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How to build a patio in the country


A cozy place to relax among friends and with your family at the cottage today is called the patio. And it is worth noting that this is absolutely not a new concept that has entered our lives. Similar architectural elements were among the rich Romans. Today, in countries where the sun is warm and year-round, such as in Latin America and the Mediterranean, a patio in a country house is an indispensable element. This also applies to our country, because we all want to spend time in a beautiful environment in the country. Often, the patio is confused with a terrace, and this is not surprising, in appearance it resembles a terrace in the country. However, the terrace is always located higher than the soil level. As for the patio, it is part of the local area. Very often it is part of the landscape design in the country. If you are thinking about organizing such a place to relax in your country house, then you will be interested in this article. In it you will learn how to make a patio in the country with their own hands. We will consider the styles in which you can perform it and how to do it right. If you are ready, then we proceed!

Patio for relaxation - what is

First, we will describe in more detail what a patio is in the country. To do this, you can take a piece of paper and make small sketches. This will allow you to form your corner for relaxation and rest. So, as you already understood, the patio at the cottage is a place to relax. It is an equipped platform, which can be located between thickets of beautiful flowering and climbing plants. This place is intended for both spiritual and physical recreation in the country.

It is important that the patio at the cottage for rest be very comfortable furniture, the ground is paved with natural stone or wood material, and beautiful flowers, trees and other plantings are planted around. The created corner in the country for the rest of natural materials and living plants will not leave your guests indifferent. Plus, in the hot season, a patio in the country will be a good place to relax and tan. It is very convenient when there is also a small table on which to put cocktails. Next, install a children's sandbox, so that your children can also enjoy the beauty of nature in the country.

Tip! It is especially good to equip a patio in a country house for recreation if you work in an urban environment for a week.

Coming on weekends and gatherings on the patio in the country will fill you with positive emotions and positive energy.

Patio types

In fact, there are no restrictions or strict rules regarding the design of the patio at the cottage. We will offer you a few interesting options. For example, the patio in the country with their own hands, as seen in the photo may be P or L-shaped in shape. Among other things, the patio in the country differ in these types:

  • Balcony.
  • Patio with barbecue at the cottage.
  • At the back of the house.
  • From the front side.
  • Patio solarium for relaxation.
  • Layered and stuff.

There are no restrictions on fantasy. However, it is important to consider some of the nuances. So, P or L-shaped forms are justified since from all sides the patio area in the country house is completely hidden from prying eyes. You can think so that the exit from it directs your guests to the living room or other rooms in the country. If a barbecue, grill or other facility is installed next to it, then it is important that smoke from the fire does not blow into the rest area. Therefore, a chimney is necessarily built.

A great option - a patio with a pool in the country to relax. Even if you have a small cottage, a patio for rest near a small pond and with a combination of lush greenery and blooming flowers will create the ideal of a large country estate. If the reservoir is designed for swimming, then you should take care of the canopy, so as not to overheat and burn in the sun. There is also the idea that a small fountain, an original alpine slide, plaster statues, stylish fences and the like will be installed at the entrance.

What if you have very little territory near the house? Then the original solution - a multi-level patio in the country. This solution will also decorate the facade of the house. You can organize a balcony patio, this is the case if the balcony allows you to organize a place to relax. Another non-standard solution in the country is to create a recreation area on the roof. Of course, if the roof is flat. But not everything is so simple because it is important to coordinate a number of issues with the builders. If the roof does not sustain the entire load, then it can end up with bad experience.

Tip! It is not recommended to plant deciduous trees around the patio in the country. When it is time to fall and the foliage will crumble, you will have to sweat to clean the rest area every day.

Another original idea will appeal to real romantics. In this case, the area for rest in the country should be in a romantic style. For example, you can set the muted light, flickering candle flames, calm music and all this in the open air. For a couple in love the best romantic setting and do not come up at the cottage. Here you just get a good rest and enjoy pleasant moments.

There are several original design directions on the arrangement of the patio at the cottage for recreation:

  • Japanese style and stone flooring.
  • Rustic style, using wicker furniture, wooden benches and a picturesque pergola.
  • Mediterranean style with elements of white, terracotta pots and a wooden base.
  • Moorish style includes bright colors, colorful mosaics and the like.

Choosing the right place

Before you build a patio in the country, you need to think of a suitable place for it. Usually for this is allocated a place between the house and the garden. For this reason, if you have not finished building your house, then think in advance about the place to rest. Patio at the cottage photo in this article will help you see where it is best to place it and how to arrange. And here it is not necessary to repeat everything for carbon paper. Implement your ideas, and you will have them in the course of work in the country.

If your house has the shape of the letter P, then all the prerequisites are created for the patio. In this corner you can make a paradise hidden from prying eyes. The main requirement is to plan the whole territory correctly.

