Tomato Dinah


Strange as it may seem, but spring comes on March 1 of every year, and this year is, of course, no exception! Soon, very soon the snow would melt and the orphaned beds in the gardens of the Russians would be desecrated. And at once hands will begin to comb, I want to fill them with landings immediately. But before that, you must first grow the seedlings, so that there is something to plant on the beds and in the greenhouse. And, of course, first of all, the question arises: what varieties of tomatoes should be grown this year? After all, there are so many that you can get confused.

Naturally, every self-respecting vegetable grower keeps in a stash several favorite tomato varieties that have shown themselves from the best side, but every year through the efforts of breeders more and more new ones appear. What if there is something extraordinary among them that even the nearest neighbors haven’t grown? So now I want to talk about the variety of tomato Dean, which is a photo below.

Variety description

Tomato Dina - medium early variety, 85-110 days will pass from sowing of seeds to full maturity, this period depends on the region of cultivation of the variety of tomato Dina. Not a hybrid, but a variety, which means that it will be possible to leave seeds from it. The bush is low (50-70 cm), which gives an advantage in care, with medium branching, not standard. It is grown in a greenhouse, but also tolerates open ground. The fruits of Dinah's tomato have a beautiful yellow color, rather large (120-160 grams), smooth, smooth, not in shape of a ball, but in an ellipse and have a pleasant sweetish taste.

Important! The main characteristic of tomatoes Dina - fleshy and a small amount of seeds inside the fruit, so they are good in salads, salting.

The combination of yellow tomatoes Dina with red varieties of tomatoes will make a jar of pickles that will have a beneficial effect on your mood. The grade of yellow tomatoes Dina belongs to fruitful - one bush gives about 4 kg of wonderful fruits.

Advantages over other varieties

What wins a variety of tomato Dina:

  • resistant to septoriosis and macrosporosis;
  • high content of carotene;
  • good drought tolerance;
  • consistently high yields;
  • long shelf life;
  • good portability of transportation;
  • excellent product qualities;
  • long fruiting.

What are the differences between yellow and red tomatoes? It's not just about color. Important nutrients found in those and other tomatoes in different quantities.

Comment! Yellow tomatoes Dina have this color because of the high content of provitamin A, which not only affects the color of the fruit, but also participates in the fight against oncology.

In addition, the calorie content of yellow tomatoes is much less than red ones. The content of substances that can cause allergies is also low, in contrast to the red varieties.

Signs of diseases and how to deal with them

The disadvantages of yellow tomatoes Dina can be attributed to the possibility of late blight disease, watery and apical rot.

Late blight

When brown spots begin to appear on tomato leaves, it means that the plant is already hurting. Soon the fruits will be covered with the same spots. Subsequently, they are deformed, become ugly and begin to rot, exuding an unpleasant smell. To prevent the spread of the disease on tomatoes Dina, you can use special preparations that are sold in horticultural departments.

Watery rot

This disease is caused by sucking or gnawing pests, such as caterpillar moths. The lower part of the stem is most often affected - it softens, turns brown, decomposes, becomes liquid and gives off an unpleasant smell. Infection of the fruit of tomato Dina begins in the region of the stalk or in the place of injury, - it becomes covered with watery spots, then softening and decay of the tomato occurs. Most importantly, the soil under such plants, as well as plant residues and even seeds, retain the infection. Therefore, in order to combat watery rot should:

  • thin out too thick landing;
  • remove affected plants;
  • carry out the necessary measures to destroy the scoop caterpillars;
  • collect affected fruit;
  • after harvesting, remove all plant residues and neutralize the soil.

Vertex Rot

A dark spot on the top of the fruit is the first sign of top rot. This stain becomes darker with time and seems to fall inward, which is why the fruit of the tomato Dean dries and hardens. Usually this disease is not massive, it manifests itself on individual fruits, maximum, on the hand. By regularly inspecting the plants and removing the affected fruit in time, it is possible to prevent the spread of top rot. To save the tomatoes Dina, you need to pour them with calcium nitrate and chalk suspension.

Many gardeners do not want to grow tomatoes because of their susceptibility to the above diseases. But today there is a mass of funds, the timely use of which will save planting tomatoes from such diseases. In the end, you can turn to the popular ways to combat disease. Here are some of them.

Folk remedies to combat blight and rot on yellow tomatoes

  1. With the help of garlic. Garlic has a detrimental effect on fungal spores. The first time you need to spray tomatoes Dean before they begin to appear ovary of the fruit, the second time - after 8-10 days. Further spraying is carried out every two weeks. To make a solution for spraying Dean's tomatoes, chop the garlic, take about a glass and pour it into a bucket of water. In a day, strain and dissolve about two grams of potassium permanganate in this infusion.
  2. With the help of salt. Dissolve a glass of ordinary salt in a bucket of warm water and spray Dean's tomatoes with this solution. This spraying will create a kind of protection of the plant in the form of a salt film. But since this measure is merely the prevention of disease, before spraying the leaves should be removed with signs of disease.
  3. With the help of kefir. Ferment kefir in a warm place for 2 days, pour one liter into a bucket of water, mix very well. This composition sprayed tomato seedlings Dina two weeks after planting in the ground. Further spray every week. This remedy is also a disease prevention.

If you do not forget to pile up in time, loosen the soil, feed and water the yellow tomatoes of Dina, then this variety will thank for such care with a rich harvest of incredibly tasty and healthy fruits.

Reviews of variety of tomato Dina

Dmitry Petrov, 55, Sergiev Posad Sort Dina really liked. The harvest was rich. Tomatoes are smooth, rather large with excellent taste.

Lyudmila Baystryukova, 48 years old, Prokopyevsk. Dina has been cultivated for two years. Fruits are sweet, tasty, my kids love them very much. Beautiful bushes with matchless tassels of fruits. Just a sight for sore eyes!