Varieties of dahlias with photos and descriptions


Since mid-summer, dahlias have reigned in our gardens. Their grades, according to some data, total more than 15,000, and the list is constantly growing. They are one of the most long-blooming perennials, their beauty will not leave indifferent even the hardest heart. Dahlias are very diverse in height bushes, color, shape and size of flowers. All of them are good in bouquets, used as bedding, curb and container plants. If you choose the right landing site, then care will be easy and reduced to a minimum. In this article, we will present you the best varieties of dahlias with photos and names, but this is our point of view, each person decides for himself which variety is the best, and believe, there is something to choose from.

general description

Dahlia (Dahlia) - flowering plant, belonging to the family Astrovye, includes about 40 species and came to us from Mexico. Natural species most often reach a height of 2.5 meters, there is a species of Dahlia imperialis, growing up to 6 meters and having yellow flowers. On our plots, the cultivars of Dahlia Changeable are most often grown - its many varieties and hybrids, and the size of the bush may be depending on the variety from 30 cm to 1.5 m.

Dahlia flowers

What we call the dahlia flower is actually a basket inflorescence, it consists of:

  • Wrapped in marginal reed flowers;
  • Folded marginal reed flowers;
  • Flat marginal reed flowers;
  • Reed collar flowers;
  • Opened tubular flowers;
  • Buds tubular flower.

It is because of this complex flower structure that dahlias have so many different varieties, sometimes not very similar to each other. Breeders artificially increase the number of certain flowers in the inflorescence, while others are converted to a rudimentary form or, in general, are absent.

Root system

Another common mistake is what we call dahlia a tuberous plant. In fact, it does not have tubers, but root buds or root tubers. Tuber is a modified shoot with a thickened stem in the ground. The root bump is a thickened root.

Dahlia classification

There are so many varieties of this perennial that they just need to be divided into groups. We will give a photo of dahlias with the names of varieties, but for now let's try to understand their diversity.

Grouping by inflorescence size

Dahlia inflorescences can be of various sizes. It is customary to separate them as follows:

  • gigantic - diameter exceeds 25 cm;
  • large - 20-25 cm;
  • medium - 15-20 cm;
  • small - 10-15 cm;
  • miniature - less than 10 cm.

And here are the sizes of well-developed inflorescences on healthy plants.

Grouping by height

Before we give this classification, we note that the average height of an adult plant will be indicated. In reality, it can be very different depending on the quality of the soil, weather, irrigation, fertilizing. So, dahlias can be:

  • tall curb - more than 1.2 m tall;
  • medium curb - 90-120 cm;
  • undersized curb - 60-90 cm;
  • flower beds - less than 60 cm;
  • Liliput - from 30 cm and below.

International Classification Dahlia

Before citing the international classification, which was adopted in 1962, we note that in some countries there is also its own taxonomy, for example, in Russia these flowers are divided into 12 groups, in the USA - into 20, and in France - into 22. So According to the international classification dahlias are divided into:

  • simple;
  • anemone-like;
  • collar;
  • nymphs;
  • decorative;
  • spherical;
  • pompon;
  • cactus;
  • semi-succinic;
  • transition group.

Thus, curb and bed dahlias are divided into groups, but lately the fashion for midgets has come to us from Europe and the USA - miniature flowers grown most often from seeds and feeling great as a pot crop.

Varieties according to international classification

We will give the best varieties of dahlias, from our point of view, with photos, but there are a lot of them, so that everyone can choose a flower to their liking.


Simple dahlias differ in bush height from 45 to 60 cm, in inflorescences with a diameter of about 10 cm, mainly consisting of tubular flowers surrounded by one row of reed.


Srednerosly grade, basket diameter - from 5 to 10 cm, color - pink, purple, violet.

Well hammer

This variety is very similar to the previous one, only the color is yellow.

Anna Carina

Bush up to 70 cm tall, snow-white flower with a yellow center.


Dahlias are very beautiful red or crimson color, the bush for this variety is considered to be undersized.

Alpen Sarah

New variety of extraordinary beauty. Its white flower is painted with cherry strokes, the height of the plant is low.

Anemone like

These very popular dahlias grow in height from 60 to 90 cm. They have an inflorescence, usually not exceeding 10 cm in diameter. One or several rows of reed flowers are located on the edge, and inside there is a disk of large tubular flowers. The name of these dahlias was due to the fact that they really strongly resemble anemones.

Blue bye

Baskets with a diameter of 10-15 cm. Reed flowers, arranged in one row - purple, tubular - purple.

Asahi Chohi

Plant height - less than a meter, tubular flowers - yellow and white, the only number of reed - white with red stripes on the edge.


Very beautiful undersized variety with petals of red shades.


Reaches 50 cm, double flowers - about 7. The outer circle has a dark pink color, and the inner one is light yellow.


No description will convey the beauty of collar dahlias. They usually grow in height by 75-120 cm, baskets - up to 10 cm in diameter. Inflorescences have one row of reed flowers, followed by a ring of transitional "collar", and inside is a tubular disc.

