The best varieties of cucumbers for growing on the windowsill


Many people like to dig in the ground in their backyard, especially this craving manifests itself with age. Of course, you can go on a nice day to the country cottage, or even better to live there all summer. But, unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a work holiday. The reason is simple, many simply do not have this piece of land on which you can relax your soul. How can you replace in your apartment chalet work?

Let good rest does not work, you can always make a small garden on your windowsill or balcony.

Perhaps it seems difficult, to arrange such a garden in my apartment, and, in your opinion, apart from flowers in pots, no vegetables will grow, this myth is dispelled very quickly. There are a huge number of examples of how you can grow everything on a windowsill - from tomatoes and cucumbers, to onions and radishes. Although it will be most difficult to deal with cucumbers, we will try to reveal the question of growing them in our apartment as widely as possible. We will pay special attention to what varieties of cucumbers for growing on the windowsill are the best.

Possibilities of home beds

All the frustrations associated with unsuccessful attempts to grow cucumbers in the apartment, most often can be associated with ignorance of the rules of caring for the plant, it can lead to the involuntary destruction of the plant during the first stages of its life. It is not enough to know how to choose the right mix of land, it is necessary to understand which varieties are best suited for it. There are the best hybrid groups that you can pay attention to:

  • Natasha F1;
  • Masha F1;
  • Springwell F1;
  • Marinda F1.

Especially Rodnichok F1 fell in love with the summer cottagers, it can be safely called the best masterpiece of breeding activities by Moldovan specialists.

It has been bearing fruit steadily for over ten years, and its resistance to diseases allows even beginners not to spoil the first crop.

The issue of growing cucumbers in the apartment

A negative feature of growing vegetables on a windowsill is the area they occupy, because plants usually grow in width much stronger than in height, which is why cucumbers stand out from their competitors, but there are other advantages over the other fruits.

  • Cucumber plant is shade-tolerant, if not shade-loving. They will not suffer from insufficient lighting on the windowsill in the winter season.
  • The ratio of the occupied area and the yield of the crop exceeds any of the vegetables that can be grown in an apartment;
  • The speed of ripening of the fetus from the time of planting is 4 - 5 weeks, no other vegetables will give such a result.

The process of selecting varieties for the windowsill

Far from growing varieties of cucumbers for the window sill is not all, but in order to understand which varieties are better to choose for the home garden, it is worth a little to figure out which, in general, varieties are and why they are used.

  • Self-pollinating - a variety of cucumbers, in which there are both female and male sexual characteristics, in other words, there are pistils and stamens, as the name implies, they self-pollinate;
  • F1 hybrids are the result of crossing two varieties obtained in special agricultural laboratories. It should be borne in mind that only the first generation of such hybrids can be used, because they do not give seed material;
  • Bee pollinated - the name speaks for itself, for the fruit to be fixed, they need insects;
  • Parthenocarpic - cucumbers that do not require any pollination, as the F1 group of seeds in their fruits do not.

But plants are divided not only by the properties of pollination, they can also be divided into groups according to the way they are eaten:

  • Salad - the fruit has a thin peel, it can easily be eaten without peeling, such varieties are still characterized by the light color of the thorns;
  • Salting is a feature of this subspecies, it is possible to call good properties for salting, their skin absorbs brine well, but it should be noted that such cucumbers are better salted immediately after assembly, because they do not last long after being picked, they start to turn yellow and get bitter;
  • Universal ones are perhaps the best cucumbers for planting on the windowsill, they can be salted and eaten raw, their spikes are usually black.
Attention! When buying a bag of seed material, you should pay attention to what types of soil suitable for them, it is usually indicated on the package.

Useful tips for apartment beds

What are the best varieties to choose for planting on the windowsill? Here are some tips that will help you:

  • Pay attention to the yield, the higher it is, the, naturally, the more you collect vegetables;
  • The whimsicalness of the plant will be an important factor, because in the winter period you can observe a rather dry climate in the apartments, but they love moisture, and even a small amount of lighting can also have a negative impact on some varieties.
  • Dimensions - find out whether this type of growth is peculiar to strong growth, you can choose those that do not turn your home into the jungle;
  • A good solution for the window sill, you can call the choice of one of the hybrids, they are the most unpretentious and bear fruit in the apartments, without any problems.

The best varieties for growing on the windowsill

Of the huge number of cucumbers suitable for growing on the windowsill, we have chosen the best for you. Here are a few of those that can be purchased in our country. When buying, you should pay attention to these:

Faust F1

The early ripe hybrid grade, with female color, does not need pollination, has smooth fruits of medium size, reaching a length of up to 18 cm, there is no bitterness, it can be used for salads.

F1 hostess

It has the best characteristics among analogues of frost resistance, the disadvantages include excessive branching of the plant.

The size of the ripened fruit is about 15 cm, covered with black thorns, you can use them both in salad and for salting;


The best in terms of yield are already bearing fruit on day 45 after planting; cucumbers are up to 21 cm long, decorated with white thorns.

The variety has an average branching, it is used mainly for salads, although you can eat and lightly salted.

Masha F1

This parthenocarpic hybrid of cucumbers, ripen, like the best varieties in 45 days, these cucumbers can be classified as universal, as they can be salted and eaten raw.

Catherine F

Harvest can be very long, no other varieties can not compete with Catherine in this. They have a titanic size of up to 24 cm, with a single bush, thus, you can collect up to 18 kg of cucumbers.

It has time to ripen at almost the same time as the best varieties, in terms of early ripening - the average ripening period is up to 50 days. It is not susceptible to any diseases and frosts. Can be used for preservation, but the best taste is manifested when used raw.

Window and balcony F1

It has a smooth skin and a light green color. Any differences in temperature in the apartment are not terrible for him, and he suffers from illness well.

Specially bred variety for planting in apartment conditions, female flowers, you can harvest the first crop already on day 55, after disembarking. The best indicators of yield only from Catherine, from one bush of these cucumbers, you can collect up to 15 kg. The fruit reaches a length of 16 cm.

Onega F1

Perhaps the best variety in ripening speed (only 38 days).

Even his little-willow vine, the fruits are quite small, up to 80 grams, great for salting and pickling, we can say that this variety, if not the best in everything, then certainly there are no competitors among pickling cucumbers.