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Interior design of the country house inside the hands + photo


Some gardeners do not want to pay attention to the interior of the house. People are accustomed to thinking that they are going to their dacha only because of the work in the garden. However, times are changing. The interior of the country house has acquired great importance, since many fans of the beds began to go out of town for the whole summer. And the desire to relax in the evening in a comfortable and cozy country atmosphere is quite natural.

To the cottage does not become a warehouse of unnecessary things, you can apply some ideas from magazines or the Internet. Of course, no one plans to spend a lot on improvement of the situation. However, it is quite possible to give peace and well-being to the interior of a small country house.

Basic rules for the arrangement of the villa room

If you fulfill some simple requirements, then it is not difficult to create an atmosphere in the rooms, saturated with the natural beauty of natural materials.

This situation in the country will distract from the bustle of the city and will not be like an apartment design:

  • the interior of the country house must underline the division of the premises into different zones: kitchen / dining, work, recreation;
  • The creation of soft lighting in rooms in the country house (with the exception of the working corner), which will not be intrusive to the eyes, is welcomed. For this purpose, you can use matte ceiling lamps or knitted lampshades, made by hand;
  • Curtains and other dacha textiles (bedspreads, tablecloths) are preferably selected from natural fabrics (linen, cotton). Fine and bright patterns or ornaments on country curtains will look fresh and bright. To create a stylish interior design pattern should be repeated on any objects (dishes, furniture upholstery, wallpaper);
  • when choosing the color scheme of the situation in the country, it is desirable to give preference to light shades. This technique will visually add freshness to the interior and the space of any room space. It is possible to dilute the monotony with bright interesting country elements: paintings, pillows with elegant pillowcases, small rugs;
  • it is recommended to use plastic or metal objects and parts at the minimum;
  • wood furniture will add distinctiveness to the interior of the villa, especially if there are wood-trimmed surfaces inside. It is recommended to use coniferous wood when making country walls - it perfectly retains heat in the cold season and saves from summer heat;
  • if financial issues do not allow you to purchase new furniture for the dacha setting, then you can restore the old objects with your own hands. For quality work, it is better to first thoroughly examine all the details of this process;
  • It is the small elements of the dacha decor (vases, handmade crafts, photos in the framework) will give the atmosphere of originality and charm.

You should not bother too much about the strict compliance of the situation giving to a particular style in the interior. There is a certain amount of refinement in mixing different close design trends.

Nuances of country interiors of different styles

There are several design trends in the design of individual rooms, which seamlessly complement each other and create an ideal setting for a holiday from the hectic urban everyday life at a small cottage.

Rustic chic of Provence

For this direction of the design of the dacha interior, the use of coarse internal textures (stonework, wood panels), natural finishing materials - wallpaper with stripes or flowers is typical. The main elements of the country house furnishings: stone floor, fireplace, wooden wall panels, furniture of simple forms.

Tip! The interior of the dacha should be designed in a pastel range of light shades: light pink, beige or sand, pale blue, olive, light yellow.

The use of ruches and bows in the design of window textiles will be an original idea. As a dacha, the use of flower compositions made of herbs looks unusual.

Country style

A characteristic feature of this interior style in the country is the use of unpolished furniture with the effect of antiquity. It is better to choose things of laconic and strict forms, with a minimum of decorative elements (handles, accessories). Almost all the furnishings of a dacha have limited functionality, so simple lines and textures dominate the interior of a wooden house. It will be appropriate to use in the country rattan furniture or forged items.

Textiles on the windows, tablecloths can be decorated with discreet hand embroidery. Dishes are selected from porcelain or wood. At the cottage must be a fireplace (or its imitation). The role of decor is performed by small paintings.

Features of the Scandinavian interior in the country

This design will certainly appeal to fans of minimalism. Features of the style - a modest decor, the predominance of white color from the inside of the summer house, the presence of wide window openings. For unimpeded daylight access, the windows of the dacha do not hang curtains (or use transparent light textile cloths). In the color scheme of the interior there are blurry shades of gray, brown, blue colors.

Tip! Country furniture for decoration is preferable to choose dark shades and folding: sofa bed, chair-bed, folding tables and chairs.

The main advantage for giving this trend in design is a minimum of items to create a restrained light atmosphere.

Russian country style

The main feature of such an interior in the country is natural softness, the absence of elaborate decor. The furniture used is wooden, decorated with carvings. The staircase will also be refreshed with threaded elements (balusters, pillars). Organic use will be at the cottage antique products. The furnishings are desirable to at least a little update. The old paint on the furniture and the stairs must be stripped, the surface to sand and paint again. Metal objects preferably polished to shine.

Textile material is better to use natural - cotton, linen, chintz. Colorful curtains perfectly decorate the windows. Self-woven rugs will look stylish as a floor decoration. The original idea for the decor - sewing covers on the chairs.

Kitchen accessories perfectly complement the brilliant samovar. It is advisable to pick up dishes cast iron, wood or clay. It is better to place all kitchen utensils on open shelves.


To create an individual interior in the country is not at all difficult. It is enough to have the desire to bring the spirit of harmony and naturalness to the rooms. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on it. You can simply give a "second life" to old things, carefully restoring them. Some fresh ideas in the form of curtains of an interesting cut, covers for furniture will add to the decor of style and grooming. The main thing is that things are organically combined and not look good-quality, but completely alien and irrelevant.