Growing dahlias in pots


Beautiful flowers - dahlias, can be successfully grown not only in the flower garden, but also in pots. To do this, choose varieties that have a small root system. For container cultivation fit curb, miniature, pot dahlias.

Selection of planting containers

The volume of the dahlia planting pot depends on the size of the root system. Low-growing varieties have small roots; it takes 5 to 6 liters to grow a single plant. For sredneroslyh need 7 - 10 liters, for tall not less than 20 liters.

For landing use:

  • Clay pots;
  • Plastic pots and buckets;
  • Wicker baskets and containers;
  • Wooden boxes.

Clay and ceramic pots pass air well to the root system, do not overheat, look very attractive. The disadvantages of such a container are high cost, fragility, large weight. Carefully use containers in which flowers have already grown.

A warning! Clay is able to accumulate salts and microorganisms. To get rid of salts, the pots are soaked in running water for 2 to 3 days.

From fungi and harmful microorganisms, pots are treated with disinfectants that do not contain chlorine.

Plastic pots, buckets and containers look good, are lightweight and inexpensive. But the root system of plants growing in such a container often overheats, the roots may lack oxygen.

Attention! To slightly reduce the temperature of the soil, it is advisable to choose white pots.

Wicker baskets with flowers look very decorative. They are lightweight, breathable, the roots are protected from overheating. The only drawback of wicker baskets is fragility.

Wooden boxes are great for planting dahlias. The tree is well breathable, the roots do not lack oxygen. The lack of wooden boxes - low decorative. To make the boxes more attractive, they are painted with oil paint, decorated with ornaments and drawings. But, the painted tree ceases to pass air, plants develop in such boxes worse.

Landing dates

Potted dahlias bloom 40 to 50 days after planting. To get a flowering plant early, pots with dahlias can be placed in a warm, well-lit room. In a city apartment dahlias will grow well on a heated balcony.

If you plan to grow flowers immediately in the open air, germinated tubers are planted when the air temperature is at least 12 degrees at night.

Important! It is advisable to immediately plant dahlias in the pot in which it will grow. These flowers do not tolerate transplant.

If there is an opportunity to put dahlias in pots in the room before the end of the threat of frost, the landing can begin in late March. If you plant the tubers earlier, you need to light shoots.

Choosing a place

Growing dahlias in pots is convenient because they can be placed anywhere: on the veranda, in the garden between the trees, along the paths. A number of pots can visually divide the area into zones.

Important! If the pots are placed in the garden, next to the trees, you need to make sure that there is no anthill next to it. Ants contribute to the defeat of aphids, which can cause serious harm to flowers.

Best of all, these flowers will grow in a sunny, protected from strong winds area. Slight shading is allowed in the evening.


One of the most important stages in the cultivation of dahlias in pots is soil preparation. The earth should be loose, breathable, contain all the necessary nutrients.

Earthen mixture can be purchased ready or cook yourself. The finished mixture is chosen with the label "for flowering plants."

For growing dahlias in garden land add:

  • Sand;
  • Humus;
  • Complex of trace elements;
  • Dead manure;
  • Perlite.

All components are thoroughly mixed, choose large stones, lumps of clay and other debris from the soil.

It is necessary to add organic fertilizers to the ground very carefully, dahlias in pots do not like an excess of nitrogen in the soil. Over-fed with nitrogen fertilizers, dahlias do not bloom well, the tubers of such plants hardly tolerate wintering.

Perlite is added to the soil in order to protect the root system from waterlogging. Granules of this substance quickly absorb excess water.


Planting dahlias in pots does not take much time. If ready containers, tubers, soil and drainage can begin to plant.

A drainage layer is poured at the bottom of the pot, at least 15 cm high. Dahlia roots do not tolerate waterlogging, if after showers or heavy watering the water remains in the pot, flowers may die due to lack of oxygen. Make sure that the drainage holes are not clogged.

The drainage layer is covered with soil, the size of this layer depends on the height of the container. There should be at least 20 cm to the edge. The soil should be moistened and slightly dampened. The tuber is placed sprouts up, sprinkled with soil, without digging the root neck. The soil must be carefully compacted.

The pot is placed in a bright, sheltered place. A few days after planting dahlias do not water, only spray the soil. Watering begins when absorbent roots form at the tuber.


Caring for pot dahlias is easy. They do not require weeding, protecting the roots from pests. They can be moved if there is a threat of frost or a hurricane, and then put it back in place.

Dahlias growing in pots require:

  • Watering;
  • Treatment for sucking insects;
  • Loosening the land;
  • Fertilization.

Watering is carried out depending on the air temperature. In cool weather, dahlias watered no more than once a week. In hot weather, the plant may need daily watering.

Tip! If you can not water the dahlias daily, you can put the container in a bowl of water.

Dahlia in pots are badly injured by sucking insects such as aphids. It is necessary to carry out treatment with insecticides 2 times a month.

Do not allow the formation of earth crust. It interferes with the free flow of oxygen to the root system. After each watering it is necessary to loosen the top layer of soil.

For bright, long flowering dahlias in pots need a lot of potassium and phosphorus. Fertilizers are applied weekly when watering, or use foliar method of application.

Cultivation of dahlia will not be difficult, this flower will gratefully accept care and care, responding to them with magnificent flowering.