after sowing.

The grade belongs to early terms of maturing, high productivity. It is planted both in greenhouses and in the open field. It is recommended to sow the variety on open ground in May, when the ground warms up quite well. Seeds are sown in furrows from 3 to 4 cm. Plants have a height of the average parameter. Blossom - female type. Cucumbers are cylindrical in shape, 10 cm in length, with a highly naked skin of bright green color. The structure is dense, there is no emptiness. The mass of commercial cucumber is 115-118 g. The cross-section varies from 3.5 cm to 4 cm. The variety is endowed with high taste, there is no bitterness.

Variety "Heroic Power"

High-growth garden crops, from 2 m to 2.5 m. From 2 to 8 ovaries are formed at each node. The variety is high-yielding.

This variety can be grown both in greenhouses and in open ground. The length parameter of a commercial cucumber of this variety is from 9 cm to 12, 5 cm. Cucumbers have the shape of an oval cylinder. The diameter of the cross-section is 3 cm. The mass of commercial cucumber varies on average from 120 g to 130 g. The structure of the pulp is dense, emptiness and bitterness are excluded. Cucumbers of this variety are very crunchy. Taste features are high. This variety of open cucumber has a high resistance to diseases.

Variety "Ajax"

This variety of cucumbers grown on the open ground is resistant to high temperature indicators of air, moderate coolness, and a number of diseases. The advantage of this variety is versatility.

Variety of cucumbers refers to the early ripening. Pollinated by bees. Most often grown on open ground. The leaves on the plant is a powerful weaving, medium size, pronounced wrinkling, dark green color. 2-3 ovaries are formed in the leaf sinuses. Since the variety is tall, its bushes should be tied to a special grid, a trellis. Commercial cucumbers have a cylindrical shape, a rich green color with easily pronounced white stripes, a light-green tip and a light, light bloom. The length parameter is from 9 cm to 12, 5 cm, in diameter from 3 cm to 4 cm, the average mass index is 110 g. The peel is quite hard. Have a delicate aroma, without bitterness. For 1 m² harvest is 5 kg. It is recommended to pick cucumbers daily. Pleases fruits before the onset of the first frost. Cucumbers, for a long time, preserve the presentation and taste. Can be used both fresh and canned.

Variety "Green Wave"

Variety refers to the early ripening. Differs in high productivity, excellent flavoring features. This crop is grown both in greenhouses and in the open field.

The variety has medium climbing, bright green leafy cover, 2.5 m height parameter, 2-8 ovaries. Pleases with fragrant cucumbers from mid-June. Product cucumbers are characterized by indicators of an average length of 13 cm, an oval-cylindrical shape, a cross-section of 3.5 cm. For tactility, the surface of cucumbers with large tubercles, the color is calm-green. The average weight parameters are 125 g. 10-12 kg of crop grows per m². The variety of cucumbers is resistant to many diseases. The fruit is fragrant, the structure eliminates the formation of voids.

Variety "Avalanche"

The variety of cucumbers differs in early terms of ripening, universality.

It is cultivated both in different types of greenhouses (film, glass), and on open ground. 37-40 days - the period after sowing, when the first fragrant cucumbers ripen. In a node 4-5 are formed. The maximum length of the cucumber is 8 cm. The color is a transition from dark green to light green to the tip. The peel of cucumber has weakly pronounced bright stripes, well-pronounced pimples. The internal structure is dense, without voids. It is used both fresh in various vegetable salads, and in canned. There are no bitterness notes. This variety of cucumbers grown on the open ground is resistant to diseases.

Features of the growing process

In order for long-fruiting cucumbers grown on open ground, for a long time, to enjoy a good harvest, it is necessary to ensure proper planting and care.

Landing features

Before planting, it is necessary to determine the area where the selected variety of cucumbers will grow. For good and long-term yield, the soil for sowing must be fertile. The plot should be well lit, as this garden crop needs sufficient illumination.

Attention! Cucumbers - the plant that does not like close distance to groundwater.

Excellent grow on the site after onions, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, legumes, solanaceous plants. It is not recommended to plant varieties of cucumbers of long-term fruiting on the last year's growth sites of pumpkin, beet. Can be grown both with the help of seeds, and with the help of seedlings.

