Yeast Feeding for Cucumber


What kind of tricks many gardeners do not use in today's difficult times in order to grow a good harvest. Folk remedies have acquired special significance, since not only they allow significant savings on fertilizers and other plant care products, but also to grow healthy, environmentally friendly products, which is especially important in recent years.

Such a popular culture in Russia as a cucumber could not be overlooked, because all experienced gardeners are well aware of how insatiable these plants are. To get a good harvest of greens, the soil should be fertilized as much as possible, but even under these conditions, cucumbers consume so many nutrients that they need to be fed weekly. Feeding cucumbers with yeast allows you to solve several problems at once. First, there is an additional influx of nutrients, and secondly, plants receive a significant stimulation in growth due to the strengthening and development of the root system. But now about everything in order.

The action of yeast and their effect on plants

Yeast is probably familiar with every adult and even a child. Their presence is a guarantee of lush baking, they are used for the production of kvass and beer, they are added to medicines, used in cosmetology. Yeast is a single-celled fungal organism with a very rich content. Thus, the amount of proteins in them can reach up to 65%, and amino acids make up about 10% by weight of the product. As part of the yeast can also be found a variety of minerals, organic iron and trace elements. It seems that it is thanks to this wealth that the plants are saturated. In fact this is not true.

Important! When it enters the ground, the yeast activates numerous representatives of the soil microflora, which by their activity help to quickly mineralize organic matter.

As a result, many useful plant elements are released in a form that is perfectly digestible for them, in particular, nitrogen and phosphorus. From this it follows that for active and prolonged exposure to yeast, the soil must be saturated with organic matter. If it is not enough, then a quick positive effect will occur in any case, but the soil will soon be depleted. Moreover, during fermentation the yeast absorbs a large amount of potassium and calcium.

What can be concluded? Yeast, of course, is not a fertilizer in the conventional sense. They simply accelerate the breakdown of organic matter. On the other hand, many fresh organic fertilizers such as manure, poultry manure or compost when interacting with yeast fungi can suppress their livelihoods. Therefore, organic matter must be introduced into the ground in advance, at least a few weeks before the use of top-dressing from yeast. In addition, along with the yeast, it is necessary to add wood ash as a source of potassium and calcium to the garden bed. Some recipes for yeast dressing include the use of dairy products, which helps restore the calcium content in the soil.

Another unique property of yeast is their ability, when dissolved in water, to secrete special substances that enhance root formation.

Attention! Experiments have shown that the substances secreted by yeast are able to accelerate the appearance of roots by 10-12 days, and increase their number by 6-8 times.

Naturally, a good and strong root system of cucumbers forms a healthy and powerful above-ground part, so abundant flowering and fruiting will not take long to wait. A gardener can enjoy a large number of tasty and crunchy cucumbers.

Finally, the action of yeast in the presence of a sufficient amount of organic matter in the soil is very long. For example, one yeast top dressing for cucumbers is capable of allowing plants to do without additional fertilizer application for a month or even two. This helps to save time, effort and fertilizer and can not fail to attract the attention of gardeners.

Cooking recipes

In order to prepare a yeast fertilizer, there are several proven recipes. For making a cucumber, you can use any type of yeast: dry and fresh, baking and alcohol.

From fresh yeast

Some recipes provide for the rapid preparation of the solution for feeding, in others - the yeast must be allowed to stand for some time.

  • Recipe number 1. In one liter of warm water you need to dilute 100 g of yeast. The volume of the solution to bring to 10 liters. Feed cucumbers can be on the same day. One liter of the prepared solution is used for the passage of one cucumber bush. If you add about 50 g of sugar to this recipe, then the solution is best left to infuse in a warm place for a day - two. The rest of the scheme is the same.
  • Recipe number 2. 100 g of yeast diluted in one liter of warm milk. Insist a few hours, bring the volume of liquid to 10 liters and use for watering and spraying cucumbers. Instead of milk, you can use whey or any other dairy product.
Comment! Using the above recipe will help to further protect the planting of cucumbers from gray mold.

Dry yeast

Typically, dry yeast dressing for cucumbers is infused a little more in time than in fresh natural ones.

  • Recipe number 3. 10 g of dry yeast and 2 tablespoons of sugar are dissolved in 10 liters of warm water and infused from several hours to several days. Before feeding cucumbers, one liter of infusion is diluted in five liters of water.
  • Recipe number 4. In five liters of water divorced 1 tbsp. spoon of yeast, 2 tbsp. spoons of sugar and 2 grams of ascorbic acid, there is added a handful of earth. All infused during the day in a warm place. When feeding 1 liter of infusion is added to a bucket of water.

Features of feeding cucumbers yeast

When using a yeast solution for feeding cucumbers, it is necessary to consider the following nuances:

  • Yeast can work only in a warm environment; therefore, processing is possible only at a temperature not lower than + 10 ° С + 15 ° С. However, cucumbers also grow poorly at low temperatures, so this condition is not difficult to observe.
  • It is advisable not to use top dressing from yeast for cucumbers too often, only 2-3 times per season is sufficient. Two terms are optimal for adding a yeast solution: one week after transplanting into the ground (or when 4-6 leaves are opened) and after the first fruiting wave.
  • Since the yeast is actively absorbing potassium and calcium from the soil, at the same time they must add wood ash and crushed egg shells. It would be enough dose equal to one tablespoon of a bush.
  • Yeast dressing works equally well in the greenhouse and in the open field. But in the greenhouse due to elevated temperatures, all processes will proceed rapidly, so adding sugar to the yeast solution when feeding cucumbers in greenhouse conditions is not necessary.
  • Feeding from yeast not only increases the number of ovaries in cucumbers, but also reduces the hollowness of the fruit.

Reviews gardeners

Nadezhda, 49 years old, Saransk I tried to pour cucumbers with yeast at the rate of 100 g per 10 liters of water, then diluted it, the effect shook me. Cucumbers were all covered with flowers at once, while there were almost no empty flowers. And the cucumbers themselves were strong and without voids. So many stocks for the winter managed to do! Victor, 37 years old, Tver I tried to prepare a complex infusion with yeast, added more chicken manure, whey and ash to the barrel. After processing, I still watered under the root. Tomatoes and cucumbers reacted very well - immediately fruits began to gain momentum and new brushes formed. I am pleased with the result. Helena, 27 years old, Dorokhovo. And my grandmother also used yeast starter for fertilizing vegetable crops. Everything was growing fine with her. This year I tried it myself and I am very pleased with the result. Cucumber seedlings, which I planted in open ground and she was all dead, literally a few days came to her senses and actively went to grow.

Let's sum up

Reviews gardeners on the application of yeast top dressing extremely positive. This is not surprising, given the rapidity of the effect of yeast on the development of plants. It is only necessary to comply with all the conditions when using this dressing and the harvest will only please you.