Peat pots and pills for tomato seedlings


Tomato seedlings transplanted with a preserved root system take root more easily; tomatoes begin to bear fruit 1–2 weeks earlier than those with injured roots.

Seed preparation

Before sowing it is necessary to prepare the seeds. In the event that tomato seeds are planted, preparation is not required, they are already treated with special substances by the manufacturer.

Preseeding preparation includes the following steps:

  • Treatment of infectious agents;
  • Growth stimulant treatment;
  • Soaking in complex fertilizer.

Preventive treatment of fungal and bacterial diseases is carried out by soaking in disinfectants, for example, in a solution of potassium permanganate. Seeds of tomatoes are placed in a small fabric bag, if you plan to sow several varieties, it is desirable to sign the bags. Seeds are placed in a solution with a disinfectant for 2 to 3 hours, after which they are thoroughly washed under running water.

Before planting old tomato seeds, it is desirable to treat them with growth stimulants. They contain phytohormones that will help tomato seeds to germinate faster and stimulate further development.

Complex fertilizers contain potassium and manganese, the deficiency of which impedes the normal growth of the plant. If the tomato bush, from which the seeds were harvested, lacked these nutrients, their content in the seeds would be insufficient for normal development. Such seeds have low germination, often young sprouts of tomatoes stop developing at the stage of cotyledon leaves. To fill the shortage of nutrients by soaking the seeds of tomatoes in a solution of complex fertilizers. Soaking is carried out, as a rule, during the day.

Important! After any kind of processing, it is necessary to dry the seeds.

Peat pots

Represent lowland peat pressed in the form of pots. May be infused with additional nutrients and stimulants.

The main advantages of pots for growing seedlings of tomatoes:

  • Allow to transplant seedlings without damaging the roots;
  • When storing take up little space;
  • Improves the structure and chemical composition of the soil;
  • Pots are very convenient to use.

The convenience of peat pots is that tomato seedlings do not need to be taken out of them - they can be planted in a permanent place along with the pot, since the roots of the tomatoes grow freely through the walls. In addition, peat improves soil structure, makes it easier, enriches with nutrients.

Does not require special training before planting seeds. It is enough to fill the pot with a nourishing earthen mixture, place it in a pan and pour it over. A small depression is made in the ground, into which two or three tomato seeds are placed, after the emergence of shoots, one most developed sprout is left, the rest are pinched. It is undesirable to pull out extra sprouts of tomatoes, you can damage the remaining root system.

In the process of growing seedlings of tomatoes, you should regularly inspect the pots to prevent germination of the roots in the next.

Tip! If you wrap each pot with plastic wrap, tomato roots will not be able to grow through it. It is advisable to use black film.

Peat tablets

Peat tablets are compressed pieces of lowland or middle peat, placed in a special, easily decomposed material. May contain an additional complex of nutrients. Designed for germinating seeds and growing seedlings after picking.

Tomato seedlings can be planted together with a peat tablet, the net quickly dissolves in the soil and does not prevent the growth of the root system. Peat will improve the composition of the soil and enrich it with substances necessary for plants.

The main advantages of peat tablets for growing seedlings of tomatoes:

  • Seedlings are planted without injuring the root system;
  • The composition contains all the necessary nutrients;
  • Do not contain fungal spores and weeds;
  • Easy to transport and store;
  • Tomato roots develop rapidly due to their light structure;
  • Do not take up much space.

Before using peat tablets for growing seedlings of tomatoes, you must put the tablets in the pan and soak in warm, but not hot water for 1 to 2 hours, the excess water after soaking is drained. During this time, the volume of the pill increases in size up to 5 times.

The upper part of the peat tablet is not tightened with a net and has a small recess where 1–3 tomato seedlings are placed, covered over with soil and covered with a transparent material until tomato emergence. Tomato seeds usually germinate within one week, old or poor quality seeds can germinate longer.

If peat tablets are used for picking up tomato seedlings, the recess is made larger, the roots and about a third of the stem should fit in it. The tomato sprout is gently transferred to the resulting groove and gently fall asleep. You can water the plant a little, directing the stream to the stem of the tomato to lightly primp it.

