Tomato Babushkino: reviews, photos, yield


Today, hundreds of varieties and hybrids of tomatoes are known, but not all of them have become popular and have earned love and recognition among Russian gardeners. Tomato Babushkino was selected by an amateur scientist, this variety is not included in the state register of tomato varieties. But all this did not prevent the tomato with an unusual name from becoming every year more and more popular throughout the country.

From this article, you can learn about the yield and other characteristics of Grandma's tomato, see photos of this tomato and read reviews from other gardeners about it. For beginning farmers, a brief sequence of actions will be given during the period of growing seedlings and caring for tomatoes.

Characteristics and description of the variety

The description of the variety Babushkino should begin with the fact that this tomato is not a hybrid, and it does not have hybrid forms F1, which can grow without pollinators. Consequently, the tomato bushes will need to be pollinated: with the help of insects or manually (when tomatoes grow in a closed greenhouse).

Attention! Since the variety Babushkino is not listed in the State Register, it is rather difficult to find the seeds of this tomato on sale. Usually, planting material of such tomatoes is implemented by amateur breeders, rather than large seed-producing companies.

A detailed description of the variety of tomatoes Babushkino:

  • the plant belongs to the indeterminate type, that is, it does not have an end point of growth;
  • Bushes are not considered to be standard, their crown must be formed in the process of development;
  • tomato ripening period is medium early - for full ripeness a tomato needs from 3.5 to 4 months from the date of sowing the seeds;
  • the height of the bushes often exceeds 220 cm, so they must be tied up;
  • Tomatoes can be grown both in the open field and in the greenhouse - it depends on the region and climate;
  • Grandma's tomato is considered to be very resistant to external factors: plants tolerate low temperatures well, they normally feel hot and rarely get sick;
  • fruits form in the hands, each of which can form up to 12 tomatoes;
  • the shape of the tomatoes is flat-round; slight ribbing may be observed;
  • the ripe tomato color is raspberry red, the flesh is saturated red;
  • there are several chambers inside the tomato, very few seeds;
  • the pulp of the tomato is fleshy, very juicy, sweet with a slight sourness;
  • taste varieties are excellent, the tomato is suitable for any purpose;
  • fruit weight is quite large - from 300 to 800 grams;
  • bush yield is high, but only with sufficient nutrition;
  • There are a lot of dry substances in fruits, so they are stored well and for a long time.

Use Grandma's tomatoes can be absolutely for any purpose. Puree and juice are made from fruits, fresh salads are made, tomatoes are salted and pickled as a whole or sliced. Even this variety is great for sale, because tomatoes are stored for a long time and tolerate transportation, have a very presentable appearance.

Strengths and weaknesses of the variety

The variety of tomato Babushkino was bred only 20 years ago, but its popularity is constantly growing. That's because a tomato has several undeniable advantages:

  • not afraid of return frost;
  • gives high yields;
  • the sizes of fruits are big, and their taste is excellent;
  • The plants practically do not get sick, since they are immune to most “tomato” diseases.

With all these virtues, Grandma's tomato is very easy to grow, because it is unpretentious and does not need any special care.

However, the variety has its drawbacks, which the gardener should be aware of:

  • Tomatoes are prone to cracking, so you need to be careful about watering and feeding;
  • Due to the small number of seeds in the fruit, Grandma's variety is very difficult to propagate;
  • often the tomato turns yellow around the stem, this indicates a lack of potassium or magnesium in the soil.
Important! One should not overlook the fact that Grandma's is an indeterminate variety, which means that the tomato will have to stepchild and constantly tie up.

Of course, all these nuances are more than cover the quality, quantity and size of the fruit. Therefore, you should definitely plant at least a couple of bushes of tomato Babushkino on your own plot or in a greenhouse.

Growing rules

Photos of ripe fruits and bushes, simply “stuck round” with large tomatoes, many gardeners are being pushed to purchase seeds of the variety Babushkino. But to grow this tomato, you need to know some features.

Planting tomatoes

Like all tomatoes, in Russia, Grandma is grown through seedlings. Therefore, the first thing that a gardener will have to do is to find the seeds of this tomato for sale. Of course, you can try to find ready-made seedlings, but this is difficult, since the variety is quite rare.

