Tomato Batyana: characteristics and description of the variety


In recent years, the cultivation of tomatoes, and other garden crops in the open field is fraught with many difficulties that suit the gardeners and gardeners weather. Apparently due to the difficult environmental situation, it has become so unpredictable that not only the weather forecasts bureau, but also folk signs cannot cope with their task. Unexpected frosts are replaced by a prolonged drought or, conversely, by a long period of torrential rains, after which the phytophtora begins to rage. Under these conditions, it is especially important to pay attention to varieties specially bred in order to withstand adverse weather conditions.

There are such varieties among tomatoes. Sibirsky Sad specializes in the cultivation of tomato varieties capable of growing and producing good yields of tasty and healthy fruits in the difficult climatic conditions of Siberia.

Tomato Batyana, the characteristics and description of the variety of which this article is devoted to, refers specifically to similar tomatoes. It is fully capable of bearing fruit in the open ground even beyond the Urals and to produce large and sweet fruits.

Features grade

The variety of tomatoes Batian was bred in 2007 by Siberian breeders O.V. Postnikova and V.N. Dederko. In 2008, it was included in the State Register with recommendations for growing on the territory of all of Russia in open ground and under special shelters.

The variety can be classified as integerminant, tomato plants differ in unlimited growth and can grow up to 2.2 meters under greenhouse conditions.

Attention! According to reviews, equally well tying tomatoes in greenhouse conditions, and in the open field.

Tomato bushes are quite powerful, well-branched and give a strong increase with long stems, therefore, they require staking and garters.

The leaves are large, dark green color. Plants are characterized by simple inflorescences. On one bush there are 8-10 flowers, of which about 6 fruits are fastened on average.

One of the positive aspects that distinguishes this variety is its early maturity. The first tomatoes can begin to ripen within 90 days after the mass emergence of the seedlings. However, under unfavorable growth conditions, this moment may come in 100-105 days. At the same time, the fruiting period is rather extended, which is very convenient for the household plot, since it allows even gradually to collect ripening fruits from several bushes.

As for the yield, in this matter, there are some uncertainties in the Batanyan tomatoes. As in the official description of the variety of tomato batian in the State Register, the yield is 1-2 kg of tomatoes from one bush, while many other sources indicate a more significant characteristic of the yield, which is 5-6 kg from a bush.

Comment! Tomato bushes of this variety are distinguished by unpretentiousness to growing conditions and are even able to withstand slight temperature drops without catastrophic consequences.

On the resistance to diseases in the description of the variety there is no reliable information, but the reviews of gardeners say that the tomato dad is quite resistant to many common diseases of the nightshade.

Fruit characteristics

A peculiar name of the variety was, apparently, due to its fruits - weighty, heavy, strong and juicy.

Variety Batyan differs in the shape of the fruit, which especially attracts most gardeners - they are round, slightly heart-shaped with a small spout, without ribbing. The stem has a joint.

Tomatoes of pink or crimson color, pulp juicy and fleshy with small seed chambers. Accordingly, the seeds in the tomatoes of this variety are very few, which is very upsetting gardeners who seek to dissolve the variety Daddy for themselves and their friends. At the base of the stem, even at the stage of ripening, a large dark green spot is observed on the tomatoes, which, as it ripens, turns yellow.

Tomatoes of this variety are of large size, which, by the way, is rare among early ripe tomatoes. On average, the weight of the fruit is 200-300 grams, but some specimens can go up to 700 grams.

Attention! Some gardeners notice that, unlike other varieties, with sufficient feeding, the size and mass of fruits do not decrease with time and even large tomatoes can be seen even on the upper tiers of bushes.

The peel of tomatoes is quite dense, which allows the fruit not to crack under any conditions. Accordingly, tomatoes are quite well stored and even tolerate transportation, which is rare among the fruits of pink and crimson color.

Taste of tomatoes is estimated by experts-tasters on the four, which does not prevent some gardeners to admire its sweetness, and others to criticize and even call it bland. But as you know, taste is one of the most subjective characteristics, besides having a strong dependence on growing conditions and supplements.

