How to sow carrot seeds


Carrots are deservedly one of the most common vegetable crops. It not only perfectly complements many dishes and homemade preserves, but also contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals. Due to its beneficial properties, it is perfect for diet and baby food. It is not surprising that most gardeners grow this vegetable in their plots.

But in order to get a generous harvest of carrots, you need to arm yourself with the basic rules of its planting. For example, you should learn how to prepare seeds and soil, as well as how to plant carrots with seeds in open ground. Inventive gardeners have come up with many ways of planting carrots, which can facilitate the task. We will consider them below.

Seed preparation

To plant carrots in open ground with seeds, you must first prepare them. Such preparation begins in the spring, just before the landing.

Tip! Best for growing carrots suitable biennial or annual seeds. The older the seeds, the less carrots will rise as a result.

Sowing material, which is more than three years old, loses 50% of its germination capacity. To determine how old the seeds are, use the information on the packaging. If the seeds are collected independently, then understand how old they can be by smell. Young seeds have a pleasant distinct aroma.

Seeds of carrots sprout for a very long time. Therefore, gardeners use some methods to speed up the germination process:

  1. Preparing a solution of conventional kitchen salt. For half a liter of water you will need 25 grams of salt. For some time they put seeds in it. Unusable float to the surface of the water. Further, they must be drained together with water, and the good seeds are poured with hot water for 10 minutes. Then it is also poured, and immediately the seed is poured with cold water. Now the seeds are spread on a damp napkin or burlap and left to germinate. Before sprouting, it will be necessary to rinse the seeds twice. For the first time, ordinary water at room temperature is used for washing. At another time, you must add mineral fertilizers. For example, for these purposes, manganese sulphate or copper, succinic or boric acid is often used. When the seeds germinate, they are dried and start planting.
  2. This training begins 12 days before planting seeds in the ground. Seeds are placed in a fabric bag and buried in the ground. It is important that the soil is sufficiently wet. Immediately before planting, the bag is taken out of the ground. For half an hour the seeds are placed on a dry napkin and left to dry. After that, you can immediately begin planting seed. This method allows you to significantly speed up the time of emergence of shoots. The first sprouts will grow in 4 days.
  3. The third variant of the preparation of seeds begin 5 days before planting in the ground. In this case, the seed is covered with a layer of mullein and soil. Such a nutritional shell will provide the seeds with the necessary substances for growth. To prepare the mixture, you will need 4 tablespoons of peat, 4 tablespoons of humus, 2 tablespoons of mullein and 2 tablespoons of seeds. All this is placed in a two-liter container and mix thoroughly. Thus, the seeds are completely covered with the mixture. Now they are taken out of the container and dried on a sheet of paper. Immediately after this, we sow the seeds in the usual way.

Each of these methods will allow for a short time to grow carrots in their area, as the seedlings will appear almost instantly. Planting dry seeds will never give such quick results. Additionally, the seeds receive the necessary nutrients during preparation.

Soil preparation

For high yield, carrots are planted in soil with neutral acidity. To determine the level of soil acidity can be growing in her wild plants. In such a ground, a clover, coltsfoot, chamomile, and a blackthand feel well. Also, the soil for growing carrots should be light sandy and loamy.

Important! Plant carrots should be on the beds, where previously grew tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes or legumes.

Before planting carrots do not make fresh manure into the soil. Because of him, the plants will grow lush tops, but the root itself will be small and branched. To avoid this, manure is brought under the previous culture.

Site preparation begin in the fall. Dig up the soil and fertilize. For this purpose, humus and special mineral mixtures are used. If the acidity level is elevated, dolomite flour should also be added. In the spring, before sowing seeds, the soil is loosened and leveled.

In heavy soil it is advised to make the following mixture:

  1. 30 g of urea.
  2. 10 liters of ordinary water.
  3. 3 kg of peat.
  4. 8-9 kg of sand.
  5. 10 kg of sawdust.

Before the time of planting carrots, the soil should warm up to +8 ° C. As practice shows, this time comes closer to the end of April. In the northern regions of the landing is better to start in early May. But in the southern countryside, seeds are sown even earlier.

Attention! Tightening with the landing is also not worth it. Too high soil temperatures will quickly deplete moisture, and seeds will germinate much longer.

