Tomato Tarpan: characteristics and description of the variety


Dutch selection tomatoes are best suited for growing in warm and temperate climates.

Characteristic variety

Tarpan F1 belongs to early ripe tomato hybrids. The period from seed germination to the first harvest is about 97-104 days. This is a determinant variety. Bushes of a compact form are formed by moderate green weight. Light green leaves are of medium size. Tomato Tarpan F1 is suitable for planting in the open field and greenhouse. In the case of proper care can be collected from one bush 5-6 kg of fruit. When grown in greenhouses ripen larger tomatoes.

Fruits Tarpan F1 have rounded shapes, the average size and weight is 68-185 g. In one brush, usually from 4 to 6 pieces are tied.

Ripened tomatoes are usually dark pink in color (as in the photo).

Since the skin is quite dense (but not hard), ripe tomatoes do not crack. Juicy pulp of tomatoes Tarpan F1 has a sugary and dense structure, with a large number of seed chambers and has a rich, sweetish taste.

To the table Tarpan F1 tomatoes are served in both fresh and canned form.

Advantages of tomato varieties Tarpan F1:

  • delicious taste of ripe juicy tomatoes;
  • high yield;
  • excellent option of baby food (as mashed potatoes). Also from tomatoes Tarpan F1 is obtained juice of a pleasant sweetish taste;
  • substantial savings in land area due to the compact form of bushes;
  • excellent preservation of ripe tomatoes Tarpan F1;
  • well tolerated transportation;
  • green tomatoes ripen remarkably at room temperature;
  • resistant to major tomato diseases.

Critical deficiencies not identified. The natural thickening of the Tarpan F1 variety cannot be considered a defect of the variety, since the yield level is not very reduced.

Landing nuances

Producers specially process Tarpan F1 seeds. Therefore, gardeners are not required to additionally prepare the seeds.

Traditional way

Since Tarpan belongs to the early ripening varieties, it is recommended to sow the seeds for seedlings in early March.

  1. Ground is harvested for planting: garden soil is mixed with humus, sod. If you don’t stock up on land in advance, you can buy ready-made soil for seedlings in special stores.
  2. On the surface of the soil are shallow grooves. Seeds of tomatoes Tarpan F1 are sown and loosely dropping.
  3. The box is sprayed with water and closed with plastic wrap.

As soon as the first shoots of tomatoes appear, it is advisable to rearrange the container in a well-lit place. At this stage it is important not to get involved in watering - the soil should remain loose.

Tip! For watering young tomato seedlings Tarpan F1 is recommended to use a watering can (with small and frequent holes) or even a spray bottle.

When the first two leaves are formed, you can sow the seedlings of tomato Tarpan F1 in separate cups. At this stage, it is desirable to feed the plants with complex mineral fertilizer. For planting in open ground suitable seedling with a strong stem and a few leaves (from 6 to 8).

As soon as the soil warms up with confidence, you can start planting tomato seedlings in open ground (most often this is the first day of May). The optimal number of seedlings is 4-5 pieces per square meter. It is advisable to form single-row planting of tomatoes Tarpan F1 or double-rowed (40x40 cm). To improve air circulation is recommended to remove the lower foliage. Pinching side shoots can be after the fourth brush.

Using Agrofibre

To bring closer the harvest, they use the technology of growing tomatoes with the help of agrofibre. This method allows planting Tarpan F1 seedlings into the open ground earlier by 20-35 days (the period will vary in different regions).

  1. Agrofibre black color (density of at least 60 microns) covers the entire area. Particular attention is paid to the composition of the soil. If it is a heavy clay soil, then it is worthwhile additionally to ground the land - pour sawdust, hay. This measure will prevent drying out of the soil and the formation of cracks.
  2. On the perimeter of the canvas is fixed - you can prikopat or put some kind of load (stones, bars).
  3. Planned rows for planting tomato seedlings Tarpan F1. At the aisle, 70-85 cm are laid. For planting Tarpan seedlings in a row, cross-shaped incisions are made in the canvas. Between the bushes keep a distance of 25-30 cm.
  4. In the holes of the agrofibre digging holes and planted tomatoes. It is recommended to immediately establish a support for seedlings of Tarpan F1 variety - this will help the sprouts to strengthen and resist faster in strong gusts of wind.

