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Hitachi rb40sa vacuum blower


Blower is a garden tool that helps get rid of foliage and other plant debris. However, the scope of its use is not limited to garden cleaning.

One of the leading manufacturers of blowers is Hitachi. This is a large Japanese company producing household and industrial tools. Hitachi devices are distinguished by reliability and high performance.

Scope of use

Blower is a device designed to solve a wide range of tasks:

  • cleaning of house territories from leaves, branches, plant and household garbage;
  • cleansing construction and production sites from chips, dust and other contaminants;
  • purging elements of computers and various equipment;
  • snow removal in winter;
  • drying surfaces after dyeing;
  • grinding plant residues (depending on the model).

The main mode of operation of the blower is blowing air for garbage collection. As a result, items are collected in one pile, which can be quickly put away in bags or transported in a wheelbarrow.

A number of devices can operate in vacuum mode and collect garbage in a separate bag. In this case, it is necessary to retool the blower. Usually the elements necessary for changing the mode are included in the device package.

Main varieties

All models of Hitachi blowers can be divided into two categories: electric and gasoline. Each group has its advantages and disadvantages that must be considered when choosing a device.

For personal use, it is recommended to choose electrical models that are simpler and safer in operation. If you want high performance and autonomous work, you should pay attention to the petrol varieties of blowers.

Tip! When choosing a blower, their main characteristics are taken into account: power, flow rate, mass.

Hitachi devices are manual type and equipped with handles to facilitate transportation. Due to the low weight, the blower is easy to move. To facilitate transfer, some models have a rubberized grip.

Electric models

Electric blowers are used for cleaning small areas. The operation of the device is provided by the electric motor, so be sure to provide him with a power source. The most popular Hitachi models are the RB40SA and RB40VA.

The advantages of electric models are:

  • compact size;
  • silent operation;
  • small vibrations;
  • ease of use and storage;
  • no emissions to the environment.

Model RB40SA

The Hitachi RB40SA blower is a powerful electrical device used in the textile and woodworking industry for cleaning workshops. The device operates in two modes: discharge and suction of waste.

Technical features of the model RB40SA are as follows:

  • power - 0.55 kW;
  • weight - 1.7 kg;
  • highest air volume - 228 m3/ h

When switching to the vacuum cleaner mode, it is necessary to remove the blower tube, then install the garbage container. The handle of the device has a rubber coating that ensures its durable retention in the hand.

Due to the creation of a powerful air flow Hitachi RB40SA blower is characterized by high performance. The device is safe for humans and the environment because it does not emit harmful emissions. The presence of double insulation protects the user from electric shock.

Model RB40VA

The RB40VA blower works from the power supply network and is equipped with a protective system against overheating. The device is convenient to use and allows you to clean the homestead territories.

The equipment has the following characteristics:

  • power - 0.55 W;
  • flow velocity - 63 m / s;
  • highest air volume - 228 m3/ h;
  • weight - 1.7 kg.

The flow rate of the blower can be adjusted, which simplifies the work process. The package includes a dust collector and an additional nozzle.

Petrol models

Blowers of petrol type allows you to handle large areas without reference to the power source. For such devices, periodically you need to make refueling with gasoline.

The disadvantages of gasoline models is the high level of noise and vibration. However, modern manufacturers, including Hitachi, will actively introduce advanced systems to reduce the harmful effects of blowers.

Important! When working with petrol garden vacuum cleaners, you need to follow safety rules.

Due to the increased performance of gasoline devices used in industry for cleaning debris and cleaning machines.

Model 24e

Hitachi 24e blower is designed for the care of personal plots. The unit allows you to quickly get rid of dry leaves, small branches and household garbage.

The device operates on a two-stroke gasoline engine and does not require frequent refueling. High flow rate allows you to remove dust and dirt, even in hard to reach places.

The instrument characteristics are as follows:

  • power - 0.84 kW;
  • blowing function;
  • the highest flow velocity is 48.6 m / s;
  • highest air volume - 642 m3/ h;
  • weight - 4.6 kg;
  • tank capacity - 0.6 l;
  • the presence of garbage.

The blower is equipped with a rubber grip handle. This design allows you to keep the unit without slipping. All controls are located on the handle. To save space during storage and transfer devices can be removed attachments.

The blower engine is equipped with modern systems that allow to reduce the amount of toxic emissions. The fuel supply is regulated by a lever. To convert the device to a vacuum cleaner, you need to use an additional kit.

Model RB24EA

The gasoline device RB24EA is designed for cleaning fallen leaves in the garden. Blower copes well with the removal of debris from hard to reach places. Compact dimensions and low weight make it easy to carry the device.

The Hitachi RB24EA blower has a number of features:

  • power - 0.89 kW;
  • two-stroke engine;
  • tank capacity - 0.52 l;
  • the highest flow velocity is 76 m / s;
  • weight - 3.9 kg.

The package includes a straight and conical tube. The controls are located on the handle. To simplify the process of storage and transportation can be removed from the blower nozzles.

Hitachi Blower Reviews

Alexander, 35 years old, Voronezh. The vacuum cleaner Hitachi RB40SA blower became a real salvation in the fall from constantly falling leaves. The device is lightweight and compact, but it has a high capacity. In addition to cleaning, they found another application for the device: we pump them a children's pool. In a few minutes you can put the pool and fill it with water. Tried to blow them computer equipment and was pleased with the result. The device is definitely worth the money, if you wish, you can find many uses for it. Elena, 25, Chelyabinsk They heard about blowers for a long time, but decided to buy it after they spent the whole day with my husband cleaning the garden. They decided to choose the petrol version of RB24EA, since the site is quite large. The device must be handled with care, especially when refueling. Then there will be no problems. Sergey, 53, Ulyanovsk Hitachi 42E Blower was helped by children according to reviews on the Internet. With age, it is more and more difficult to clean the leaves in the garden, therefore, to save time, they decided to purchase such a device. Blower use for the second year. The tool turned out to be of high quality, Japanese production is immediately visible. Basically I blow them autumn leaves, the site immediately takes a well-groomed appearance. The unit copes well with fresh snow in the winter. A relative disadvantage is the need to refuel and mix fuel with oil. But with such a device you can reach every corner in the garden.


Blower is an indispensable tool in cleaning leaves, branches and various debris in the area. With its help, you can also clear the tracks from the snow, blow equipment, dry painted surfaces.

Depending on the scope of work, electric or gasoline models of blowers are chosen. Electrical applications that are as safe and convenient to use as are best suited for use in everyday life. For the treatment of vast areas choose gasoline devices that are characterized by high performance.