Sowing with seed

Seeds for sowing cucumbers of long-term fruiting can be used both dry and in a pre-treated form. Thanks to the second method, the culture will rise much faster. For processing using a solution of saturated dark color potassium permanganate. Seeds of a long-fruiting cucumber variety are placed in a special fabric bag and dipped in the above mixture for 15 minutes. Next, the seeds are laid out on a damp cloth in a warm place until small roots are formed, after which they are placed in a refrigerator for 5 hours to be hardened. Then they are taken out of the fridge and allowed to lie down for 15 hours at room temperature. This type of hardening contributes to the high resistance of the culture to cool temperatures and the formation of strong sprouts, high yields.

The prepared, hardened seeds are ready for sowing when the temperature indicators of the soil reach + 17ºС. In 1-2 rows, special holes are prepared over 60 cm. The optimal depth of the holes is 2 cm. If cucumbers are grown using trellis, the optimal distance between rows is 35 cm, and between the holes is 20 cm. 3-5 seeds are sown in the wells . After the appearance of the first processes, they are thinned out of necessity.

Attention! When thinning, extra shoots, it is recommended not to break through, and carefully cut off. This will prevent damage to the root system.

Growing with seedlings

After preliminary preparation, seeds of cucumbers of long fruiting for seedlings are planted in special small pots. For planting, a special nutrient soil is needed, which is prepared from equal parts of turf, sawdust, peat, humus. In an individual pot 1-2 pieces are planted. seeds. As required, before sunrise, seeds of long-term fruiting cucumbers are poured over with water at room temperature. It is necessary to adhere to the optimum air temperature in the room for growing seedlings from + 25ºС to + 28ºС. For less evaporation of moisture, it is recommended to cover containers with seedlings with glass or plastic wrap. Cover material is removed after sunrise. If several sprouts sprouted in one pot, one must be carefully cut. Then for 2 days, in a room where there are pots with sprout cucumbers of long-term fruiting, it is necessary to reduce the temperature to + 20ºС. This contributes to the proper uniform growth of shoots.

Important! On cloudy days, seedlings are recommended to provide additional coverage. Drafts are excluded.

During the period of growing seedlings in pots, as necessary, you can pour the soil. Seedlings 2 times fed with a special complex feeding (you can buy in the shops all for the garden). Water the seedlings only with warm water (+ 25-27ºС). The seedling is planted in open ground, when the plant has 2-3 full-fledged, dark green color, leaf and root system, which occupies the larger half of the pot.

Important! The seedling is planted in the open soil under the film from May 10 to 15, in the open soil without film - from June 2 to 10.

Dwellings for planting cucumber seedlings of long-term fruiting are prepared prematurely. They are moderately watered, they make manure of rotted type, a little sprinkled with soil. It is recommended to plant 5 plants per 1 m² plot. Planted plants are watered to eliminate excessive evaporation and the formation of a crust, the plant is slightly powdered with dry earth.

Top dressing of cucumbers of long fructification

When the air temperature rises a little, you need to feed the plant. Experts recommend the use of foliar type of bait - spray leaves with a special feed mixture (purchased in the store everything for the garden). Thanks to this feeding, the cucumber plant of long-term fruiting will quickly absorb nutrients and will develop rapidly, grow.

For feeding you can use a mixture of ammonium nitrate or urea in an amount of 5 g of mixture per 1 liter of water.

Attention! The process of foliar feeding should be carried out in cloudy weather, because in sunny weather the fertilizer mixture will dry quickly on the leaves, which will lead to their burns.

Features of watering plants

Before the flowering process, the moistening of long-fruiting cucumbers is carried out with the calculation of 5 liters of water per 1 m². Plants are watered every 6 days. During flowering, fruiting irrigation is carried out with the calculation of 10 liters of water per 1 m², every 2 days.

Attention! With insufficient watering, cucumbers appear bitter. The optimal time for watering the plant is evening. Water for irrigation should be warm (from + 25ºС).

Excluded watering plants stream. For moistening it is necessary to use garden watering cans with a special spray nozzle.

In late August, the volume and frequency of irrigation of long-fruited cucumbers decrease. Since the excess of moisture in this period, the soil cools, which can lead to the development of root rot.

It is necessary to weed this garden crop from weeds in time.


Thus, long-fruiting cucumbers for open soil is a universal type of cucumber, characterized by certain features. Pleases abundant, long harvest. Proper planting and caring for this garden crop contribute to an excellent high yield.

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