Dahlia santa claus


Undeservedly forgotten dahlias are becoming fashionable again. Among the variety of shapes, colors and shades it is easy to choose a suitable variety.


The variety is suitable for growing as a single plant, group plantings. Dahlias of this variety are different:

  • Abundant flowering;
  • Resistant bush;
  • Resistance to many fungal infections;
  • Highly decorative;
  • Versatile use of colors.
Tip! Dahlias "Santa Claus" do not tolerate negative temperature, so they need to be sheltered from frost.

Tubers are dug for the winter and stored in a dark room with a temperature of about 7 degrees Celsius. If there is no such room, the lower shelf of the refrigerator is suitable for storing tubers.


Variety "Santa Claus" refers to the class of ornamental dahlias. Rhizome perennial, aboveground part of the annual.

The flower is terry, red, with a white-pink border. Flower size in favorable growing conditions reaches 15-18 cm.

Petals of flowers of this grade are flat, wide, wavy, slightly pointed at the ends.

Shrub up to 100 cm, spreading, well leafy. The leaves are pinnate, dark green, large.


For growing dahlias of Santa Claus variety, it is necessary to choose a well-lit area, closed from cold winds. Before planting the tubers, you need to make a set of fertilizers and humus, at least a liter per bush. In the acidic soil before planting the tubers, add lime or ash to reduce acidity.

Tubers are planted in spring when the soil warms to 15-18 degrees. It is advisable to prepare in advance a shelter for flowers in case of return frost.

Dahlia stalks are fragile, a strong wind can break them, so they are often grown in a special frame made from a large-mesh metal mesh. The grid is fixed on the supports dug into the ground, the flowers are brought into the cells at the level of 50 cm from the ground. The diameter of the frame is about 40-50 cm. The tuber is planted in the middle of the frame.

Tip! To achieve a large inflorescence, dahlia of this variety form in 3-4 branches, all excess shoots are cut or broken out.

It is necessary to treat the cut of the flower with a disinfectant. It is advisable to carry out the procedure in the morning, with dry sunny weather.

During the growing season, complex fertilizers are applied, often using chelated forms for spraying. During flowering plants need an increased dose of magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.

Cold, rainy summer flowers can get sick. To reduce the risk of fungal infections, lower leaves are removed, flowers are sprayed with fungicides.

Important! Do not use fresh manure for dahlias. It contains acids that can burn tubers.

Watering flowers spend no more than once a week, dahlias do not like high humidity. It is very convenient to use drip irrigation.

Highlighting a small plot on a bed for these beautiful flowers, most gardeners continue to grow dahlias and further, gradually increasing the number of varieties, create their mini-collections.


Elena, 39 years old, Barnaul. I grow dahlias for sale, the variety “Santa Claus” is the best selling one. The flowers are bright, large, look very good in bouquets, the tubers are well stored. I liked it very much. Bush lush, spectacular, covered with flowers all. I did not tie it up; the bush keeps its shape perfectly even after the rain. Valery, 28, Ivanovo Tubers of this variety were presented to me by a friend. Before this, I did not grow dahlias; I thought that such magnificent flowers required special care. I was surprised that I didn’t have to spend much time - watering, garter to the support, that's all. Fertilizer applied once, when planting tubers.