The way of planting potatoes in bags


Many gardeners often face a situation where there is not enough land to plant what they want. You can save space in the garden by planting potatoes in sacks. They can be placed anywhere on the site, the main thing - it should be well lit. From the bags of potatoes you get a good temporary fence, they can divide the area into zones. If you paint the bag plan step by step, it will look like this:

  1. The choice of containers for planting.
  2. Preparation of planting material.
  3. Soil preparation.
  4. The choice of the date of landing.
  5. Landing.
  6. Care.

Below each item will be described in detail. To get a good example you can watch the video.

Selection of planting containers

The following types of packaging are suitable for planting potatoes:

  • White wicker bags;
  • Special bags with valves;
  • Black plastic bags;
  • Large shuttle bags.

White woven bags are suitable for the southern regions, in which the soil heats up less. If not new bags are used for planting, they must be thoroughly cleaned.

Special packages for planting potatoes are very convenient, but they are difficult to buy in small towns. In addition, their significant disadvantage is the high cost.

Black plastic bags can be purchased at any hardware store, their cost is relatively low.

Many homes will have plastic baggage bags, which are popularly called "shuttle". If you do not plan to use them for their intended purpose, you can make a small potato bed of them.

In bags that do not have holes, it is necessary to make holes for ventilation and for draining excess water.

Preparation of planting material

Attention! For growing in bags, only early potato varieties are suitable, the varietal characteristic of which is the formation of a multitude of tubers.

Most of the old varieties form no more than 7 tubers, some of them do not grow more than 5 grams.

Potatoes intended for planting should be whole, healthy, weighing at least 100 grams.

Soil preparation

For growing potatoes in bags before planting it is very important to carefully prepare the soil. Potatoes for normal growth requires a light, nutritious soil. In heavy clay soil development of tubers is difficult.

Tip! If planting in bags is planned in February or March, residents of the northern regions need to prepare the ground in the fall, since at this time the land is still frozen.

The approximate composition of the soil mixture for planting potatoes in bags:

  • Bucket of garden land;
  • Humus bucket;
  • 2 - 3 liters of river sand;
  • 1 - 2 liters of ash;
  • Nitrogen fertilizers or rotted manure.

All components before planting are thoroughly mixed, choosing all large fractions - stones, branches and more.

Important! You can not take the soil on the beds, where until then grew solanaceous.

Landing dates

To determine when to start planting potatoes in bags, you need to imagine when it will be possible to take them outside. From this date you need to count two months, so many potatoes can spend in bags without sunlight. This time is needed for the formation of the root system.

If potatoes are planted immediately in the open air, planting begins when the average daily temperature is consistently above 12 degrees.


Landing start with the formation of the drainage layer. At the bottom of the bag fall asleep drainage, its layer should be at least 15 cm. As a drainage, you can use gravel, gravel, boulders and other materials. The edges of the bag fold. If you plan to carry the bag, it is advisable to make a hard bottom, so as not to damage the roots during transportation.

On top of the drainage layer pour 20 - 30 cm of the prepared soil, slightly crushing it. Spread on the ground two - three potatoes. It is advisable to treat the planting material with insecticides.

Potatoes are covered with earth, the layer of which must be at least 20 cm. The earth is watered, but not too abundant. For the initial development of the tubers do not need high humidity.

Potatoes should grow at a temperature of at least 15 degrees Celsius. If potatoes are grown in February or March, the bags are placed in a warm room. At this stage, the coverage of potatoes is not required.

Potatoes grown in the open air are covered with a thick dark film to avoid excessive evaporation of moisture.

Emerged shoots continue to fall asleep until the height of the bag with the ground reaches 50 - 60 cm. After that, the bag is transferred to a bright place, the shoots for normal development need a lot of sunlight. The whole process of landing can be viewed on the video.


Caring for potatoes in sacks consists in watering, loosening the soil and processing from harmful insects. Watering potatoes preferably once a week, plentifully poured bushes. It is necessary to monitor the drainage holes, the water should not stagnate. Clogged holes must be cleaned.

The soil is usually loosened once a week after watering, when the top layer dries out. To avoid this procedure, you can cover the surface of the soil with mulch.

Tip! To get a good harvest, during the growing season, potatoes can be fed with potash fertilizers. It is very effective to spray the tops with a solution of chelated fertilizers.

It is necessary to inspect the bushes regularly in order to notice the pests on time. In addition to the traditional Colorado potato beetle, potatoes can seriously harm aphids and various types of ticks.

Even if there is enough land for planting, this method may appeal to those who want to grow early potatoes, but do not have a greenhouse.


Vita, 27 years old, Anapa. I do not understand why this method is called new. My grandmother still grew so early potatoes. In late February, she took out the tubers from the basement, placed on the windowsill for a week. A week later, on the veranda, she filled the bags with prepared primer in the fall, and sheathed battered tiles for drainage to the bottom. Planted potatoes, sprinkled with soil. Then she transferred to the warm summer kitchen, where her seedlings always grew. Until the street becomes warm, sprinkle the shoots with earth, "spud". In mid-April, the grandfather carried the bags to the street. She covered old blankets for the night. She had an early potato by the beginning of summer, large and very tasty.

Valery, 39 years old, Ivanovo. He planted potatoes in sacks last year for the first time. I liked that you do not need to weed in the heat, get dirty in the mud. I did not like that the harvest was less than I expected. The root, of course, is long, but the tubers were only on top, smaller than usual. I do not know what's the matter. Next year I will try to experiment with varieties and soil.

Alexey, 45 years old, Voronezh. Our small-scale plot of land is small, most of the free land is planted with lawn. Gardens occupy only a hundred, and I want to plant both greens, and cucumbers, and tomatoes. It’s a pity to dig up the lawn, so we decided to plant the potatoes in bags. I liked it very much, care was not burdensome, watering was combined with fertilization. Watered once a week, very plentiful. No need to dig - turned the bag and that's it. The harvest is not very big, but collected in June. Next year we want to plant more.