What varieties of tomatoes are suitable for juice


When making “homemade” tomato juice, the choice of tomato variety depends on the preferences of the supplier. Someone likes sweet, someone slightly sour. Someone likes thick with a lot of pulp, and someone prefers "some water". You can use “culling” for juice: small and ugly tomatoes that will not look good in home preservation, or, on the contrary, are too large and non-standard. But a mandatory requirement when making juice is the degree of ripeness of tomatoes.

Tip! For juice, it is better to take slightly overripe tomatoes than those that ripened at the stage of technical ripeness.

The latter give tasteless juice is not saturated color.

If different varieties of tomatoes are planted on the site, you can try to combine them in different proportions, creating an “author's” bouquet of taste, since each variety usually has its own flavor and taste.

For lovers of “liquid” juice, not too fleshy “cherry” varieties are very well suited, fans of “thick” can choose for themselves salad tomatoes. In this case, it is necessary not to overdo it with the "fleshy." Tomato with "sugar" pulp is not able to give a lot of juice.

The best varieties of tomato for juice

Greenhouse Miracle F1

Mid-season salad hybrid. As the name implies, the tomato is grown in greenhouses. A powerful indeterminant shrub grows to almost 2 m. Up to 8 fruits are fastened on the hand. Requires tying and pinching.

Tomatoes weighing up to 250 g. The shape is spherical, the color of tomatoes in ripe condition is bright red. The flesh is juicy, with excellent taste and aroma.

Fireproof, resistant to the vagaries of weather. Recommended for juices and salads.

Sumo f1

Included in the State Register as recommended for home farms and small farmer production. Justifying the name, the variety produces large fruits. The usual weight of a tomato is 300 g. It can reach up to 0.6 kg. Tomatoes are spherical, slightly ribbed, with juicy tasty pulp. The color of the ripe fruit is red. Can collect up to 6.5 kg / m². Resistant to diseases.

Tomatoes salad destination with an average maturity (115 days). Recommended not only for salads, but also for making juice.

Minion of fortune

Quite large fruiting determinant variety with tomatoes weighing up to 250 g. Early ripe. The bush grows up to 80 cm. Planted on seedlings two months before transplanting to a permanent place in the open. One plant brings up to 2.5 kg. The average number of seedlings per square meter is 4 pcs.

The flesh of the tomatoes is tender, with good taste. The color is red. Tomatoes are recommended for the fresh use and culinary processing, including for production of juice.

Bear Paw

Variety for those who are too lazy to bother with the collection of small tomatoes, but you want to make juice. This is an indeterminate plant with fruits reaching 800 g, but usually the weight of a tomato is about 300 g. The bush is tall, up to 2 m in height. In the southern regions can grow in open beds, to the north requires protected ground. Vegetative period 110 days. The name of the variety is given because of the original shape of the leaves, reminiscent of the paw of a bear.

Tomatoes are tied with small brushes up to 4 pcs. in each. Since the growth of the stem does not stop, the bush bears fruit throughout the season. Up to 30 kg of tomatoes are produced from one bush. Planted bushes 4 per m². Thus, with good care, you can remove up to 120 kg with m².

Ripe fruits are red with fleshy, sugary flesh. Form slightly flattened. The taste is pleasant, sweet and sour.

The variety is drought-resistant, but it responds with gratitude to regular watering. Also requires potassium supplementation 2-3 times per season. The disadvantages include the mandatory requirement of tying up due to the height of the bush and the severity of the tomatoes.

When using ripe fruit juice turns out saturated red color.

Flamingo F1

Hybrid from "Agrosemtoms". Hybrid sredneranny, vegetative period of 120 days. It belongs to the semi-determinant type, grows above 100 cm. It is characterized by an atypical formation for the determinant tomatoes of the first inflorescence above the 8th leaf. The number of brushes formed is average. Experienced gardeners recommend pinching a stalk over the fifth brush, although determinant plants usually do not require this. Resistant to diseases, the fruits do not crack.

For the season, the bush produces up to 30 kg of tomatoes. Usually the first harvest is 5 kg, the next less.

Tomatoes are round, up to 10 cm in diameter, slightly flattened. Tomato weight 100 g. Meaty flesh with good taste. Purpose universal, well suited for the manufacture of juice.


