Hand tomatoes: best varieties + photos


Hand-drawn tomatoes differ from other species in that the fruits on the bushes ripen in clusters. This significantly increases the number of tomatoes growing on one bush, respectively, increases the yield of the variety. The sizes of fruits of such tomatoes, as a rule, are small, therefore, they are most suitable for canning and salting. Although there are large-fruited squamified tomatoes, which will also be discussed in this article.

Varieties of varieties

Like other tomatoes, brush cultures are divided into indeterminate and determinant. Determinant tomatoes are undersized or medium grown crops, the growth of which stops the formation of four or five ovaries. Indeterminate varieties are distinguished by the fact that the growth of their bushes is limited only by climatic conditions.

It is precisely the tomato tomatoes that are very often of the tall type and have their advantages:

  • better ventilated and illuminated by the sun, which reduces the risk of fungal diseases;
  • give high yields;
  • they allow to save space in the greenhouse or on the plot, because they grow upwards;
  • easy to form - when removing the stepsons, it is necessary to leave one or more central stems;
  • they bear fruit for a long time, often the crop can be harvested up to the autumn frosts.

Important! Indeterminate tomatoes have some drawbacks. For example, these plants are more thermophilic, have a long growing season, need mandatory garter.

Low-growing varieties are good for those who are accustomed to the usual method of growing tomatoes - in garden beds. Determinant tomatoes are also collected in brushes, so they also give good yields of tasty fruits.

"Adam's Apple"

The representative of tall, indeterminate tomatoes. Tomato is intended for cultivation in greenhouses and in open ground. Fruit ripening periods are medium.

The height of the bushes is 180 cm, be sure to tie up the tomatoes and pasynkovat. Greater yields can be achieved when forming a plant in two stems.

Brush with tomatoes beautiful, complex shape. Tomatoes in a mature state are colored scarlet, have a round shape, shiny peel. Tomatoes "Adam's Apple" - large-fruited, their weight can reach 200 grams. Fruits are great for salting, canning, fresh tomatoes are also tasty.


Unlike the previous one, this tomato grows in small bushes, up to 60 cm high. It is a determinant-type culture intended for cultivation in greenhouses or in open ground.

Passing bushes is not required, but, despite the small height of tomatoes, they are better tied up on supports. The shape of the tomatoes is oval, the peel is smooth, the color is scarlet. The average fruit weight is 75 grams, these small tomatoes are ideal for canning.

Plants are protected from fusarium. The variety tolerates high temperatures, many ovaries form on the bushes even in arid hot summer.

Seeds for seedlings need to sow 60-70 days before the expected date of planting in the ground.

The Scarlet Mustang

The representative of the cluster of tomatoes is an indeterminate type - the bushes grow up to 160 cm. Tomatoes must necessarily be tied up and the lateral processes must be removed. The best yield results can be obtained by forming a plant in two stalks.

Tomatoes are large, their shape resembles the fruit of a bell pepper, the weight of each, on average, 230 grams. Mature tomatoes are colored pink-red. Fruits can be canned, they look very profitable in glass jars. Tomatoes are very tasty and fresh, they are sweet and aromatic.

"Anna German"

Tomatoes of this variety also ripen tassels. The ripening period is average, the type of plants is indeterminate, the yield of the variety is high.

It is necessary to grow crops in greenhouses - the variety is quite thermophilic. In the southern regions of the country it is possible to plant seedlings on open beds. Bushes grow very strongly, their height reaches 200 cm, and if the lateral processes are not removed, it will be impossible to walk between the beds.

Mature fruits are very similar to lemon: they are colored in a rich yellow color, have a slightly elongated shape, the tip of the tomatoes is pointed. The weight of each fruit is approximately 50 grams. They are great for whole-canning, and also, fresh in flavor.

Banana Feet

A semi-determinant plant, the height of which can reach 120 cm. The variety is intended for cultivation on garden beds, tolerates low temperatures, is protected from various diseases.

Fruit ripening averages. The plant does not need to pinch and remove the side processes. The yield of the tomato is very high, in each brush at the same time from 7 to 10 fruits ripen.

Yellow ripe tomatoes resemble the shape of a plum. The consistency of tomatoes is dense, the flesh is very tasty, with a light citrus aroma. The weight of one fruit is about 80 grams.

Seeds for seedlings need to be sown 60 days before the intended planting in the ground. At each meter of the site should be no more than four bushes.

Tip! When the fruits of the variety “Banana legs” still have light, slightly noticeable strokes, they are best suited for canning.

"Barberry F1"

Indeterminate variety with early ripening. Plants reach a maximum height of two meters, they should be tied up on supports and stepson. The best results of cultivation can be obtained by forming a plant in two or three stems.

Shrubs of this variety look great at the stage of flowering - the plant is quite decorative and able to adorn the site. Fruits are collected in large brushes; on each such branch, 50-60 tomatoes simultaneously ripen. Cherry tomatoes are miniature in size and weigh about 25 grams. The shape of the fruit is oval, the color is pale pink, the skin is smooth. They are excellent for whole canning.

Fruiting tomatoes are very stretched, fresh tomatoes can be plucked from the bushes until autumn frosts.

"White currant"

Indeterminantny grade of cherry tomatoes with medium ripening. It can be grown in greenhouses and in the open field. Plants grow to two meters, they need to be strengthened with supports and remove the side processes. The highest yield is achieved when forming a bush in three or four stalks.

Bushes are decorated with small fruits of a beige shade. Each brush contains ten tomatoes, the average mass of which is 20 grams. The tastes of tomatoes are high - they are sweet and juicy, suitable for any purpose.

"Blues Fahrenheit"

The bushes of this tomato are indeterminate, the ripening time is average. The variety loves heat, so in the middle zone of the country it is better to grow it in greenhouses, and in the south you can plant seedlings directly on the beds.

