Dahlia Holland Festival


Going for new flowers to the store, sometimes the eyes run: there are so many interesting varieties today. How to decorate your garden and provide at least three months of flowering? Dahlia Festival is striking in its beauty, and fans of this plant every year becomes more and more.

Description of the variety "Holland Festival"

Dahlia varieties "Festival" refers to the decorative class and is characterized by large size:

  • the height of the bush is 1-1.3 meters;
  • flower diameter reaches 25 centimeters.

These sizes will amaze the imagination of friends and neighbors, and in a bouquet of dahlia flowers will look very organic due to the beautiful colors.

The flower has a spherical shape with reed-type petals. They twist, creating volume. The color scheme is orange and white. The variety is bred in Holland, but it does not require specialized conditions for cultivation.

To many, it may seem that the dahlia Holland Festival is bred recently. No, this is not a novelty, the variety has been known for more than 50 years and is widespread in the gardens of Europe. Today it can be found on the shelves of our stores. Widely used dahlia "Festival" for:

  • cut;
  • home garden decorations;
  • to create mixborders (take into account the height of the plant).

Growing and caring for dahlias is simple; even novice gardeners can do it.

Growing Dahlia

First you need to determine the place for landing. In the autumn, this site is best to dig. The place must meet the following requirements:

  • open;
  • sunny
  • protected from cold gusty winds.

As for the soil, then for dahlias it is best suited fat and sufficiently fertilized. These flowers do not grow on swampy soils, and sandy ones are well tolerated.

It is recommended to plant the dahlia "Holland Festival" in late May - early June, when it is already known that the frosts have passed. This plant does not tolerate cold and quickly dies.

Important! Since a dahlia of any kind is thermophilic, in the fall, before the onset of cold weather, its stems are cut, the plant is covered with a film to prevent infection of tubers, and after a couple of days, it is dug out and left for storage in a cool dark place for the whole winter.

Even before buying dahlia tubers, you need to decide on storage space so that it does not become news by the time of cooling.

Since the variety is represented by a tall shrub, during planting they dig a pit with a depth of a shovel bayonet, insert a garter pin, and then a tuber is planted. Pay attention when buying need for the absence of rot on it and the presence of kidneys. A peg is required for plant garters.

Caring for dahlia is quite standard:

  • regular watering (especially on hot days);
  • weeding;
  • loosening the soil;
  • top dressing superphosphate.

When planting in the hole, you can put the overfilled dung. It will not only enrich the soil, but also create heat to the roots of the flower. Flowering occurs in July-August and lasts until the end of September. The abundance of peduncles and their huge size is an extra reason to pay attention to this variety.

Gardeners dahlia holland festival reviews

Reviews of dahlia "Holland Festival" are presented below.

Irina, Kirov Beautiful and large dahlia varieties "Holland Festival", it must be tied up. I ordered my own through the online store. In color, I would say, it is soft magenta with white, not orange, as in the description. The rear petals gradually become peach in the sun. But it doesn’t affect her beauty. Svetlana, Yeisk Dahlias of this variety and not only loves aphids very much. Perhaps, this is the only problem with growing, except for the fact that in the fall it is necessary to “preserve” the tubers for the winter, which also takes time and effort. What you can not do for the flowering of such a beautiful woman!


Dahlia Holland Festival - is a tall plant with a lush flowering. It will decorate any area and will appeal to those gardeners who do not like long work in the garden to care.