Pepper seedlings in diapers


Growing pepper seedlings is a complicated process, but it brings a lot of pleasure. Begin with the selection of quality seeds, prepare them in a certain way for planting. Stocked with soil, adapted packaging, think through lighting. But the boxes occupy all the free places in the kitchen.

Some inconvenience of growing seedlings partially removes the new method - the germination of seeds in the cochlea. With this method of growing the seeds are in diapers.

Advantages of the method

The method is suitable for both gardeners with experience, and for beginners to plant peppers on seedlings.

The main advantages of planting pepper for seedlings in a snail are:

  • compactness and space saving for growing plants. Get about 100 peppers from a snail with a diameter of 20 cm;
  • control of seed germination and culling weak plants;
  • the seedlings of the peppers are not so strongly drawn out;
  • soil moisture control. The soil is not covered with mold, and such care virtually eliminates the disease “black leg”;
  • simplified work on the pick. The snail just turns around, and the plants are easy to reach. At the same time, the root system is practically not damaged;
  • reduced costs of materials for growing peppers, and the possibility of their reuse.

The only possible disadvantage may be stretching the seedlings, due to improper care. The reason may be insufficient lighting and waterlogging of the soil.

Having studied the advantages of this method, begin to plant seedlings of pepper.

Seed preparation and planting

Before planting the pepper, the seeds should be pre-prepared. When sorting seeds are empty, having a different color, small size are selected and discarded. Then apply several techniques to increase germination.

One of them is soaking, stimulating the germination of seeds. Seeds spread on a piece of gauze, wrapped and placed in a small container with warm water. For quenching, they are soaked in cold water, periodically replacing it.

Before planting the seeds, they are soaked in water with the addition of trace elements. To do this, use wood ash, potassium permanganate. From a wood ash and potassium permanganate prepare a 1% solution and soak the seeds in it for about 30 minutes. The source of ultraviolet rays are the sun or a special lamp. This method helps to obtain high-quality and healthy seedlings of pepper.

In order to sow the seeds of pepper it is better to disinfect them. For this purpose, use garlic infusion. 20 grams of minced garlic pour 100 grams of water. In this solution, the seeds are soaked for one hour. After that, they should be washed with warm water.

The technology of the device snails and planting pepper in it is as follows:

  1. Cut the necessary piece of counterfeit material and spread on the working surface. The width of the bands - 15-17 cm.
  2. The length of the strips laid toilet paper. A layer of paper is laid 1.5 cm below the top edge of the substrate. The seeds are sown for germination to this depth. Paper sprinkled with water.
  3. At a distance of 4 cm from the edge of the strip, pepper seeds are placed at intervals of 2 cm. When the planting material is laid, the cochlea is folded. It is important to bear in mind that pepper of different varieties has a different germination period.
  4. At this stage, the snail is placed in a prepared container, making sure that the seeds are in the upper part. We hide it in a film and put it in a warm place. In this way, the greenhouse effect is achieved.
  5. A few days later we check the snail for seed germination. Seeds should already have come. Put the snail on its side and carefully unwind it. We choose not grown or weak seeds and sprouts and throw them out.
  6. The width of the unwound strip stack prepared mixture of soil. Its layer is 1.5 cm. Condense it and sprinkle it with water.
  7. The snail is collapsed again. It turned out much wider. If necessary, add on top of the earth and watered abundantly. It is better to fix the roll with an elastic band, observing the compression force, so as not to damage the root system of the plants.
  8. The bottom of the container covered with sawdust. Put a new snail in place and again covered with film. After spitting up the plants, the box with the seedlings is put in a well-lit place.
  9. With the advent of two leaves, the film is removed. It is better to do this gradually, accustoming the seedlings to fresh air. In the cochlea, young plants contain before picking.

Sampling and planting plants

The pickling of seedlings of pepper from a snail has its own characteristics. Despite the fact that the seeds are planted in one period and in identical conditions, the seedlings may still be different. Some peppers can be healthy and strong, while others can be weak and not rich.

In this case, the cochlea is unwound again and large seedlings are taken away. This is easy to do, as the plants are planted far away from one another. The snail is again folded and put in place.

The video indicates what attention is paid when planting pepper in a snail: