Annual dahlias: growing from seed when planted


Dahlia - very beautiful and loved by many gardeners flowers. Those who are willing to care for perennials, grows them according to the rules. But, some prefer annual dahlias to:

  • please yourself with a variety of colors;
  • avoid digging and caring for tubers in the winter.

The flowering of annual dahlias is colorful and long-lasting, their care is quite simple.

The only busy business is growing from seed. Here it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances. Growing seeds is possible in two ways:

  1. Direct sowing in the ground. This option is used in late May, when there is confidence that the frosts will not harm young seedlings. In some regions, it is impossible to say with confidence that at this time the weather has already improved, so sowing annual dahlias in open ground is possible only in June. However, the later we sow annual dahlias into the ground, the later they begin to bloom.
  2. Growing through seedlings. This option allows you to start sowing seeds much earlier - from the first days of March until the end of April. Growing seedlings of annual varieties has its own nuances, which we consider in this article.

Why are annual inflorescences so popular among summer residents?

The advantages of these colors over their perennial counterparts are obvious:

  1. Early intensive flowering. Perennial dahlia of some varieties, in general, in the first year may not bloom.
  2. Uniformity and duration of flowering. Annual dahlias from seeds give their beautiful blossoms before frost.
  3. No need to dig up the tubers and comply with the conditions of their storage.
  4. Ease of care, which is under the power of novice flower growers.
  5. Dahlias grow well in regions with different climates.

Many gardeners grow annual varieties like perennials. To do this, strictly adhere to the planting dates, so that the plant has time to form a tuber. It is then dug up and stored until the next season. Let us turn to a detailed description of the process of growing annual dahlias.

Initial stages of cultivation

How to grow annual dahlias, planting and care, growing seedlings - all these issues worry novice gardeners.

Before starting the sowing of seed material, it is necessary to prepare the site in advance. First, we choose a sunny place with neutral soil. Well and weakly acid. With strong acidification, we conduct alkalization measures. Until the moment of planting, they dig up the soil, add humus and sand (for dense ground). The next stage - the cultivation of seedlings.

  1. We are determined with a variety of annuals for the site. You must carefully select the flowers in shades, if you are going to use them in landscape design. Pay attention to the varietal characteristics indicated on the label. This is necessary to determine the flowering time and the appearance of the plant. In the packages with the mixture contains plants with different colors of inflorescences. You also need to get information when planting plants in open ground or sowing seedlings. The flowering time depends on the height of the plant. The higher the dahlias, the later they will delight you with their flowering.
  2. After selecting high-quality dahlia seeds, we prepare containers and soil mixture for seedlings of annuals. Plants respond well to a mixture of such components - sand, perlite and peat. Do not forget about the drainage. In each tank it is necessary to make a hole for the outflow of moisture. Fill pots with primer.
  3. To grow quality seedlings, seeds can be prepared, although this method is used as desired. To prepare them, they are soaked in aloe juice with water (1: 2) overnight before sowing.
  4. Place the seeds in a nutrient mixture, sprinkle lightly on top with earth and cover with glass or film. For seed germination requires a temperature of + 27 ° C.
  5. We transfer seed containers to a warm and bright place.
  6. Those who grow annual dahlias from seeds know that shoots appear quickly. A few days is enough for them to hatch and sprout.
  7. Now the shelter can be removed, but not immediately, gradually accustoming the seedlings to the ambient air temperature. The main thing is to provide them with good lighting and moderate watering.

The seedling does not require too close attention, tolerates accurate transplant and dive. Therefore, the next important stage - picking up grown seedlings.

Sampling of seedlings of annual dahlias and care for it

Grown up seedlings need to dive. This is necessary to strengthen the root system, provide seedlings with nutrients and protect the seedlings from stretching. The best time is two weeks after germination. Dive seedlings in a separate container with a nutrient mixture. Prepare it with the addition to the first composition of another important component - sod land. As part of a mixture of sod land should be at least 50%. Young plants "get used" to life in the open field.

The picking or seating of annual saplings is carried out with deepening to the first leaflets. Picked seedlings immediately watered with a solution of potassium permanganate of weak concentration.

