Quail in the apartment


Quails are excellent birds for home breeding. They are picky and have good enough health. In addition, unlike turkeys or chickens, which can only be kept in a separate room, quails live well in apartments. Of course, such breeding will not allow keeping a large number of birds, but for the needs of one family it will be quite enough. Quail in the apartment will require from the breeder certain conditions of detention. About them and will be discussed in this article.

Quail breeding quail

Quarter breeding of quails is not as rare as it may seem at first glance. While we are making parrots and canaries, practical Japanese have been keeping quails in their apartments for decades. For them, quail in the apartment is not only a symbol of well-being and prosperity, but also a source of valuable dietary eggs.

Important! Quail eggs are an excellent dietary product that brings tremendous benefits to the body.

Their use contributes to the restoration of immunity and hormonal levels. In addition, a number of studies prove the ability of quail eggs to remove radionuclides from the body, reducing the negative effects of radiation exposure.

Quails began to appear in our apartments relatively recently. Due to their unpretentiousness, they are great for housing maintenance. Not the last role in the housing breeding was played by the fact that quails are among the quietest birds. Females in quails almost always remain silent, and only males can shout, and even then rarely.

Many believe that quail in the apartment will be a source of dirt and an unpleasant smell. But the same can be said about the cats and dogs that we invariably choose as our pets. Any animal or bird in the apartment requires some care and cleaning. If it is appropriate to care for quails in an apartment, then there will be no dirt and smell, and there will be only benefit in the form of useful eggs and dietary meat.

Cell and its location

When planning the housing breeding of quails, the first thing to do is take care of the place where they are kept. For different numbers of quails, the place of detention will differ slightly:

  • if the content of several quails is planned, then we can confine ourselves to a regular parrot cage;
  • when the content of 4-15 quails is worth using a special cell with the front mesh wall;
  • It is recommended to use special cell batteries for keeping 50 or more quails.

At the same time, if quails in an apartment will be made for eggs, then they can be planted in 15 individuals in one cage, but its dimensions should be at least 55x50x25 cm. But if the main purpose of the maintenance is breeding quails, then birds should be planted from 4 females and 1 male. Each such family will have enough cells with dimensions of 30x40x20 cm.

Important! Young quails should be kept separate from adults.

This is necessary for the safety of chicks. After all, quail adults, especially males, can injure them.

Cage for breeding quail in the apartment can be found in any specialty store. Their price range will allow you to choose an option for any wallet. Particularly handy breeders make cages for housing quail independently. As materials used in creating the cage for quails, they use:

  • wooden bars;
  • metal mesh and wire;
  • plastic pallet for collecting litter;

How to make a cage for quail using these materials will tell in the video:

Inside the cage for quails bought or made by hand, it is necessary to install feeders and a feeder. They can also be bought or made by hand.

When keeping quails in an apartment, not only the cage itself is important, but also its location. The location of the cage with quails in the apartment directly affects the normal development and laying of birds. Therefore, the cage with quails in the apartment should be located in a place that is:

  1. Quiet - in a noisy place quails will experience constant stress. From this they can become aggressive, attack each other and rush badly.
  2. Aired - fresh air is very important for quails, but without drafts. From them quails will start to hurt. It is best to install a small fan for them.
  3. Illuminated - this is one of the main requirements for a place for quail. They are incredibly sensitive to light. For optimal growth, quails need muffled but durable lighting. Light day for them should last at least 17 hours.
  4. Warm - best provide quails with a temperature of 18-20 degrees. This temperature will be the best for quails. The maximum allowable temperature for quails will be 25 degrees, and the lower temperature threshold is 18 degrees. When air temperature is less than 18 degrees quail will start to hurt.
  5. Wet - the optimum moisture content for quails will be 60%.

Quail in the apartment can live both in the room and on the balcony. If a room is set aside for breeding quails in an apartment, then there should not be a TV or other sources of noise in it. In addition, it is desirable that people go there as rarely as possible.

Tip! Despite the fact that quails do not bring a lot of dirt and smell, they should not be placed in the kitchen or in the bedroom.

In the conditions of an apartment the glazed balcony will be the best place for placing cells with quails. It will ideally meet all the conditions necessary for birds, namely, it will be quiet, bright and ventilated. But there will be one mandatory requirement for it - it must be insulated. In addition, it is useful to insulate the cell frame for quail with plastic wrap or foam. To create the best conditions, you can install additional lighting lamps and a fan.