Under the name “Volgogradsky”, there are two varieties of tomatoes that are seriously different from each other in terms of ripening and type of growth. Choosing seeds under this name you need to pay attention to what kind of brand you buy.

5/95 (late)

The variety is included in the State Register, as recommended for cultivation in unprotected soil in 5, 6 and 8 regions of the Russian Federation. Independent variety with a crop ripening period of 4 months. Bush shtambovy, sredneoblinichny, up to 1 m.

Rounded red tomatoes weigh an average of 120 g. Tomatoes have good taste. Suitable for processing in tomato juice, pasta and fresh consumption.

Recommended for industrial cultivation. With m² you can collect up to 10 kg of tomatoes. Up to a quarter of the entire crop matures during the first 15 days.

323 (early)

Harvest can be collected after 3.5 months after sowing seeds. Bush determinant, short. You can grow in open and closed ground.

Gives stable yields, unpretentious to the growing conditions and the vagaries of the weather, resistant to disease. Fruits weighing up to 100 g have fleshy sweet flesh. In a mature state, the color of the tomatoes is red. Spherical shape with light ribbing. With 1 m² you can get up to 7 kg of tomatoes.

The variety grows well on any soil, but prefers sandy loam or loam.

Some gardeners believe that for the juice is best to take pink tomatoes.


Zoned in the Lower Volga region for cultivation in the open field. Mid-season, determinant. Plus varieties - drought tolerance.

Tomatoes elongated, mature pink color. Weight up to 120 grams. Productivity to 6 kg with m ².

Korneevsky Pink

Mid-season variety with high yield. The bush with unlimited growth of the stem grows up to 2 m. It is recommended for cultivation in all regions of Russia, but in the northern regions cultivation of the variety is possible only in greenhouses, in southern regions it grows well in unprotected soil.

From 10 to 12 large tomatoes ripen on the bush. The weight of one fruit exceeds half a kilo. From a bush receive up to 6 kg of tomatoes. Because of the significant weight of the fruit, the bush requires a garter to a solid support.

Tomatoes in mature pink color with juicy, moderately dense pulp. The taste of tomato is sweet, sour is missing. The variety is very well suited for making fresh juice.

F1 win

Weak-leafed indeterminantny hybrid with early ripening. Crop ripens a month after planting two-month seedlings in the ground. A tall plant. The height of the bush exceeds 2 m. With one square meter with good care you can collect up to 23 kg of tomatoes.

Ripe tomatoes are pink. The shape of the fruit is rounded, oblate "at the poles." Weight up to 180 g. Flesh is dense, with excellent taste.

Pink flamingo

Unlike the "Flamingo F1" is a variety, not a hybrid. Passed certification, confirming its purity grade. Manufacturer - the company "Search" with characteristic for the varieties of this company "nose". It is intended for cultivation in greenhouse conditions and open ground in the North Caucasus region, but according to consumer reviews, it shows good yields in Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus and in the Central regions of the Russian Federation.

Being determinant, the bush can reach a height of 2 m. The variety belongs to mid-ripening. In good conditions, the crop ripens 95 days after transplanting. The usual time to pick tomatoes after 110 days. In temperate climate fruits until October.

Form a bush in two stalks. Among the shortcomings can be noted the need for garters and strong support.

Tomatoes are not aligned. Weight ranges from 150 to 450 grams. The first phase of the crop is larger than the next. Very small variety of tomatoes does not. "Small" weigh up to 200 g. The pulp is juicy, medium density, which facilitates its processing into juice.

Special yield is no different. With a square meter collect up to 3.5 kg of tomatoes.


Which sorts of tomatoes to choose for the juice, decides the hostess, but the thickness of the juice will depend not only on the variety, but also on the zeal of the procurer. Liquid juice is obtained if you are not zealous when squeezing already boiled tomatoes. If you want to get a thick juice, you have to work hard, rubbing boiled tomatoes through a very fine sieve, through which only boiled pulp can pass. In this case, it is necessary to wipe until practically dry skin and seeds remain in the sieve. Everything else must pass through the sieve holes.

Making juice at home can be viewed on the video: