Distance between cucumbers when planting


At what distance to plant cucumbers in the greenhouse? This question interests every summer resident. It is impossible to imagine a plot of land without cucumbers in a greenhouse. This culture has long been valued for its healthy properties and excellent taste. For several millennia, cucumbers have been used in medical practice and cosmetology. Plants can be planted both indoors and outdoors.

First you need to determine the density of landing. If the plants are too close to each other, then the probability of getting a bad harvest is great. As the planting grows, they will intertwine with each other, which is dangerous for this culture.

Basic landing rules

Any kind of this vegetable culture differs in term of ripening. They can be planted with seeds or seedlings. With a well-equipped greenhouse on the dacha, you can plant culture seeds directly into the soil. At what distance to plant cucumbers? Planting of each bush should be no less than 20-30 cm. Growing a crop in greenhouse conditions is quite simple. The main advantage of this method is to increase the yield period. In winter, you must take care of the young sprouts. To avoid the death of the germ from the effects of insects, the seeds are soaked in a fungicidal solution.

Planting cucumbers using seedlings is a rather painstaking process. Seeding is recommended in mid-April. To do this, use a separate container filled with a mixture of earth and peat. The ratio of soil and peat component should be 3: 1. After that, a cucumber seed is placed on a shallow depth. The final stage will be watering the nutrient solution. After 3 weeks, the first shoots will appear on the ground surface.

Transplant to the greenhouse

The obtained sprouts need to be planted in the prepared soil in a polycarbonate greenhouse in early May. Modern designs allow you to create all the conditions for the normal planting of cucumbers in the greenhouse. Cucumber is quite unpretentious in the care. However, the main requirements should be met.

It will not be difficult to grow a good harvest, it is important to maintain the temperature regime and observe the frequency of watering. The indoor temperature should reach up to + 22 ° С during the daytime, and up to + 17 ° С at night. Watering is carried out 2 times a day. It is not recommended to carry out water procedures at noon.

Before planting cucumber seedlings should carefully consider each stage. In the greenhouse of polycarbonate, the first thing you need to prepare the ground. The soil is mixed with potassium sulfate, urea and wood ash. Next, carefully dig up the compacted layer of soil and pour it with liquid fertilizer. For this fit pre-soaked in water bird droppings.

After some time, you can begin to mark up the beds. Planting cucumbers in the greenhouse can be carried out using simple schemes. It all depends on the width of the bed. For vegetable crops grown in greenhouse conditions, its size should be up to 85 cm wide. Such a distance between cucumbers in the greenhouse will allow them to be planted in a flat line or in a checkerboard pattern. The distance between cucumbers with a direct method of planting should reach 45 cm. This will ensure normal growth of plants. They will not lack sunlight. If the size of the greenhouse does not allow to observe the interval, then the distance between the plants can be reduced to 35 cm.

During planting, young shoots are planted with a clod of earth. This allows you to save the entire root system. Before this, a container with a young sprout must be poured abundantly with water, after which you can stretch the rows of wire to tie the lashes. The length of the rope must be at least 1 m.

It should be noted that plants should not touch the edges of the greenhouse because they will not be able to obtain the necessary heat in the cold period of time. The walls of the structure cool down quickly. In hot weather, leaves that touch the borders of the walls can deteriorate. The sun's rays burn the delicate surface of young leaves. When transplanting, the main thing is to take into account the location of the bushes among themselves.

Tip! The distance between cucumbers in a greenhouse with a chess pattern of planting should be about 35 cm, thanks to which they will not intertwine with each other as lashes grow.

The central passage should be given special attention.

Its length should be equal to 80 cm to provide good care for cucumbers.

Care rules

Growing cucumbers in a greenhouse made of polycarbonate is quite simple. To get a good harvest, it is important to follow simple rules for the care of this crop:

  1. Be sure to keep clean the garden beds. The presence of weeds can cause tremendous damage to a fragile plant.
  2. The watering process should be on schedule. Before flowering bush spend it once a day, after the completion of 1 every 2 days. Water should be at room temperature. Watering with cold water can lead to the death of the root system.
  3. It is necessary to control the stream during watering. It should not touch the leaves of cucumbers. In hot weather, water droplets can cause serious burns.
  4. Between the bushes should not be extra shoots. They can lead to stagnation of air inside the greenhouse, which, in turn, will lead to an increased level of humidity.
  5. Airing must be given special attention. Excess moisture can cause serious diseases for vegetables. The appearance of white spots on the surface of the sheet indicates the presence of white rot. It can destroy a plant in a short time.
  6. Between the bushes should be placed insect repellent. For this fit charcoal, ash.

To grow cucumbers on the plot is easy enough. The main thing in this case is to observe the time of planting material in open ground or greenhouse. Schemes for planting will help to correctly plan the work area. The main requirement is the right care.