Turkeys as a business: action plan


Breeding turkeys can be not only a hobby, but also bring a good income. If you do everything correctly and thoughtfully, then profitability can be 100%. Without any experience and knowledge in this area, it is unlikely to succeed. But do not be afraid, everyone starts with something, and the experience can not appear by itself. The main thing is to approach the matter with full responsibility and how to prepare. This article will tell you where to start, how to make a business plan, how to feed and how to care for turkeys, so that it brings you income.

Determine the direction

Breeding turkeys as a business begins with a business plan. But first it is necessary to determine the scale of production in question. Some start breeding birds from a small home farm. Others immediately intend to create a large multi-farm. Both the first and the other option are beneficial in their own way. It all depends on your ability and time.

Many people think about the best things to do on their site. Most prefer the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, as it is easier and less responsible. Those who are not looking for easy ways may wonder whether breeding domestic turkeys as a business is beneficial or not.

This business can bring a very good profit if you think through each step. For a start, do not immediately create a huge farm, so that if something goes wrong, do not get very upset. It’s wise to start small and gradually expand your business. In this case, the probability of failure is much less.

Important! A large farm will begin to justify the investment very soon.


To breed turkeys is definitely very profitable. The average profitability of this business is 50-80%. The reasons for the benefits are clear to everyone. Turkey meat is very much appreciated, it is a diet product that will always be at a good price. Such meat is suitable even for those who adhere to diets, and especially involved in sports. Due to the high content of protein and iron, it is useful for both children and adults.

Attention! Now healthy food is becoming more popular than ever, so the demand for turkey meat will only grow.

It is also important that turkeys are the largest agricultural birds. One turkey can weigh several tens of kilograms. Even breeding a small number of birds, you can get a good profit. If you live in a rural area, the task seems even easier. You do not need to worry about the place for walking and the room for keeping birds. But in cities the land plots are smaller, and you need to think carefully about where and how to start your business.

Where to begin

First you need to think about the organization of the farm. You need a very responsible approach to the choice of breeds of turkeys for breeding. You also need to think carefully about what you feed the birds, when and where to walk. It will be necessary to find out where it is better to buy food for birds and appliances for farming.

This is necessary in order to calculate how much money you need to start. This also includes the cost of building a room for turkeys, if this is not available. As you can see, you need to invest a lot of money in this business. Therefore, a very important step is the preparation of a business plan. A well-thought-out plan will help settle expenses, and will not allow you to go into minus.

Before the construction of the premises begins, it is necessary to register your activities with state institutions. Now that everything is ready, you need to think about how you want to keep the birds. There are 2 options, each of them has its pros and cons. You can equip individual cages for turkeys, so the birds will have enough personal space, but this method is quite expensive. And you can keep all the birds on the floor in one large room. It should be noted that in the common room turkeys fit much less, since the cells can be positioned on several floors. Alternatively, you can practice both ways.

Turkey breeding business plan

Drawing up a business plan is a very important step in starting any business. With it, you can calculate all the expenses and incomes, which will help to see the real profitability of turkey breeding. It is necessary to make all the waste points. For example:

  • site purchase;
  • building construction;
  • arrangement of the turkey-hen;
  • buying eggs or turkey poults;
  • feed costs.

It is also worth considering the market and payback.

Important! Setting prices for your products, calculate how much you have costs. Put the best price so that expenses do not exceed revenues.

Turkey breeding options

A novice farmer needs to decide whether to buy eggs for hatching chicks or to immediately purchase poults. For beginners, it will be easier to buy monthly chicks for breeding. At this age, they are stronger and more durable, and also do not require complex care. Monthly turkey poults can be fed with regular feed. This breeding method will reduce costs and save time. Those who decide to buy eggs for breeding turkeys should consider that this will require additional costs. We also have to buy an incubator.

Important! Keep in mind that chicks do not hatch from all eggs, some may be unfertilized. And the hatched turkey poults are not 100% strong and healthy.

It is much safer to buy monthly chicks that are already formed, and you can clearly see their condition. In the future, there will be no need to think about eggs and chicks, as turkeys will be bred naturally.

How to choose a breed of turkeys

From the selected breed of birds depends on how successful your business will be.

Tip! It is not necessary to immediately buy large breed turkeys, it is much more difficult to maintain and care for such birds.

For a novice farmer, the best option would be small breeds. These breeds include turkeys, whose weight does not exceed 12 kilograms, and turkeys of these breeds weigh about 5 kilograms. Such turkeys have a higher survival rate. For those who have no experience in this field, such breeds are best suited.

For more experienced farmers suitable heavy turkeys. They are bred for the purpose of obtaining large quantities of meat. The weight of such birds may be about 30 kilograms. On some farms they breed bred by crossing. Such turkeys have high disease resistance and adaptation to climatic conditions.

Turkey breeding

The most difficult thing in breeding birds is to raise small chicks. Up to 1 month turkeys are considered very fragile and tender. They are most susceptible to various diseases. Nestlings require special care and attention. If this is not done, then the poults may not live to the second month, and this will be a significant loss to the business.

The good news is that turkeys very quickly gain mass. In this regard, they are ahead of all other agricultural birds. During the day turkey can gain in weight about 85 grams. Such a rapid growth allows for feeding birds in a short time.

In addition, turkeys are considered exemplary moms who can incubate not only poults, but also other chicks. In the future, they will take care of them as if they were their own. This advantage can be very useful for those who breed various agricultural birds.

Attention! Turkey eggs are well hatched not only by natural means, but also in the incubator. They also have a high hatchability rate.

Turkey care

To gain weight turkeys need proper nutrition. It should be borne in mind that small chicks and adults should be fed in different ways. When turkeys just hatched, they should be given boiled water. You can add the following ingredients to it:

  • 1 teaspoon sugar;
  • 1 teaspoon green tea.

This amount of ingredients is enough per liter of boiled water. Such a diet is necessary for chicks within 3 days after hatching. Further, this water should be diluted unboiled. A week later, poults can be completely transferred to ordinary water.

Important! Some inexperienced farmers add some manganese to the water. This can only hurt the chicks.

No less important for poults is lighting. The first three days the light in the room should not be turned off at all. Further, you can turn it off for just 30 minutes a day. After twenty days it will be enough for about 15 hours of light per day. Also ensure that there are no drafts in the room. Small chicks are very sensitive to temperature changes.

Adult birds also need a special diet. Feed must contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Perfect fit feed PC-5. You can pick up and other food, as long as they have in their composition necessary for the body turkey minerals and amino acids. There are also feeds for different breeds. It is possible and at home to prepare excellent food from corn, bran and barley. Useful additives for turkeys will be fish offal, carrots and cottage cheese. Vitamins of group B can replace usual yeast (dry).

Tip! Turkeys do not eat starch. To remove it from the grain, you just need to boil it.


That's all the secrets and wisdom in breeding turkeys. Following these tips, you can in a short time to establish your business and start making profits. Moreover, the demand for such products will always be. Every business requires that efforts be made to it. So here, at first it can be difficult, it is necessary to spend a lot on materials, devices and feed for birds. But when you work out the investment, you will see that the profit from breeding turkeys is quite decent. Every year the number of birds will increase, and with them the income from their own business. Do not be afraid to try. If you start with a small farm, the costs will not be so big, though, and the profit will be less. So, everyone can choose the appropriate option to start a turkey breeding business.