Dahlia "Merry guys": description, growing from seed


Many gardeners with great success grow dahlias on their plots - perennial varieties and annuals. Dahlia dahlias are representatives of dwarf varieties. They differ from their fellows in that they do not form a tuber, therefore, it will not be possible to grow this variety as a perennial. This type of dahlia is found everywhere. On the flowerbeds and borders, in flower pots and on the terraces, everywhere you can see bright elegant inflorescences. Many do not even know the name of these flowers, but love them very much.

Their popularity is due to the ease of care and the fact that this variety of dahlias does not require winter storage. For those who have not yet grown dwarf dahlias, we offer the photo "Jolly Fellows":

Decorative flowers of dahlias provide large inflorescences and bright green leaves. The diameter of a single flower reaches 9 cm. Usually, varieties with different shades of inflorescences are sold.

In one package you can buy white, red, pink, yellow flowers to decorate the dacha. Also, dahlias differ in the shape of the inflorescence. They can be terry and simple.

Dahlia "Jolly Fellows" reproduces exclusively by seedling and seedless.

Important! The lower the adult plant, the earlier it will bloom. Be sure to read the information on seed packages.

Nuances of growing dahlia seedlings

One-year dahlias "Merry guys" are very fond of light and warmth. They calmly endure a brief drought, but without good lighting, the plant stems will be weak and elongated. Therefore, planting a variety of "Merry guys" in the shade is not recommended. How to grow the seedlings of "Happy guys" for your site yourself? Of course, meeting all the requirements of agrotechnology of annual dahlias. First of all, let's talk about sowing seeds.

  1. Timing. When sowing seeds of dahlias for seedlings try to withstand the early periods - the end of March, April. Sowing immediately into the ground is carried out after there is confidence that there will be no frost anymore. Of course, direct sowing in the ground will delay the timing of flowering, but dahlias will have time to please you with its beauty. Plants sown immediately into the soil will require close attention at first. Shoots shelter from a possible cooling down until they get stronger. Seedlings give the opportunity to accelerate the flowering of dahlias.
  2. Seeds. They buy the seeds of “cheerful” dahlias in specialized stores or from their summer cottage neighbors. Often liked plants migrate from one site to another. Before sowing, seeds can be held in aloe or formalin juice solution. But this is an optional procedure. “Cheerful” dahlia has excellent germination, and the seeds do not require additional preparation.
  3. Priming. For dwarf dahlias, loose, slightly acidic or neutral soil is suitable. When growing seedlings is better to prepare a mixture of sand, perlite and peat.
  4. Capacities for seedlings. Peat pots and pills, paper or plastic cups, wooden crates and pots help perfectly.

We proceed directly to the procedure of sowing seeds of dahlias.

  1. The soil is shed with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or another disinfectant. If it is ignited, it will only be better for plants. Prepared soil mixture is poured into the tank. Lay out the seeds, lightly sprinkled with earth and moderately watered.
  2. Re-watering is carried out not earlier than 5-7 days later.
  3. The container is covered with glass or polyethylene - this will accelerate the germination of seeds. After emergence of shoots the film is removed.
  4. Thin out seedlings in a week.

Further care is to comply with the standard requirements for growing seedlings:

  • watering;
  • temperature (27 ° C) and lighting;
  • picking;
  • hardening.

For experienced gardeners, the dahlia “Merry guys”, the cultivation of which we describe, are problem-free flowers. Planting and care of the dwarf variety does not cause any difficulties. For beginners in floriculture, it is necessary to closely monitor the seedlings of dahlias during the growing period in order to change the parameters in time.

Planted annuals in the ground and take care

The best time for disembarking is the end of May. On the site that you have planned for planting flowers, prepare the soil in advance. Rip up the plot, sprinkle and fertilize with humus or compost.

Important! Do not use fresh manure or bird droppings for dahlias.

Planted seedlings to a depth of no more than 2 cm. If you deepen the root system further, it can lead to decay of the root collar.

The landing pattern is maintained at 30x20, be sure to keep a neat row. Add a little bit of humus and wood ash to each well in order to provide the plants with useful components as much as possible. Grade "Merry guys" - lush flowers and require sufficient distance between the bushes. This rule can not be done by direct sowing in the ground, given that you can always thin out the seedlings and transplant to another place.

Planted seedlings of “funny” dahlias are watered and mulched. This technique allows you to retain moisture, reduce the number of irrigations and reduce labor costs for gardeners.

Constant presence on the beds is not required, but the basic parameters for the care of "fun" dahlias will have to perform.


"Jolly Fellows" do not impose increased requirements on irrigation. They withstand short droughts well, but excessive moisture is undesirable for them. Therefore, weekly abundant watering - the most optimal solution. It is not necessary to strictly follow the schedule in rainy weather. Waterlogging leads to rotting of the stems and roots, the plants may die. In August, plant growth is suspended, and the need for watering is significantly reduced.

Top dressing

If you have previously fertilized the soil, then for the dahlias “Merry guys” this will be quite enough. The only condition is that the fertilizer must have time to decompose so that the nutrients become available to the roots. Therefore, fertilize the soil in the fall. If you need to get a more lush flowering in the flowerbeds, spend three times feeding dahlias:

  1. The first - infusion of mullein or ammonium nitrate two weeks after landing on a permanent place of residence.
  2. The second is potassium salt or superphosphate after budding.
  3. The third - organic in the phase of flowering dahlias.
Important! Do not overfeed with nitrogen fertilizer plants. This will lead to a strong growth of leaf mass, and you can not wait for flowering.

Decorate the area with bright colors

In July, the dahlia "Merry guys" begin flowering, which continues until frost.

Knowing the height of the bush, you can plan planting in flowerbed compositions for decoration of garden paths or bright spots on the lawn.

Tip! You can independently adjust the flowering time by pinching the side shoots.

This is done on the 4th pair of leaves. It is also necessary to remove faded blossoms in a timely manner. If you plan to collect your seeds for the next season, then leave a few on the bush.

As soon as flowering stops, they mature. In cool weather, remove the inflorescences from the bush and place them in a warm and ventilated place. But be sure to give the seeds to ripen on the bush, so that next year you will not be left without your favorite flowers.

Attention! Some gardeners propagate the dwarf variety with tubers, although this is problematic for this variety.

"Jolly Fellows" hardly form good tubers for planting. It is important to carefully observe the terms of sowing and planting, so that the tuber could be formed during the season. Dig them out after the first frost on the ground. Now it is necessary to save the tubers of the “cheerful” dahlia until the new season. Some gardeners, after drying, coated them with clay to preserve moisture, then placed in cardboard boxes and lowered into the basement. Be sure to sign shades of colors to the next year to plan a landing.

Surviving the winter tubers, in May, planted in open ground.

A warning! The degeneration of the “cheerful” dahlia tubers begins after three years, so renewal is required with the help of seeds.

Unpretentious dahlia "Merry guys" will help to create beautiful elegant flower beds in your area without much time, effort and money. Bright and lush flowering will make the site more elegant and comfortable.