Cucumbers Zozulya: growing in a greenhouse


For a variety of cucumbers Zozulya growing in a greenhouse is not only a good way to get a high yield. Properly organized greenhouses, gardeners will be able to collect fruit in winter and summer.

The benefits of growing cucumbers in the greenhouse

Outdoor crops are subject to a variety of negative factors:

  • temperature drops;
  • lack of heat;
  • weather conditions;
  • defeat by parasites;
  • diseases.

Properly constructed greenhouse and competent care for plants, cucumbers will save from all these ills. Closed space will protect against sudden changes in temperature, which will affect the speed of fruit ripening. It will also contribute to the preservation of the accumulated heat per day, which affects plant growth and yield. The roof will protect seedlings from rain and hail. And a solid transparent wall in the greenhouse will block the path to the leaves and stems for parasites and pathogens.

Therefore, each owner, engaged in the cultivation of cucumbers in the country or garden plot, builds a greenhouse.

Features varieties Zozulya

Cucumbers with such an unusual name are bred by crossing two varieties. As a result, the hybrid received quality, thanks to which it became a welcome guest in many vegetable gardens and farms.

These qualities include:

  • early ripeness;
  • high yield;
  • partial parthenocarpy;
  • high taste qualities.

Cultivars of Zozulya variety can be harvested as early as on the 46-48th day from the moment when the seeds were given the first sprouts. Productivity reaches 10-12 kilograms from one square meter. And thanks to the partial parthenocarpy, which was given during selection, the plant can do without the participation of insects in pollination of flowers. Therefore, Zozulya cucumbers grow excellently in a closed greenhouse.

The creators of the brand have given it resistance to certain diseases, such as:

  • olive blotch;
  • cucumber mosaic;
  • root rot;
  • ascohitosis.

As a result of the selection, gardeners got to their table large tasty fruits with characteristic longitudinal stripes of white color. The qualities of Zozulya cucumbers allow using them both for cooking and salting and pickling for the winter.

Greenhouse for the cultivation of cucumbers

As you know, the greenhouse greenhouse strife. Cucumbers are characterized by their “tall”, therefore the object for their cultivation is done with a high elevated roof.

Another feature of the design is the presence of horizontal beams for tying plants.

The greenhouse is positioned so that one of its sides is oriented to the south. By tradition, the greenhouse is made of metal or wood. The first type of material is chosen if glass or transparent plastic is used for the coating. Also, steel structures are taken in the construction of capital buildings, designed for many years of operation.

The tree is less durable, although with appropriate processing it can last more than a dozen years. It is easier to process, it costs less, moreover, in such a greenhouse, if necessary, you can quickly repair or rebuild.

The height of the supports is selected from such a calculation so that it is possible to walk freely inside. Support stands are placed at a distance of about 1 meter. If the roof is duo-pitch, the angle of inclination is not less than 30 degrees. This will ensure a quality runoff of rainwater from the outside and condensation inside.

If the greenhouse has a greater length, it is recommended to install supports for the roof every 2 to 2.5 meters. They must support the ridge bar. Between the side walls at the same distance, transverse crossbars are made.

Growing cucumbers Zozulya in the greenhouse

A plant of this variety is characterized by the fact that its seeds do not need to be soaked during germination. They are sown directly into the ground in the greenhouse itself.

To do this, use two main methods of landing:

  • manure;
  • compost

In the first case, fresh manure is poured on the ground in a greenhouse with a stripe with a width of 1 meter and a height of at least 15 cm. Above, about 25 cm thick is poured over the leveled manure and watered.

Planting seeds of variety Zozulya is carried out at the rate of 3 - 3.5 plants per 1 square meter. If the gardener doubts the quality of seed, in one hole can be planted with two seeds.

In order to ensure a stable temperature and high humidity for the seeds, it is recommended to cover the beds with a film, without pressing the edges. This will provide air access to the ground and will contribute to the removal of excess moisture. After all, manure in the process of decay produces heat that contributes to the formation of condensate. Therefore, should regularly arrange airing beds.

Manure, by the way, produces carbon dioxide, which is necessary for the formation of female flowers on the stems.

The device for composting beds in the greenhouse is made according to the principle described above. But you should add special process accelerators to the mix. The temperature released by compost is lower than that of manure. Therefore, the thickness of the soil layer poured on top should not exceed 20 cm.

The rest of the process of planting seeds of cucumbers Zozulya similar to that described above.

Seedling growing tips

To obtain high-quality plants, it is necessary to maintain the temperature regime in the greenhouse. From the landing and before the first shoots appear, the air heats up to +28 degrees Celsius. After the leaves come, the temperature drops to +22 degrees.

Consider the weather and time of day:

  • on a sunny day in the greenhouse should be a maximum of +23 degrees;
  • cloudy maximum of +20 degrees;
  • at night up to + 17 degrees

Water cucumbers Zozulya better sprinkling. This nourishes the soil and air with moisture, thanks to which the plant receives water evenly. The water temperature should not be below +20 degrees. The signal for watering are slightly drooping leaves of plants.

It is better to feed cucumbers in the afternoon, in the late afternoon. Both biological additives and special chemical compounds are suitable for this.