In most cases, a decorative courtyard is made near the house. However, this is not a prerequisite. It is convenient and practical for several reasons. For example, if guests come to you, it will be easy to carry treats from home. If the patio for the rest will be located far away, then you will have to walk a lot to and fro with treats. There is a downside to this decision. Growing plants, trees and possible structures will close the windows from sunlight.

Given this, many decide to build a decorative corner near the back wall of the house, where there are practically no windows. In this case, make sure that there is a door near this zone. It will not only simplify your work to treat guests, but also allow you to quickly hide in a safe place in case of bad weather.

Among other things, be sure when choosing a place, consider the following tips and recommendations:

  • The selected place in the country should not be available for extraneous noise from the street.
  • It is desirable that this place has enough shade. Otherwise, due to sunlight, you will not be able to enjoy your vacation.
  • You can use mobile screens and trellis. Also original look lattice and stationary fencing. These structures can be decorated with climbing plants.
  • Well, if the patio at the cottage for recreation will be located near a small pond.

Separately, it should be said about the size and shape of the decorative zone in the country. If you want to spend time alone, then you will need a corner of up to 3 m2. If you plan to meet and chat with guests, then do the calculations for 1 person 4 m2.

Selection of coating materials

The basis of any patio for relaxing in the country is a playground. It can be made from different materials. The most accessible material is concrete. Plus, it is also a durable material that will cope with a large mechanical load. The easiest option is to install concrete slabs. Natural stone will look no less impressive. It will surpass concrete in its beauty by several times. The shape of the stones can be very different, which will give the base a special look.

You can also pave the base of paving slabs. In this case, it will be strong enough and reliable. Thanks to modern technology, pavement tiles have different colors and shades, as well as shapes. Thanks to this, you can create different combinations right under your feet.

If you are a supporter of natural materials, then wood is for you. In this case, you can use a special garden decking, which consists of 50% wood and 50% polyvinyl chloride. This material in quality and durability exceeds ordinary wood several times.

Instructions for making a patio for relaxing

So, first of all, your chosen place should be fenced with pegs. You remove the top fertile layer of soil up to 150 mm in depth. After you fall asleep a trench with sand and carefully tamp it. Additionally, you can pour water. Ensure that the surface is relatively flat.

Tip! The site should have a small slope so that the rain does not form puddles.

It is better that all the water flowed toward the garden. It is enough to organize a slope of up to 3 °.

You can lay paving slabs or concrete slabs on a sand cushion. If wooden flooring is chosen, then a small lag system is constructed. As a result, the patio area in the country should protrude slightly above the soil level. In the process of arranging the base also consider the water flow, you may need to make a drainage or build underground ebbs.

After that, you can begin to make a canopy to protect from the scorching sun. Wooden poles can be used as pillars. From above you can lay a transparent polycarbonate or awning.

As a design, you can build a hedge of low-growing plants. The original idea is multilevel mixborders, floor vases or individual landing pockets. By the way, if you give preference to evergreen coniferous plants, then a beautiful patio in the country for rest will delight you all year round. As for plants, you can plant lavender, lemon or tangerine tree, rosemary, laurel trees and the like.

So that the walls do not look gray and inconspicuous, they can be decorated with pots with nasturtiums, ampelous petunias and begonias. All this will create a beautiful corner of comfort and tranquility for body and soul.

When it came to the choice of furniture, then you should not put, what fell under the hands. Be sure to be guided by aesthetic factors and practicality. Furniture is not a simple monument to art, and it should be comfortable to sit on it, lie down and spend a long time with friends. For this reason, pay special attention to this element of the interior.

Useful tips and tricks

There are several useful tips that are aimed at how inexpensively and beautifully to equip a summer patio for relaxing. For example, to protect yourself from curious neighbors, you can install a portable partition of plexiglass. If you live in the military house, you can hang a camouflage net.

If the patio at the cottage for recreation can not be located on a hill, then you need to make a drainage system. Otherwise, the place of rest will always be damp. If it is not possible to make a small body of water, then you can bury a small basin in the ground and beautifully arrange it. This will be a budget solution to create a miniature reservoir for recreation.


So, here we have considered all the features of how to make a patio in the country with their own hands to relax. It is good if you have your own project, which will allow you to gradually create a piece of paradise in your home. Plus, by putting a small mock up, you will be able to change something over time. It will be much easier to make all these sketches on a piece of paper than already in the built patio in the country house for recreation. In the photo gallery in this article, you can still find a lot of original ideas for creating a decorative site for recreation. We hope that this material will help you to realize your dream into reality, and you will be able to spend your holidays more organized and in comfortable conditions. Additionally, we offer you to watch the prepared video to consolidate the whole theory.