Chinese way of growing tomato seedlings


This is a relatively young way of growing tomatoes, but he managed to win the love of summer residents. Tomato seedlings are resistant to phytophthora in the Chinese way. Has a technique and other advantages.

  • Willingness to disembark 1.0-1.5 months earlier than the usual method;
  • After picking, the plants take root completely;
  • Yield increase by half;
  • Smaller length of the stems in tall varieties of tomatoes (after planting in the ground).

Tomatoes grown in this way have developed stems that do not need to be deeply buried in the ground. The distance from the soil to the first flower brushes is 0.20-0.25 m, which increases the yield.

Preparation, planting seeds and seedling care

Before planting seeds of tomatoes into the soil they need to prepare. Place them in series in the ash extract and potassium permanganate solution - for 3 hours and 20 minutes, respectively. After that, place the seeds in a half-day solution of Appin. The final stage of preparation is keeping for 24 hours in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator.

Important! Prepare the ash extract for seedlings in this way. Pour 2 tablespoons of ash 1 liter of boiling water, infuse the solution for 24 hours.

You can stratify the seeds in another way: put them in a plastic container and stick them in the snow.

Planting seeds

Fill the container with soil mixture and pour the soil with hot manganese solution. Plant the seeds immediately after removing them from the refrigerator. Make sure that the planting material is not heated. Cover the containers with plastic or glass to create a greenhouse effect. It is advisable to keep the containers close to the battery. Then the seeds will get enough heat. Shoots appear after 5 days. Now you can remove the polyethylene and put the pots in a lighted place. The stems will not be drawn out.

Tip! According to the Chinese method, planting seeds when the moon decreases, stimulates the formation of the root system, which improves the quality of seedlings.

She is not ill, tolerates temperature drops.


Picks are made in a month, when the moon is in the constellation Scorpio.

  • Cut the plant at ground level.
  • Replant the stems in prepared containers with the ground.
  • Water a little water and cover the plants with polyethylene.
  • Keep spiked seedlings in a dark and cool room.

Replant the cut stems need to be acquired peat-based soil mixture. Ordinary manure garden land is not suitable for this, since humus contains bacteria that can harm not quite formed seedlings. Why is it so important to cut the stems with scissors? Maybe this is some special ritual of Chinese gardeners? It turns out that everything is simple. All diseases that were in the seeds will remain in the old soil. The plant is planted in a new soil free from the accumulated "sores". There is every chance to grow tomatoes strong and healthy.

Care features

Young tomatoes need good lighting so that the stems do not begin to stretch. Can be used as an extra light lamp. For braking growth suitable tool "Athlete". Planted out plants need loose soil, otherwise the root system of tomato seedlings obtained by the Chinese method will not receive enough oxygen. Water the seedlings as the soil dries, at the rate of 1 tablespoon of water per container of 0.1 l. Such an organization of irrigation avoids the “black leg”.

The Chinese way of preparing and caring for seedlings is quite laborious, but the result is worth it! It is especially good for plants of high varieties. Feedback from summer residents, for the most part, is positive.