Knight Butterfly

Attractive low grade height of 50-70 cm, with maroon reed flowers, white "collar" and a yellow center.

Alpen Mary Lloyd

Bush height up to 1 meter, color of inflorescences of different shades of crimson color.

Impression Fantastico

The undersized bush, the outer row of petals is red, the “collar” is red with white, the middle is yellow.

Fashion monger

Very good grade. Height can reach a meter, inflorescences - 5-10 cm. The outer reed petals are pointed at the ends, white, with a broad brush of red-violet color in the middle, the “collar” is white, the inner disk is yellow.


The height of the plant is less than a meter, the outer petals are bright red, the “collar” is light yellow, almost white with red, the inner disk is yellow.


Nymphaea dahlias have a height of up to 1.2 m and flattened terry inflorescences up to 15 cm in diameter. Reed flowers of this group are either flat or with slightly raised edges.

Bahama red

High bushes, baskets - about 8 cm, red petals with white tips.


A tall flower, the size of the inflorescence is 13 cm. A very interesting variety of pink color, the middle of which and the edges of the petals are painted in dark purple color.

Sugar Canet

Tall bush with large baskets. Edged flowers with raised edges, orange with white tips.


Excellent for cutting dahlias with a height of 120 cm with large pink inflorescences.


Decorative dahlias grow in height up to 1.5 m and have inflorescences of 25 cm and more with wide blunt marginal reed flowers.

A. Humpley

This variety can be a decoration of any bouquet. Grows up to 1.2 m, the basket is large, pink or pink-purple color.


It has very large flowers of cherry-purple color with a white stripe in the center and wavy petals.

Lucky Nambre

Eternal classic - pink large dahlia.

Prince Carnival

The original light pink variety with cherry specks and tiny touches.


Spherical and pompon dahlias are very similar and differ only in the diameter of a terry inflorescence. Spherical grow up to 1.2 m and have a diameter up to 15 cm. Reed flowers obtuse or rounded.


Classic spherical dahlia red.


Very beautiful dahlias up to 1 meter high. Yellow petals crowned with red edges.


Spreading bush with red-purple baskets of standard size.


These dahlias have delicate orange-salmon inflorescences.


Variety of domestic breeding with purple baskets.


In this species of dahlia, terry inflorescences in the form of a ball about 5 cm in size have folded marginal flowers with a rounded or blunt tip. Bushes - 75-120 cm high.


New popular tall variety up to 1.2 m tall. It has dense spherical inflorescences with pink petals rolled into a tubule.


Bushes up to 0.9 m with dense orange spherical baskets and folded petals.


Bush up to 1 m tall, inflorescences perfectly round shape, red.


Snow-white dahlia with slightly folded petals, bush about a meter tall.

Andrew Lockwood

Bush up to 1 meter, baskets pink, dense, with rolled petals.


These dahlias reach a height of one and a half meters. Their inflorescence is up to 25 cm in diameter and more; the marginal flowers are wrapped out almost the entire length, which makes them seem needle-like.


Deep pink dahlias with baskets with a diameter of about 15 cm, low, do not reach the meter.

White star

Very beautiful creamy white flowers with a diameter of up to 20 cm with needle-like slightly curved petals of the original form.

Black bird

Old reliable variety of bright red color with burgundy middle, inflorescences about 15 cm in diameter.

Windhaven Highlight

The plant is high - about a meter, the inflorescence is large, yellow in color.


High dahlia with large inflorescence. Marginal flowers are yellow, on tips - red.


The height of the bushes is about 1.5 m, terry inflorescences are up to 25 cm and more, the edge flowers are pointed and are wrapped out no more than half the length.

Aitara Success

Medium-sized dahlia up to 1 meter in height, the inflorescence is colored in a harmonious combination of pale pink and light yellow.


Yellow-orange large high dahlias.

Ice Princess

Snow-white flower with a diameter of about 15 cm.

Andrew Mitchell

The red basket is about 20 cm in diameter and the bush is just a meter and a half high.


German high grade and peach baskets up to 15 cm.

Transition group

This group contains dahlias, the inflorescences of which cannot be attributed to any of the above groups.

Bishop of Llandaff

Red flowers and purple leaves are the hallmark of this famous variety.

Pink giraffe

The original variety with curved pink petals, inflorescence about 12 cm and a bush above a meter tall.


Actually, the midgets in the International Classification of dahlias are not included, breeders began to pay close attention to them not so long ago. Often these flowers are grown in annual crops from seeds, as they bloom earlier, besides they usually do not need pinching. But this does not mean that they do not form root crops - they can be dug up late in the fall, stored just like other varieties and planted in the spring in the ground.

White Liliput

Compact bush with white flowers and yellow centers.

Funny boys

Rather, it is not a variety, but a variety of low, up to 30 cm, terry and simple dahlias of a wide variety of colors, known for a long time and propagated mainly by seeds.


As you can see, there are a lot of varieties of dahlias, they are very different, really for every taste. We do not pretend to have shown all the variety of varieties of this perennial. We just hope that we aroused interest even among those who for some reason did not know or did not like this flower.