The gardener should act in the following sequence:

  1. Decide on the timing of sowing seeds for seedlings. Like all tomatoes, the variety Babushkina sow for 1.5-2 months from the expected date of planting in a permanent place. In the greenhouse, the seedlings of this tomato are transferred in early to mid-May, but tomatoes can be planted on the beds by the end of May - the beginning of June. Based on this, it is recommended to sow the seeds at the end of March or in early April.
  2. Seeds are sown in heated soil. The soil is chosen loose, well-fertilized, able to retain moisture. Until the tomatoes sprout, they are under the film in a warm place.
  3. Water the seedlings need warm water, it will accelerate its development and protect against disease.
  4. Two or three times it will be necessary to feed the tomatoes with mineral fertilizers - the variety Grandma loves feeding.
  5. Be sure to seedlings dive when she grows on two leaves. This stimulates the root system to grow and prepares the seedlings for planting in the ground.
  6. Before carrying the tomato in the greenhouse or garden beds they must be hardened. Do it carefully and gradually, every day reducing the temperature and increasing the time of the procedure.
  7. When the temperature outside allows, and when the seedlings will have 6-8 true leaves, it can be transferred to a permanent place.
  8. The wells are made in advance, pre-fertilized and digging the ground on the site. The distance between the holes should be large, because the bushes of Grandma's tomato are powerful and high. An interval of 50-60 cm between tomatoes is recommended.

Tip! If the seedlings are very stretched, it should be planted with a slope.

The first couple of weeks, tomatoes do not touch, at this time they need to adapt to new conditions. When the seedlings are strong, new leaves will appear, you can feed the plants and begin to actively water them.

Tomato care

Reviews about the variety of tomatoes Grandma's controversial, but those gardeners who paid much attention to the care of their plantings, were pleased with this tomato. Like all indeterminant varieties, Grandma needs regular and competent care.

In the process of developing a tomato, he will need the following:

  1. The formation of the bush. It is customary to leave only two or three stems, removing the other stepchildren, which will only lead to an increase in green mass and shallowing of fruits.
  2. A tall bush will have to be tied up using pegs, a trellis or other supports. Powerful brushes with several large tomatoes often break branches, therefore each ripening cluster also needs to be strengthened.
  3. Grandma's tomato is very sensitive to the composition of the soil - this tomato needs abundant nutrition. Therefore, you need to feed the tomato often and in large quantities. Both organic and mineral fertilizers will be suitable.
  4. If the “shoulders” of the fruits begin to turn yellow, potassium and magnesium are added to the soil. After that, the ripening of tomatoes should become more uniform.
  5. Bushes spud, the earth is periodically loosened, pulled weeds. You can use mulch, which will retain moisture.
  6. Watering Grandma's tomato is best with warm water. Irrigation in the fruit pouring stage is especially important, but an excess of water will lead to cracking, therefore the gardener should be attentive.
  7. Diseases practically do not affect this variety, pests also rarely appear on the bushes. In order to prevent, nevertheless, it is better to process the bushes during the flowering period.
  8. Harvesting should be in a mature or slightly immature form. Fruiting in Babushkina tomato sprawling - a month and a half plants will delight with fresh fruits.

Attention! In the first fruits of the variety Babushkina there are practically no seeds, therefore it is recommended to collect seeds from the most recent tomatoes ripening on the bushes at the end of the season. These tomatoes can be plucked and green, they will well live in a warm room.


Igor Viktorovich, 58 years old, Novosibirsk. The variety Babushkina pleased me with his yield - this is probably the most prolific of all the tomatoes that I grew in my greenhouse. Plants formed in two stalks, all stepchildren removed every 10-12 days. As a result, the bush rose to 2.5 meters, there were a lot of ovaries on it. The first to sing the lower fruits, they were the largest. The remaining tomatoes were located almost the entire height of the bush, their sizes were also larger than the average (300-400 grams). My tomato didn't hurt anything, I fed the soil four times over the summer. The taste of the fruit was also very pleased - sweet with a slight sourness and strong aroma. Gathered the seeds, next year I will again grow the seedlings of this wonderful tomato.


Variety tomato Babushkino definitely deserves the attention of both beginners and experienced gardeners. The main advantage of tomato is its stability and fertility. All the shortcomings of the variety are connected with the insufficient nutrition of the soil, therefore the gardener should pay particular attention to top dressing.

To collect your own planting material, you need to leave on the bushes several large and beautiful fruits from the last ovary. The reviews of those who have already planted this tomato are mostly positive, especially the farmers note the excellent taste of Grandma's tomato and the size of its fruit.