Quail feeding

Food for quails bred in the apartment, no less important than the conditions of their detention. From it will depend on their further growth and health.

Components of quail feed

Food for quails in the apartment can be divided into two types:

  • production feed, which is purchased in specialized stores;
  • self-made food.

The difference between the two feeds lies only in the fact that the production feed is used for already adult birds, but for the young the feed is best done independently.

Some breeders, choosing food for quails in the apartment, stop at the usual feed for chicken. But this feed contains a small amount of raw protein, so necessary for quail.

Tip! Therefore, the use of chicken food for them is not recommended.

Self-composed food for quails, must contain crushed base and protein. The following components are used as the basis for quail feed:

  1. Corn is a valuable source of energy for quail. But because of the high starch content, quails can digest it poorly. Therefore, it must be diluted with meat or bone meal or fish meal.
  2. Oats - saturates food for quails with useful microelements and vitamins. Before adding it to the feed, it must be well sifted and peeled.
  3. Millet is similar in composition to oats. They are recommended to alternate.
  4. Wheat - has a positive effect on the productivity of quail. It is necessary to add to the feed only well-crushed wheat or Artek wheat grits.

Protein for quails can be egg, dairy or meat. Boiled eggs are used as a source of egg protein for quails. Quail milk protein can be obtained from cottage cheese and fermented milk. As a source of meat protein can be used fish waste, meat and bone meal and minced meat.

In addition to these components of food, quail in the apartment should receive carbohydrates. Their main sources are products such as soybeans, peas and lentils. Before adding to the food for quails, they should be boiled and ground a little. Do not forget about the fresh grass with vegetables. In the daily ration of their quail should be at least 15%. Quails can be given not only the usual finely chopped grass, but also the leaves of beets, carrots, dandelion, clover and nettle. In winter, instead of herbs, use lettuce, dill and cabbage. From vegetables to quails you can boiled potatoes and beets or ground raw carrots.

Since the quail in the apartment will carry eggs, their diet should include mineral supplements needed to replenish calcium reserves. Such feeding quail should consist of crushed chalk, gravel, egg shell or shells.

Feeding ration

The young and adult quail living in an apartment have different nutrient needs. Therefore, each return group will have its own feeding regime. In quails, there are 3 periods of life:

  1. The first period lasts the first 7 days after the birth of the chick. During this period, quail chicks especially need calcium and protein. The first 2 days after birth, quail chicks should receive boiled and crushed eggs with shell. On the 3rd day, you can add frayed cottage cheese to the egg. After that, you can gradually enter the chopped greens.
  2. The second period lasts from the 2nd to the 4th week of the chick's life. During this period, young quails should be fed 4 times a day with purchased or self-made compound feed with added protein.
  3. In the third period of their life, the quail chick becomes an adult. His diet should contain milled cereal mixtures, protein products, herbs and mineral supplements.
Important! It is necessary to feed chicks and adult quails in an apartment 4 times a day at regular intervals.

The largest portion should be given at night. This will allow the birds not to feel hunger until morning.

Bird selection

Now that we have dealt with the conditions of housing and feeding the quails in the apartment, we can talk about the most important thing - choosing the right bird for breeding. For housing breeding, you need to buy young quail chicks at the age of 1 to 1.5 months. Younger chicks may suffer a bad move and will long get used to the new conditions of detention.

When choosing quail chicks, special attention should be paid to their appearance:

  • feathers of young quails must be clean, especially in the area near the cloaca;
  • chicks beak should be clean and without growths;
  • on the paws of quails should not be traces of droppings, they must also be clean;
  • externally, the chick should look healthy.

In addition to external signs, you should pay attention to the physical activity of quail chicks and their appetite. They should not sit, hiding in a corner, but should be active and vigorous. If time permits and the breeder, then we must wait for the time of feeding quails and make sure they have a good appetite.

As for the breed, then for breeding in the apartment is to choose the Japanese breed of quail. They are specially derived for the content in the apartment and are particularly unpretentious.

The success of breeding quails in the apartment will depend entirely on whether the breeder succeeds in creating the conditions necessary for them. Therefore, before you start quail in the apartment, it is worth sensibly assess their capabilities. They, like any other living creatures, will require a certain care, even if it is insignificant.