After planting seedlings, it is necessary to feed the plants. Any complex of mineral fertilizers will do; only the dose for seedlings is taken twice as low as recommended.

Growing seedlings quickly. That dahlias did not stretch, do nip over the 4th pair of leaves.

Caring for seedlings is not burdensome. Withstand moderate watering to prevent stagnant water and plant rot. Be sure to plant young seedlings for permanent residence, they need to harden. Containers with seedlings are carried out on the balcony or in the yard, gradually lengthening the time of the “walk”.

As soon as the threat of frost returns, the dahlia seedlings are planted in open ground.

We grow in the open

In late May or early June, seedlings of annual dahlias are planted. By this time, the seedlings will get stronger and will be able to move this stage of their life quite easily. But still you need to make sure that the roots are not damaged. A couple of hours before the procedure, the seedlings are watered. Paper and peat containers are instilled with plants. From plastic it is better to transfer seedlings with a clod of earth into prepared holes.

Important! Maintain one-year-old dahlia planting pattern.

She needs plenty of space. High varieties of dahlias should not be planted closer than 70 cm to each other.

For medium-sized dahlias, 50 cm between the bushes is enough; stunted are placed at intervals of 25 cm. In the ditch when planting dahlias add wood ash and compost (2 tbsp spoons). Be sure to mulch the young plants.

In regions with a cool climate or unstable weather, the planted seedlings are covered with geotextile or film cover until the seedlings are strengthened.

Before we dwell on the rules for caring for seedlings after transplantation, consider growing from seed directly sown into the ground.

For this method, choose and prepare a plot for planting. Sow the seeds in the wet ground according to the recommended scheme. Cover with foil and wait for germination. Provide seedlings with heat, light and watering.

Further care for annuals consists of fertilizing with complex fertilizers (before flowering and after the dahlias bloom). Do not get carried away with nitrogen fertilizers, better ensure the supply of potassium and phosphorus. Additional watering is needed in dry time.

Varieties of annual dahlias

Annual dahlias, the cultivation of which we consider, very well decorate the site. Therefore, the choice of variety - an important stage. Popular varieties are known to many flower growers.

Among them are pompon, needle, star-shaped dahlias, the cultivation of which is no different.


Dwarf species with terry inflorescences. The diameter of one reaches 8 cm. The height of the bush is 25 cm. Great for potted planting, decoration of borders and edges of flower beds. It blooms until late autumn, starting to delight with beautiful buds from July. Possible seedling method of cultivation and sowing directly into the ground.


Also a kind of terry curb annual dahlias. Various coloring of inflorescences is originally shaded by "collar". Low-growing bushes annuals are used in rabatkah, framed plantings, for planting in pots.

"Funny boys"

A very popular variety of dahlias. Bloom magnificently during the summer. Inflorescences in diameter reach 10 cm, and the flowers themselves differ in shape. They are simple or terry, with different colors that are valued by summer residents. After all, acquiring a variety of dahlias, you can get a whole multi-colored flowerbed. The height of the flowers varies from 25 cm to 70 cm. Therefore, they are perfectly fulfilling the role of both short and tall elements in the dacha decoration. Feature - do not form tubers.


Also a mixture of varieties of annual dahlias with different colors. The height of the bush reaches 60 cm. The name speaks of the structure of the flower, in which, in addition to large inflorescences, there are narrow petals. Most often grown variety for cutting and decorating bouquets. It is better to choose the option of group landing.


The tall meter-high bushes of this one-year-old dahlia are decorated with original flowers with petals that look like needles. Begins to bloom 4 months after sowing seeds. Look good both in cut form for a bouquet, and in flowerbeds.


Annuals terry variety. Plants grow up to 90 cm in height, lush inflorescences of various colors. Planted dahlias in groups to create a composition. It blooms from the second decade of July to frost.


It is very good when choosing a dahlia variety to read reviews of summer residents who grow annuals on their plots. This will help to choose the right variety, determine the appointment of beautiful flowers in the country and grow a luxurious bouquet of flowering dahlias.