Seedlings are watered, and after a half to two weeks, you can spend the first feeding.

Watering tomatoes

This vegetable does not belong to moisture-loving plants. However, to get a bountiful harvest with random watering will not work. It is recommended to irrigate tomatoes Tarpan when drying the top layer of soil.

Important! In the dry period, it is better to water the Tarpan tomatoes once a week, but plenty. And it is necessary to avoid moisture on the stems and leaves of the plant.

When flowering tomatoes Tarpan carried out weekly watering (for each bush poured about five liters of water), but not allowed the occurrence of stagnant liquid.

During the ripening of tomatoes, it is desirable to bring watering to two times in 7-10 days. It is important to consider the air temperature. In cool summer, it is recommended to pour out 2-3 liters of water under a bush.

The best way to water plants is drip irrigation. Advantages of technology: water enters directly into the root system, the economical use of water is obtained, there will be no sudden changes in the humidity of the earth on mulched soil.

Selecting the irrigation system, it is necessary to take into account the climatic features of the region.

Plant nutrition

Tomatoes are considered a culture that responds gratefully to fertilizers. The choice of top dressing is determined by the quality of the soil, weather conditions. It is important to understand that the lack of nutrition will lead to improper development of tomato varieties Tarpan, and an excess - will provoke a weak formation of ovaries.

During the formation of green mass, it is important to provide the plant with nitrogen (urea, nitrate). Especially if the seedlings are thin and weak. Based on a square meter of area, a mineral mixture is prepared: 10 g of saltpeter, 5 g of urea (or 10 g of nitrophosphate), 20 g of superphosphate and potassium salt.

After the formation of the second flower brush ready-made mineral mixtures are used. A good version of the fertilizer is "Signor Tomato" (it contains nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus in the proportion 1: 4: 2). For root feeding of tomato variety Tarpan F1, a solution is applied (five tablespoons per eight liters of water) infused for more than three hours. For one plant enough liters of solution every one and a half to two weeks.

Pests and diseases

Hybrid Tarpan belongs to the varieties of tomatoes that are resistant to the main diseases: fusarium, tobacco mosaic. As a precautionary measure, before planting seedlings, it is possible to treat the soil with a solution of hydrogen peroxide or copper sulfate.

To prevent the occurrence of late blight, Tarpan varieties are sprayed with phytosporin or some harmless biological product with antifungal effect.

Of the pests during the flowering of tomatoes is to be afraid of spider mites, thrips. And already when the fruit ripens it is necessary to control the appearance of aphids, slugs, Colorado beetles. Periodic weeding and mulching of the soil will help prevent insects.

When choosing a tomato variety, many factors need to be taken into account: proper watering, seedling planting, the presence of the mulch layer, and the temperature characteristics of the region. Due to the peculiarities of the Tarpan variety and, given the climatic possibilities, it is possible to get an early harvest.

Reviews of summer residents

Svetlana Oleinik, Taganrog. I am a fan of pink tomatoes. Therefore, tomato Tarpan F1 planted for about seven years. This is not to say, of course, that the variety is super. But tomatoes do not crack, resistant to disease. The flesh is fleshy, and the fruits themselves are not hard. In general, the Tarpan F1 variety is a great option for the market. Tomatoes have a presentation and quickly diverge.

Maria Penkina, Rostov-on-Don Tomato Tarpan F1 is a powerful hybrid, unpretentious, resistant to diseases. I planted not the first time, I gather good harvests even in cold summer. Like tomatoes in salads and canned.

Stepan Nikityuk, Belgorod. He arranges a tomato variety Tarpan F1 that is resistant to diseases and is well preserved. Plucked green fruits ripen perfectly in the apartment. Yes, and the taste of tomatoes in this class all relatives like.