How many seeds of cucumber germinate


Novice gardeners are often asked questions: "How to prepare the seeds before growing seedlings? Are the measures necessary for the germination of planting material and how to germinate the seeds of cucumbers so as to obtain a high-quality and stable crop? ”

Note that the germination of cucumber seed at the initial stage of preparation for planting in the ground, is a guarantee of obtaining 100% germination and germination of seedlings. That is why it is recommended to germinate seeds before planting, regardless of whether you grow cucumber seedlings in a greenhouse or open field.

Preliminary preparation of cucumber seeds for germination

To prepare for sowing, you can use the seeds of cucumber from previous harvests, and you can choose new varieties of hybrids in the store. It is believed that the planting material for germination of self-pollinating varieties is sanitized and hardened in the laboratories of the manufacturer. But experienced gardeners advise before planting, however, to pre-sort these seeds.

Preparation of cucumber seeds for seedlings, for germination and planting is carried out according to the following scheme:


  • Sort the planting material by size and color. Choose large grains with a smooth, shiny surface. The color of the seed should be uniform, without spots and blotches;
  • In a solution of salt (2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water), drop the calibrated cucumber seeds. The weighted seed will remain at the bottom, empty grains will immediately float. After the procedure, good seeds must be washed with running water;
  • Perform decontamination by placing the planting material in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. After 20 minutes, remove the cucumber seeds and dry them in a warm room on a dry cotton cloth.

All these activities are considered preparatory for sprouting cucumber seedlings, but they must be held. Seedlings of hardened and germinated cucumber seeds are stronger and more resistant to sudden temperature changes and viral diseases.

Soaking and dressing before planting

In order for the seeds to proklyulyutsya faster, it is recommended to conduct preseeding soaking. This procedure stimulates the rapid swelling of the grain and pecking of the entrance.

There are several options for preparing a solution for soaking planting material. They are equally well established, so the choice is up to you. The amount of mineral and chemical substances is indicated for 10 liters of water:

  • Methylene blue - 250-300 gr
  • 7 mg of succinic acid and 20 mg of boric acid;
  • Zinc sulfate - 2 grams;
  • Drinking soda - 5 grams.

How much to soak the seeds of cucumber

Cucumber seeds before planting are soaked in one of these solutions for a day. Then the planting material is dried and prepared for the next procedure - dressing.

The germination of cucumber seeds without dressing is not recommended, since it is this measure that makes it possible to protect the seedlings from possible fungal diseases and soil pests. Transferring to the ground cucumber seedlings grown from pickled seeds, you can be completely sure that they will be resistant to cooling air and soil.

For dressing using drugs such as TMTD (4 grams per 1 kg of seeds) or fentiuram (3 grams per 1 kg of seeds), the procedure is 3-5 minutes.

How to sprout

Very often on packages with Dutch or Chinese cucumber seeds one can read the information that the planting material was processed with tiram and is not subject to soaking. Novice gardeners confuse the process of sprouting and soaking, and plant seeds in planting containers without conducting pretreatment. This is a common mistake that cannot be ignored.

But the germination procedure itself consists only in the fact that all cucumber seeds are determined for some time in a moist environment. It can be rags spread on the table or sterile (non-synthetic) cotton wool laid out in a saucer. Recently, gardeners use for germinating cucumbers even ordinary toilet paper, unrolled with a ribbon on a window sill, previously covered with polyethylene.

Preparation of growth stimulating solution

The second important step is to prepare the solution in order for the seeds to grow, and the germination period takes as little time as possible.

Tip! In stores and in the markets you can buy already prepared preparations to stimulate the growth of seedlings - Gumistar, Novosil, NV-101, Shining-2.

They must be diluted in warm settled water, strictly following the instructions.

For example:

  • Novosil is diluted at the rate of 1-3 drops of the drug per 1 liter of water:
  • Shining-2 is diluted as follows: 15 grams of the drug, 15 grams of granulated sugar per 1 liter of water.
Attention! When using the solution, remember that the base for planting material must be moistened as many times as necessary to fully germinate it.

How to germinate the seeds of cucumbers on the windowsill

Another way to germinate a seed before planting is to keep the cucumber seeds “under the hood”. Most often, it is used by those gardeners who grow cucumber seedlings at home. After wetting a thin layer of cotton wool in the prepared solution of the biostimulant, it is necessary to lay it out on a saucer, then place the planting material of cucumbers on a wet surface and cover it with a glass cap or plastic bag. This will create an atmosphere of high humidity in an airtight space and contribute to the fact that the grain on the seedlings will turn faster and sprout.

Seeds are kept in such a small greenhouse as much as is necessary for a full spitting and germination. As soon as the sprout reaches a length of 1.5-2 cm, it will be possible to proceed to the last stage of material processing - hardening.

Another method of germination is that all the seeds of cucumber are determined in a spacious cotton bag, which is moistened with a stimulating solution 1-2 times a day, as it dries. Using this method, remember that you should regularly review planting material to prevent tangling of sprouted shoots.

Pros and cons of germination before planting

Stimulation of cucumber seed spitting before planting is an important but far from safe way to get strong seedlings with stable active growth. The main thing that is necessary to understand when performing the germination procedure is that the solution should be prepared in accordance with the proportions indicated on the packaging. The drug should be moderately active, so that the seeds are picked at the same time. Most often, all the seeds laid out to stimulate growth give sprouts at intervals of a maximum of 1 hour, which is very convenient for work involving the simultaneous planting of them in planting containers.

However, like any procedure affecting natural processes, the germination of planting material has its disadvantages:

  • Cucumber is a heat-loving plant, therefore all seeds must be in a temperature regime not lower than 23-250C. Lowering the temperature can not only slow down the process of spitting, but also completely destroy the seedling;
  • In the process of germination it is necessary to observe the seeds every day. It is very important to plant seed that has proclaimed in time to prevent tangling of the sprouts;
  • Sprouted cucumber seed is by no means taken with hands, only with pre-disinfected tweezers;

The germination of cucumber seeds must be approached very carefully and carefully. Do not forget that the seeds, like seedlings, need good natural light, stable humidity and appropriate temperature conditions.

Another question of novice gardeners is: “How much time does it take to germinate a seed?” It all depends on how well the cucumber seeds were preserved, and what calibration and disinfection measures were taken. If you chose a purchased planting material for seedlings, it is very important to understand that much depends on how conscientiously the manufacturer treats the quality of the material offered. In favorable conditions, the seed of cucumber spits in the interval from 2 to 10 days.

If you are going to grow seedlings in a greenhouse or plant cucumber seeds in open ground, remember another important stage of seed preparation - hardening. Be sure to keep the crooked planting material in the wardrobe bag in the refrigerator at least a day.

Watch a short video on how to sprout cucumber seeds used by our grandfathers.