The most productive varieties of cucumbers for open ground


Cucumbers are a popular, universal garden crops. This is due to the fact that they have a lot of vitamins, nutrients, they can be used both in fresh and canned form. When choosing cucumber seeds, preference is often given to those varieties that please the best yields.

List of the most productive varieties of cucumbers

The most fruitful varieties of cucumbers include: Noble, Pinocchio, Fortress, White Night, Emelya, Viva, Dasha, Summer Resident, Cellar.


Refers to the early ripening. For sowing, seeds are used that are sown in open soil, and they can also be grown in the greenhouse way. The process of pollination is carried out with the help of bees. After the appearance of young plants, at 45-49 days they begin to delight in fragrant harvest. Grows to medium height, with a small branching, flowering female type. Commodity cucumbers reach a small size (13 cm long), and a weight of 110 g. Cucumber is a light green color with a small tubercle, cylindrical shape. On 1 m² grows 14 kg of fragrant harvest. This variety of cucumber is one of the most highly resistant to diseases.


Cucumbers of this variety ripen early. Yield parameters are among the highest. The variety is resistant to cold. Seeds can be grown under film and in open soil. Culture pleases cucumbers for 45-46 days after the spitting of sprouts. Ovaries (up to 6 pieces) are arranged in a bouquet. Commercial cucumbers have an oblong-cylindrical shape, dark green color, large bumps on the skin. The length reaches 9 cm, the weight indicators - 100 g. For 1 m² garden bed grows 13 kg of juicy harvest. Cucumber dense structure, no bitterness. Culture is resistant to many diseases.


Ripening early, excellent yield. Cucumbers appear on the 45th day after the appearance of small plants. For sowing, seeds are used that are planted in open soil, and can also be grown in a greenhouse way. It has medium size, rich green foliage, medium weaving, beam ovary. Commercial cucumbers of small size 12 cm, each weighs an average of 95 g. They have a cylindrical shape, a crust of dark green color, there are pronounced hillocks. The cross-sectional size of a cucumber is 3.5 cm. Bitterness notes are absent. At 1 m² grows 12 kg.

White Night

Maturation has an early period, the yield is one of the highest. They can be grown both in open soil and by the greenhouse method. The bushes are of medium size, bright green leaves, medium weaving, bundle-shaped ovary. Pleases with fragrant cucumbers on 43-45 day after the appearance of the first sprouts. Vegetables cylindrical shape with a tuberous skin of a dark green color and light bright stripes. Cucumber grows up to 14 cm in length and weighing up to 125 g. The diameter of the cross-section is 4.3 cm. The pulp has a dense structure, no bitterness. On 1 m² of beds you can collect 12 kg of cucumbers. Most often consumed fresh, in salads. This garden crop has a high resistance to diseases.


It belongs to the early ripening, high-yielding, self-pollinating cold-resistant variety. It can be grown in a greenhouse way, and you can also sow seeds in open soil. This garden crop has medium size, tuft-shaped ovaries, small, slightly wrinkled leaves. Fragrant cucumbers appear at 40-43 days after the germination of young sprouts. Cucumbers are dark green in color. Commercial fruits are elongated cylindrical shape, on the thin skin there are large tubercles. In sizes it reaches 15 cm, in a mass - 150 g. The diameter of the cross section is on average 4.5 cm. On a square meter area it grows up to 16 kg of cucumbers. This garden crop is resistant to many diseases. Taste features and product quality are good.


It has a high yield. Plant height reaches 2.5 m. Leaves of medium size. Average productivity. Culture pleases the fruits on 45-49 days after germination of seedlings. Cucumbers reach a length of 10 cm. The mass of a commercial cucumber is 80 g. It is characterized by a cylindrical shape. Crust weakly ribbed with small tubercles. The parameters of the diameter of the cross section reach 4 cm. The structure is dense, there are no notes of bitterness. On 1 m² garden area grows up to 12 kg of fragrant harvest. It is endowed with high commodity qualities.


Belongs to early ripening varieties. The yield has one of the highest rates. Intended for growing in greenhouses, seeds are also sown in open ground. The plant reaches a height of up to 2.5 m. The average bushiness of the bush. Pleases with fruits for 45 days after emergence of shoots. Cucumbers reach 11 cm in length and weight of 130 g. They have a cylindrical shape, a peel with large hillock formations. In the section the diameter of cucumber reaches 4 cm. The structure of the pulp is rather dense, with no voids. On 1 m² of garden area grows 19 kg of crop. Designed for use fresh, in salads.

Summer resident

This garden crop of early terms of maturing, has a high degree of productivity. Pollinated by bees. It is grown in the greenhouse way, and seeds are sown in open soil. The crop begins to ripen on the 45th day after germination. The bush has a high length, grows in height to 2.5 m. Cucumbers reach a length of 11 cm, weight 90 g. For 1 m² the yield is 10 kg. Cucumbers have a cylindrical shape, large-knobby surface of the skin. The peculiarities of the cross-sectional diameter of commercial cucumbers are 4 cm. The variety is characterized by high taste, no bitterness notes. The structure of the pulp is dense, without hollow formations. Designed to be consumed fresh.


Pleased with excellent yield, early ripening. You can grow as a greenhouse method, and sow the seeds in the open soil. Cucumbers ripen on 43-45 day after the appearance of young bushes. Branching medium flowering mixed type. Leaves of small size, rich green color. Cucumbers reach a length of 10 cm, their weight is up to 120 g. 11 kg of fragrant harvest grows per square meter. Tastes excellent. Designed for use in salads, for pickling, canning. Endowed with resistance to complex diseases.

Features of growing

Crop varieties of cucumbers for open ground can be grown seeds, seedlings. Before sowing, seeds are placed in fabric bags. It is necessary to soak for 12 hours in a special mixture (1 tsp of wooden ash, 1 tsp of nitrophos, 1 l of water). Further, the seeds are well washed with water at room temperature and placed on a damp cloth for 48 hours, they will begin to swell. Next, the seeds are placed in the fridge for 24 hours.

Seeds are sown when the soil warms well. After germination of seedlings, they must be systematically looked after. Care is the timely moistening, feeding, weeding weeds, timely disruption of commodity cucumbers.

Thus, cucumbers have many varieties, which are characterized by the highest yields. The main conditions for achieving these parameters are proper planting and plant care.

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