Asparagus beans Snow Maiden


Asparagus beans, which are also called sugar or French, have long been loved by many gardeners. And it is not surprising, because it is not difficult to grow it, but the result of labor always pleases. Even in the cold regions of Russia, this culture feels great. The fruiting period is very long, you can collect young pods until the cold.

Asparagus bean seeds are usually planted directly into the ground. However, it can be done with seedlings. It gets along well with other vegetables and is often planted between rows of potatoes or other crops. However, it is better to plant climbing varieties in separate beds so that it is convenient to place the supports, and the plants do not interfere with the access of the sun's rays to their neighbors.

Curly varieties are often used for decorative purposes. If you put the support in an interesting way or plant the beans near the fence, you can get a great decoration for your site. Due to the fact that the pods are high, the beans will always remain clean and it will be easier to collect.

Asparagus beans "Snow Maiden" includes all of the above benefits. It will also be interesting to know the main characteristics of this variety and agriculture.

Characteristics and description of the variety

The grade "Snow Maiden" is a curling asparagus haricot. On the speed of ripening refers to early ripening (from the first shoots to the beginning of fruiting about 50 days pass). The bush is compact, the maximum height is 40 cm. The leaves are not very many, but the bush is generously sprinkled with pods.

Beans are light yellow in color, slightly curved, do not have parchment and fiber. The pods can grow up to 17 cm in length, width - 1.2 cm. With 1 m2 You can collect up to 3 kg of beans.

Beans "Snow Maiden" contains:

  • protein in large quantities;
  • mineral salts;
  • vitamins of group B, and also C, E, A.

All this and other minerals make it a useful dietary product. Suitable for various cooking methods. You can freeze in the raw and boiled form, make conservation.

Cultivation and care

You can start sowing asparagus beans in the second half of May. It is important that the soil warms up well, as the beans grow best and develop at temperatures from +15 ° C to +20 ° C.

Tip! The soil should be loose and wet. For the cultivation of beans will not fit clay soil.

To prepare the seeds, you need to soak them in water for a few hours. Soil begin to prepare in the fall, adding humus or manure. Seeds are planted to a depth of about 5 cm. You can pour ashes into the hole, it will enrich the soil with potassium. Plant seeds need at a distance of 10 cm from each other. And between rows should be left about 50 cm.

In a week the first shoots should appear. When sprouts get a little stronger, you can build a support for them. It is better to do this before the plant begins to curl, then it will itself direct the stems to the support and it will be easier to tie it up.

Important! For beans it is not necessary to use nitrogenous fertilizers, since the root system of this plant tends to saturate the soil with nitrogen.

At first, it will be necessary to water the sprouts more often and loosen the ground so that the plant will grow well. After each watering try to break through the weeds, otherwise the beans will have to share the moisture with them. And when the sprout length reaches 10 cm, mulching can be done. Straw will trap moisture in the soil, and this will make care even easier.

When the flowers appear on the bushes, it would be good to feed with special mineral fertilizers. During this period, the plant especially needs strength so that the ovaries that appear are strong and not fall off.


Collect "Snow Maiden" often need. And the more often you do this, the more pods you can collect in a season. String beans bears fruit for a very long time, so even when there is almost nothing left in your garden, young beans will still grow.

If you have not managed to collect the beans in time, and it has already hardened, it is better to leave it for full ripening. Then these pods will need to be dried, and the extracted seeds are left for sowing the next year.


Margarita, 52 years old, Volgograd. I am very pleased that I once tried the variety “Snow Maiden”. The plot I have is not very big, but this bean though winds, but not very spreading. On the garden there are a lot of bushes that do not interfere with the development of the neighboring ones. Productivity is high. True, it is necessary almost every day to collect the pods so that they do not have time to harden. Mikhail, 48 years old, Krasnoyarsk "The Snow Maiden" is one of the most productive varieties of asparagus beans. It is unpretentious to weather conditions, grows well in heat and cold. Does not require special care. I always fertilize the soil from autumn, I do not do additional dressings. I water once a week, and loosen the ground as needed. For me, this is the most delicious beans. I will grow it further.