Watering seedlings of tomatoes should be carefully, not over-wetting, the top surface of the tablets must necessarily dry out between waterings. Waterlogging adversely affects the root system, interferes with the normal absorption of nutrients.

Important! Often mold may appear in overwetted tablets.

She does not pose a special danger to the seedlings of tomatoes, but it is advisable to get rid of her until her disputes have sprouted deep into the pill. Usually, a single treatment with soda solution is sufficient.

Coconut pills

Consist of pressed coconut fibers placed in a fine-mesh mesh. May be additionally saturated with nutrients necessary for growing tomato seedlings. Used for seed germination, pickling seedlings, grafting.

Coconut tablets have several advantages for growing tomato seedlings:

  • The seedling is protected from fungal diseases;
  • Plants get all the elements they need to grow;
  • Do not contain harmful insect larvae;
  • Do not contain weed seeds;
  • Do not lose shape during use.
  • Give the opportunity to save the root system.

Before using coconut tablets for growing seedlings of tomatoes, it is advisable to rinse them under running water for a few minutes, sea salt is often used in the production process, it must be washed off. After that, coconut tablets are placed in a pan or other container and filled with water at room temperature. After the tablets swell, it is necessary to drain off the excess water.

Seeds of tomatoes are placed in a recess located at the top of the coconut pill. As a rule, several seeds are put into one pill, after the emergence of sprouts, one is left most developed, the rest are pinched.

If coconut tablets are used for picking up tomato seedlings, the recess is widened, the root system of the seedling and a third of the stem of the tomato should fit in it, the sprout can be planted slightly obliquely. Gently sprinkle with soil, if necessary, watering the seedlings.

Plastic cups

Many gardeners traditionally use plastic cups for growing seedlings.

The main advantages for growing seedlings:

  • Easy to purchase, sold in any store;
  • It is convenient to use for growing seedlings and transport;
  • Can be used for growing seedlings several times;
  • Easy to sign, the necessary information can be applied with a marker.

The lack of plastic cups is one - it is inconvenient to get seedlings, often when taking out an earthen room, it crumbles, and the young roots get injured.

Before planting seedlings in plastic cups, it is necessary to make drainage holes. Drainage holes are made on the bottom of the cup, the diameter of each should be about 1 cm.

Glasses filled with soil, a little tamping. It is not necessary to fill the cup with soil to the top - this will complicate watering the seedlings, you should leave a distance of about 2 cm to the edge.

Planted seeds covered with soil and watered a little, for irrigation, you can use the spray. After planting, the seeds are covered with a transparent material to prevent the topsoil from drying out.

Tip! It is advisable to sign each glass, indicating the date of sowing, the name and characteristics of the variety.

This will help when transplanting is easier to determine the distance at which the bushes should grow tomato.

If it is necessary to plant the seedlings after picking, it is advisable to fill the sprout with soil, which is kept on weight. To do this, put a little soil mixture on the bottom of the cup, keep the sprout vertically, dropping it into the cup. Soil fall asleep carefully, trying not to damage the roots of the seedlings, after planting the tomatoes are watered.

Packages for seedlings

The most economical way to grow seedlings. You can use both purchased special packages designed for growing seedlings, as well as hand-made ones.

The advantages of ready-made packages for tomato seedlings:

  • Dark material does not let the sun's rays to the roots of the seedlings;
  • Have drainage holes;
  • The seams of such packages are more durable;
  • Have a flat bottom;
  • Cost inexpensive;
  • Easy to install in drawers, saving space.

Before planting, the packages are filled with nutrient earthen mixture, which must be tamped a little and placed in trays or boxes. Seeds of tomatoes are placed in a small recess, watered and cover the entire box with plastic wrap until germination.

Stripped tomatoes should also be covered with a film for 5–8 days to facilitate the recovery of the tomatoes. It is necessary to turn over the film once a day so that the condensate does not damage the plants.


When choosing a method of growing tomato seedlings, it is necessary to take into account all possible conditions and circumstances in order to avoid disappointment.