Shrubs must be pasynkovat, forming a plant in two or three trunks - this increases the yield.

The photos of the fruits of this tomato are very interesting - round-shaped tomatoes in a mature state are painted in a dark red shade with pigment spots of blue color. The peculiarity of the variety is also in the fact that the more sunlight will fall on the bushes, the richer and brighter the color of fruits will be.

The taste of tomatoes at a height - they are sweet and fragrant. Such unique fruits in jars look great, tasty and fresh.


The early tomatoes of the cherry group ripen three months after planting seeds for seedlings. The variety is tall, very decorative, suitable for greenhouses and open garden beds.

The height of the bushes reaches 200 cm, the plants must be pinched and strengthened with supports. To form plants should be in two or three stalks. Each brush of this plant contains 30 tomatoes.

Ripe tomatoes are like cherries, they are the same size and are painted in a rich red tint. Fruits are glossy, translucent, the weight of each is only 15 grams. These tomatoes also taste good, and you can preserve them and eat them straight from the garden.

"Red Cherry"

A good variety of indeterminate tomatoes, characterized by super-early ripening. And in greenhouses, and in beds, these tomatoes have to be strengthened with supports. Bushes need to pinch, forming plants in one trunk.

Tomato brushes are large, each has 20-30 small tomatoes. The fruits themselves are round in shape, painted red, they weigh about 20 grams. Taste sweet tomatoes, they are beautiful and salty and fresh.

F1 Generator

Determinant cultivar tomato intended for open beds. The hybrid differs in early terms of ripening, bushes grow to 0.5 meters, need tying and removal of lateral processes.

About seven tomatoes ripen in each brush. Mature tomatoes have a slightly elongated shape, resemble cream, have dense flesh, are painted in scarlet color.

The mass of each tomato is 100 grams. Tastes are good, fruits can be salted and consumed fresh.

Hybrids endure viruses and diseases. The variety is considered high-yielding, with each meter of land you can collect up to eight kilograms of tomatoes.

"The Thunderbird F1"

Hand ripe tomatoes with early ripening. The bushes are indeterminate, they need to be strengthened with supports and to remove the lateral processes. It is necessary to form bushes in one stem.

Each brush lays on 8-9 tomatoes. The fruits have the form of cream, are painted in a red shade, have an average weight within 100 grams. Tastes and shape of tomatoes make them ideal for whole-canning.

The hybrid variety withstands drought, difficult weather conditions, hardened from viruses and diseases. Tomatoes tolerate transportation over long distances and storage.

"Lady fingers"

The grade recommended for cultivation on garden beds. The fruits are simply meant for canning. Bushes are compact, their height reaches a maximum of 60 cm, no need to pinch the plants. In brushes 5-6 tomatoes are formed.

The shape of the tomato is cylindrical, elongated. The fruits are painted in a scarlet shade, inside they are divided into two chambers, there are few seeds. The weight of each tomato is about 50 grams.

Sweet and juicy tomatoes are ideal for salting whole fruits, making sauces. Fruits are well transported, can be stored for a long time.

Seeds on seedlings are planted 55 days before the transfer of plants to a permanent place. Due to early maturity and simultaneous ripening of the fruit, plants can avoid outbreaks of late blight.


A variety with medium ripening. Plant height is average, yield is good. Tomatoes are intended for greenhouses and open ground - the way of planting is determined by the climatic features of the region.

The height of the plants planted in greenhouses reaches 150 cm, in the open field the tomatoes will be lower. They definitely need to be strengthened with supports and remove the side processes, it is better to form bushes in two or three stems.

Fruits are large - their average weight is about 180 grams. The shape of the tomato - cream, painted in red. The flesh is thick and the peel is glossy. Tomatoes are considered very tasty, they contain very few seeds, the fruits have a pleasant taste and strong aroma.

When canning, the skin of tomatoes does not crack, the flesh remains elastic. Very tasty "Darenka" and fresh: in salads and snacks.

"Ivan Kupala"

An interesting variety with large pear-shaped fruits. It belongs to the subspecies indeterminate, the height of plants is about 160 cm. The ripening time is average, it is recommended to cultivate in greenhouses.

Shrubs need to be strengthened with supports and remove excess shoots, as a rule, the plant is formed in two stems. 6-7 tomatoes ripen in one brush. Mature tomatoes are colored raspberry red, pear-shaped, with subtle ribs on their surface. Approximate mass of fruits - 150 grams. They are very tasty fresh, and are used for salting, canning.

Tomato yield is good - about three kilograms of fruit can be removed from each plant.

Features of tomato tomatoes

Tomatoes, growing in clusters, have their advantages, such as:

  1. Good lezhkost.
  2. The possibility of transportation and long-term storage, due to the high density of the fruit.
  3. Beautiful appearance - tomatoes are smooth, shiny, have the correct form and uniform color.
  4. Hand varieties are less susceptible to disease than ordinary tomatoes.
  5. The rind of the fruit is strong, so the tomatoes do not crack.
  6. Small and medium-sized fruit that allows you to use the crop for any purpose.
Attention! For lovers of large-fruited tomatoes, wrist varieties are selected premium. This class includes tomatoes, whose weight ranges from 250 to 500 grams. They also grow in clusters of 5-7 pieces each, have an excellent taste and aroma.

To help the gardener in the selection of varieties of tomatoes can photos and descriptions of existing tomatoes today. It is possible to recommend wrist varieties to those who want to grow a good harvest in a limited area of ​​the site. For such a result, a gardener does not have to expend a lot of effort and time - as a rule, hand-drawn tomatoes are unpretentious and are characterized by increased resistance to both diseases and weather factors.