Asparagus beans Fantasy


Asparagus, chilli, vigna - all these are the names of a special variety of beans, the taste reminiscent of asparagus, and in appearance - ordinary beans. In turn, the asparagus beans are divided into bush and curly.

Growing cowpea does not require much effort. It is unpretentious to the conditions and soil, as long as it is warm. Therefore, it does not always bear fruit well in the northern regions. But resourceful gardeners have found a way out. In this climate, the beans are planted in sandy soil, which warms up much faster.

One of the worthy representatives of green beans - a variety of "Fantasy". He gained great popularity due to its taste and ease of cultivation. Consider the description of this type, as well as detailed instructions for care.

Characteristics and advantages of the variety

Asparagus beans "Fantasy" refers to the early ripening varieties. From the appearance of the first shoots to full maturity, it takes about 55-65 days. Refers to the bush varieties of green beans, the height is only 30-40 cm. Many undeservedly underestimate the string beans, and in fact it has a clear advantage over curly varieties:

  • growing it is easier, because it does not need supports. This saves you time and energy;
  • it ripens faster than curly varieties. And the entire harvest will take place in 2-3 stages, while the coiling beans must be periodically inspected, tearing new pods. This does not mean that the harvest will be less, just such beans ripen very amicably and give away fruits;
  • takes up less space in your garden, and it is easier to clean at the end of the harvest, as there is no need to untangle the stems.

Pods "Fantasy" narrow, can grow in length up to 13 cm. The color is rich, dark green. Seeds inside oblong shape. The taste is delicate, sugar. Pods do not have a parchment layer, juicy, without fibers. The variety is high-yielding.

Prefers moist loose soil that does not form a crust after watering or rain. Also loves warmth, poorly developed in shady places. Used in cooking for cooking various dishes and side dishes. Suitable for preservation and freezing.

Cultivation and care

It is necessary to plant green beans no sooner than the frosts disappear completely. The soil should be well heated, not below + 15 ° C. This is usually the middle of May - the beginning of June. In order for the seeds to grow faster, they should be soaked and kept for several hours or a day.

Beans are sown in a prepared soil to a depth of 3 cm. If you put a seed deeper, it will grow and develop much more slowly. But if you have soil with admixtures of sand, then, on the contrary, should be planted more deeply, so that the roots are well established in such loose soil. The distance between plants should be 10-20 cm, and between rows - about 40 cm.

Tip! Be sure to leave enough space between the rows. This is necessary so that the sun's rays fall directly on the ground and the soil warms up well.

A week later, the first shoots will appear. Watering is often not necessary, however, if the summer is dry, you will have to ensure that the soil remains wet. Soil mulching when growing Fantasy bean asparagus may have its advantages and disadvantages. Plus mulch is that the moisture is better retained in the soil. A disadvantage is the poor heating of the soil. On this basis, it is better to begin mulching no earlier than the end of June.

Feeding the variety "Fantasia" can not be carried out, as it is unpretentious and is content with the nutrients already available in the land. Also, the beans have the ability to enrich the soil with nitrogen. It is often grown to fertilize soil for planting other crops. But if you still want to feed, use the infusion of ash.

Important! It is necessary to collect ripe pods in time so that the plant continues to bear fruit further. As long as a ripe bean is on the stem, a new one will not form.

You can store the harvest in different ways. For example, to make canned beans or freeze in raw or cooked form. Freshly stored green beans will not work, it can deteriorate very quickly.


Svetlana, 39, Saratov I grow a lot of different vegetables and I know how hard it is to care for some of them. But with the string beans "Fantasia" I have never had any problems. It is a pleasure to grow it. Leaving the most minimal, rare watering and fertilizing the soil before planting. Maybe someone fertilizes and throughout the growth of the plant, but I do not. Harvest and so it turns out very generous. Maria, 46 years old, Astrakhan. The variety "Fantasia" is the most fruitful of all that I grew. For many years we have been planting it from seeds collected personally. Purchased does not always sprout well. Bushes are small and compact, so collecting beans is very convenient. During the season we hold up to 4 fees of pods. They grow very quickly, and the more often they rip ripe ones, the more they will be able to harvest a new crop. Xenia, 42, Rostov-on-Don We really love the variety Fantasia. We plant it at the end of spring, and at the end of July we already enjoy the most delicious asparagus beans. In care is undemanding, the yield is very high, disease resistance at the highest level. We grow it only.

Summing up

Lovers of asparagus beans will certainly appreciate this type. Those who are already growing Fantasia beans are very pleased with their choice. It is valued for its unpretentiousness and taste. This variety is perfect for those who have little time to take care of vegetable crops, but still wants to have tasty fruits in their garden.