Ways of planting carrot seeds

For the rapid germination of seeds, they are planted in wet soil. Additionally, you can pour the hole with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Some gardeners plant pinches of seeds at a distance of 2 or 3 cm from each other. Someone more convenient to sow carrots in a continuous line. Further, the furrows are covered with a mixture of sand and peat or by the peat itself.

Important! The wells are poured abundantly from the top with water.

Then the bed can be covered with a film. It is left until the first sprouts hatch. This will preserve moisture and heat in the soil, thereby accelerating the germination of seeds. With this method of planting need to thin out carrots several times. The first time sprouts thin out as soon as the first leaves appear. After this, the soil should be poured abundantly.

However, not everyone likes to engage in such scrupulous work. Moreover, it is very pitiful to tear up and throw away young and strong sprouts, which in the future would give a good harvest. Therefore, many are interested in the question - how to plant carrots in open ground, so that later they do not need to be thinned?

To date, many ways are invented how to do it. Such methods allow you to save seed, and in the future to get a great harvest. In addition, the appearance of carrots from such a planting only improve. These methods can also be used when planting beets.

Important! When thickened sowing carrots can grow clumsy and branched. And when thinning, the deformation process is only aggravated.

So, consider the most common ways of planting carrots:

  1. For the first method, carrot seeds are sown together with the seeds of fast-growing plants. For example, carrots are mixed with lettuce, radish or spinach. Also in this mixture add a little sand, so that the shoots are not too thick. The fast-growing crops will sprout before the carrot sprouts appear. They are collected from the garden, and the carrots continue to grow. Thus, there is enough space for it, and plus to everything, you can quickly grow the necessary greens, saving space on the garden.
  2. The second method is more labor intensive. He often practiced in recent times, as it gives excellent results. In this case, the seeds are mounted on paper tape with the help of paste. You can purchase and finished adhesive tape. Of course, it can take a long time to glue seeds. But you can add relatives or even children to this process. But in the future the beds do not have to thin out, and this also requires a lot of time. To plant carrots with this method, you need to glue the seeds at the right distance. Then the tape is settled along the hole, and the top is covered with soil. After this bed should be watered.
  3. A mixture of mineral fertilizers is also used for the third planting method. So in this case, the seeds will also receive additional nutrition. So, mineral complex fertilizers and flour are added to the water. Then this mixture is cooked to obtain a paste. The solution should be completely cooled. After that, add seed to it and mix thoroughly. The mixture is poured into an empty bottle with a convenient dispenser or a pastry syringe. Then it is squeezed out, evenly distributing throughout the well. In such a mixture, the seeds are at the same distance from each other, so do not worry that they stick together. This method has many advantages, as it allows not only to plant carrots evenly, but also to additionally strengthen it with mineral fertilizers.
  4. To apply the following method, you will have to buy a special planter for planting carrots in a specialized shop. Such a device can be made independently at home. Even an inexperienced gardener can handle such a drill. However, some argue that this method is not perfect and bald spots may remain after landing.

Planting carrots in granules

Every year there are new and new methods and ways to sow carrots. For example, to facilitate the task of gardeners, seeds already placed in the shell are sold. They are also called drafted. Inside each granule is one seed. The shell itself consists of a mixture of hydrogel and various trace elements. Planting such seeds is very convenient, since the granules are quite large.

Important! Do not worry that the shell in some way harm the germ. During the growth of carrots, the granule is destroyed, and the sprout freely makes its way out.

Such granules have a bright color, so that they can be clearly seen in the ground. So it will very much place the seeds evenly. Moreover, it is not necessary to put them in the hole, as we used to do. The pits for seeds can be made with a regular stick. Here it will be much easier to determine at what distance to plant the seeds. Between the pits leave about five centimeters. The depth of the pits should be no more than two centimeters. Next, place 1 seed in the pits and bury them with earth. After the work done, it is imperative to pour plenty of water on the bed. This is necessary in order for the pellet to collapse and the carrot to germinate easily.


We see that it is possible to sow carrots not only in the usual way for many, planting dry seeds in a hole. Today there are more effective methods that will save time and seed material. To plant carrots in this way is a pleasure. And even more fun can be obtained by collecting a generous harvest. Using the methods described above, you can achieve excellent results, and grow beautiful carrots that will delight you and your loved ones.