The main purpose of the Batyana tomatoes is lettuce, which does not prevent many hostesses from using it for making juices, ketchups, tomato pastes and for spinning various vegetable platter with tomatoes for the winter.

Growing stages - from seedlings to harvest

Like most even early ripe tomatoes, tomatoes of this variety must be grown with seedlings. Since some gardeners complain that the seeds of this variety do not germinate well, it is advisable to check them for germination before sowing, even if you purchased the seeds in a safe place. The procedure itself is not complicated. In a glass with warm water, dissolve completely a teaspoon of salt. Then dip the tomato seeds in a glass. All seeds ready to germinate should sink to the bottom within 3-5 minutes. It is better to remove the sprouted seeds so that they do not occupy excessive landing area.

Important! After this procedure, do not forget to rinse well the sunken, full-fledged seeds under running water so that no trace of salt is left on them.

Tomato seeds are germinated in a warm and dark place. Sowing is made about 60 days before planting in the greenhouse or on the beds in open ground. The first shoots usually appear 3-7 days after sowing. Immediately after the emergence of seedlings, seedlings should be placed in the light and, if possible, reduce the temperature, especially at night, by 5-7 degrees. This will allow the plants to develop a strong root system and not be too stretched to length.

If you have sown seeds in a common container, then do not forget to pick out the seedlings after the appearance of the first real tomato leaves.

Before planting in the ground at a permanent place of growth, it is advisable to feed the tomato plants several times. It is good to do this with the help of natural home remedies - whey, wood ash or hydrogen peroxide.

Since the tomatoes of this variety are distinguished by significant growth and branching, do not plant more than 3 plants per square meter when planting. For a more dense scheme, the bushes must be kept strictly in one stem, otherwise the tomatoes will not have enough sunlight to fully ripen.

Attention! According to the usual pattern, Batian tomatoes are formed into two stems. Thus, it is possible to obtain a sufficient number of large-sized fruits.

To make the yield of tomatoes of this variety pleased you, you need to regularly feed, water and tie up the stalks of the bushes. Gathering is also necessary, otherwise the tomato will put all its strength on the growth of greenery, and not on the ripening of fruits.

Reviews on a variety of Batyanya

Reviews of Tomato Batyana, the description of the variety and the photo of which you saw above, are very diverse. Sometimes you might think that we are talking about completely different varieties of tomato. Apparently, because of the popularity of the variety, there are many seed imitations that are often not related to the true variety. Therefore, be especially careful when purchasing tomato seeds of this variety.

Evgenia, 45 years old, Tyumen region I, frankly, did not like the seedling of tomato varieties of Batanyan. There was some weakness, so she left only a few bushes for herself - she distributed the rest, which she later regretted a little. Tomatoes grown large, fleshy, sweet. Although I even led them to three trunks, this had no effect on the yield. In general, I am very pleased with the variety and will plant it again. Tatyana, 52, Ekaterinburg I planted this variety in the greenhouse and in the open field and did not notice any difference. Everywhere he perfectly tied the fruit, in the open field began to ripen one of the first. Tomatoes are large, juicy - I made juice for the whole winter, and even so to eat in salads - it was very tasty. I recommend these tomatoes. Valentin, 39 years old, Grodno, Batyana seedling was just a sight for sights - and strong, and tall. He landed it in open ground and a couple of bushes - in the greenhouse, on trial. Magnificent tomatoes - quite justify their name. Just do not forget to feed and water them, especially potash fertilizers and worries will not know any. Irina, 35 years old, Kirov. I didn’t like the variety at all. Half of the seeds did not sprout, the seedlings were all tiny, and tomatoes were not impressed with the taste, real grass. I’m not going to plant anymore. Hope, 39 years old, Togliatti Dad tomatoes are just wonderful, tasty and juicy and are stored well for such an early variety. Already in July, everyone was savoring tomatoes. Here are just a yellow spot observed at the base, it spoils the appearance, but, probably, I namudrila something with top dressing.


If you are interested in the characteristics and reviews on the Dad tomato, try to grow tomatoes of this variety yourself. In any case, it is worth paying attention to the variety, since the choice of a suitable variety of tomatoes for unfavorable conditions is relatively small.