Landscape Design

We create a unique decor for giving - we paint barrels


Cottage - a favorite place for work and leisure. The second kind of pastime is not only pleasant, but necessary. Therefore, every summer resident tries to decorate his beloved cottage with his own resources. As soon as the transformation of the garden plot began, I want to bring all the details into a colorful correspondence. The store owner has metal or plastic water tanks in the cottage. It can be:

  • barrels for watering;
  • summer shower tank;
  • container for soaking the grass.

Most often, these are old rusty barrels that have almost served their time. But even the capacity for soaking the grass ("green" fertilizer) can be made very original. The easiest and most affordable way is to colorize.

At the present time - this is a very popular direction of landscape dacha design, which has received the name of painting on old barrels.

After such a creative intervention, the old rusty barrel does not spoil the appearance of the site at all. It can be placed on the garden, in the recreation area, near the house or just at the entrance.

What is needed

Paint the barrel better dye for a particular material. If the barrel is wooden - take the enamel for wood. Metallic or plastic container can be converted to alkyd, oil or water-dispersion paint with anti-corrosion effect. Many gardeners choose acrylic paints. They create a bright pattern, tolerate weather anomalies well, are easily applied to the surface and are removed from the hands, safe for children.

If you can not buy a new paint for coloring, take the remnants of any color. It is important that the paint on the painted barrel has a water-repellent effect. In addition, you will need:

  1. Brush, sandpaper. The size of the grain sandpaper is better to take large. But, if you have to grind the surface, then fine-grained will be useful.
  2. Scraper and brush. It is desirable to paint a barrel not only outside. Well protect it from the inside. To do this, you will need another brush holder in order not to lean inward into the barrel and not breathe in paint fumes.
  3. Solvent, white spirit. Need for breeding old paint for coloring or adjusting the picture.
  4. Primer. It will help keep the barrel in the country much longer. Apply before painting.
  5. Pencil, chalk. It is very important to draw a sketch on paper or directly on the barrel to make it easier to paint.

To create some of the drawings useful juniper or branches of thuja, stencils, spray paint.

Sequence of creative stages

The first and most important is the choice of capacity. You can paint barrels in any condition to decorate the cottage. If you take a leaky and very old, then it is good to convert it into a flower bed. It will serve less than the whole, but in this summer season there will be more than one painted flower bed.

A barrel suitable for storing water must first be cleaned of rust and dirt in order for the paint to fall well. For this purpose, use a scraper and sandpaper. Some gardeners, before coloring, put rust converter. In any case, the next step will be to remove residual dirt, dust and grease with a cloth. It is moistened in alcohol or solvent, and the surface of the barrel is wiped.

It is much easier to prepare a plastic barrel for coloring. It is only necessary to thoroughly wash and dry the surface.

While the barrel is drying, you must draw a sketch or decide on the theme of the picture. It is placed on paper and then transferred to the surface of a keg with a pencil or chalk. The most common coloring themes:

  • flowers, trees, leaves;
  • animals, birds;
  • people;
  • abstract color sketches.

Go to the painting stage. First paint the inner surface. Here you will need an extension for the brush so that you can get paint to the very bottom of the barrel.

It is recommended to paint the outer surface of the barrel in two layers so that stains do not show through.

The paint should dry. Go to the markup of the picture.

Important! Sketch on the barrel to make sure! If you want to paint a large drawing with paint, then it will not be easy to achieve symmetry without a pencil sketch.

Otherwise, when you go a distance, you may notice painted eyes, flowers of different levels or sizes.

Using paint from a can make a very original look of the picture. To do this, put a background color on the barrel, then apply a sprig of thuja or juniper to the wall and spray the paint directly on the sprig. It turns out amazing decor.

We place the updated barrel on the site

The painted decor element can be masked, and you can make it an accent point. Willow twigs, pieces of moss, live plants in a flower bed or a bed are well suited for masking. Dried twigs of willow macerate, sharpen and weave. Moss to the barrel tied with string. The height of the harness is chosen in accordance with the surrounding landscape. If the size of the painted barrel is large, it is driven into the ground. The bottom is wrapped with plastic or film to protect it from moisture.

If the container for coloring is leaky, do not rush to throw it away. After all, it can serve not only for storing water. What can be built from a painted barrel in the country?

First, a flower bed.

Any color and coloring. A very popular plot is a girl and a boy.

Children like this option. “Costumes” and “faces” can be made with paint in any style, even from different eras. For a flower bed you should not paint the barrel with plants. It is better to choose geometric patterns, animals or birds.

Garden houses - the second popular option, where the painted barrel is used. It can store garden tools. Inscriptions on the barrel can be painted on pieces of linoleum.

Useful recommendations

In addition to compliance with the technology of painting, you need to know some of the nuances. First of all:

  1. Freshly painted barrel is not entered into the living room. Either leave it on the street, or put it in a barn.
  2. Do not try to exactly reproduce the picture seen somewhere. Better add your creative fantasy to create a unique masterpiece.
  3. The complexity of the picture, choose according to your capabilities. This process should not tire you.
  4. Be sure to monitor the compliance of the dye and the material on which it is applied. Choose only waterproof paints.
  5. To keep the decor on the barrel a little longer, cover it with a top clear varnish.
  6. Do not perform construction and household work with solvents and acid near the painted barrel. By negligence, you can spoil the picture.

Paint a barrel in the country with their own hands is a snap. Babies can participate in this process. They will prompt their fabulous fragments and help to realize them. Use contrasting solutions. Paint the barrels in different bright colors, and then the cottage will always be light and comfortable.

Painting options: