The largest strawberry varieties


Strawberry is one of the most popular berries on the garden plots. Particularly in demand are large-fruited strawberry varieties, which are suitable for growing in different regions. Large berries go on sale, in house preparations or are exposed to freezing.

The taste of the fruit depends on the weather conditions and the illumination of the sun. If you need to choose which sort of strawberry is the sweetest, then you should pay attention to the dessert varieties: Elvira, Eldorado, Carmen, Primella, Chamora Turusi, Roxana.

Early ripe varieties

Early varieties of strawberries make it possible to harvest the first crop at the end of May. To do this, plants require regular care and feeding. To accelerate the ripening of the fruit, the plants are placed under the covering material.


Variety Masha got spread over 50 years ago. The plant forms a rather compact bush with powerful leaves, a root system, and tall flower stalks.

The first fruits reach a weight of 100 g, then smaller ones weighing from 40 g appear. The berries differ in a crib-like shape and bright red color. The flesh is juicy, high density, sweet-sour taste.

Masha is not susceptible to gray mold, however, in the absence of care, she suffers from powdery mildew and other diseases.

Among large-fruited strawberries, Masha is the most unpretentious and easy to care for. For its landing selects a flat area from the west or south-west side.

Harvest strawberries Masha can be viewed on the photos.


The variety Alba was bred in Italy and is distinguished by its early ripening period. Shrubs grow quite powerful, with a small number of leaves. Often, flower stalks do not withstand the weight of the fruit, and therefore fall to the ground.

The average size of Alba berries is from 30 to 50 g, their shape is conical, and the taste is sour-sweet. The size of the fruit remains large throughout the entire harvest period. One bush brings 1 kg of fruit that is suitable for storage and transportation.

Strawberry is resistant to droughts and winter frosts. Alba has little powdery mildew exposure, however, it requires additional protection against anthracnose.

Giant gornay

The name of the Jornay Giant was due to large fruits reaching 70 g. Early ripening is characteristic of the variety.

The average weight of strawberries is 40 grams, it has a rounded shape, resembling a cone. Feature of the variety is pronounced strawberry flavor.

One bush of the Gornay Giant gives up to 1.5 kg of crop. The plant grows sprawling with large dark leaves. At one place strawberries grow no more than 4 years.

The plant is resistant to diseases. In winter, it can withstand temperatures as low as -18 ° C. For long-term fruiting, the Jorney Giant requires regular watering.


The large-fruited strawberry Elvira belongs to the early varieties, and prefers loamy soils. The yield of the variety is up to 1 kg. Landing requires well-lit areas, moderate windiness is allowed.

The weight of the berries is 60 g, their shape is round, and the taste is pronounced sweet. The dense structure of the pulp contributes to the long-term storage of strawberries.

A feature of the variety is resistance to diseases of the root system. Elvira is grown in greenhouses, however, it tolerates conditions with high humidity and a temperature of 18 - 23 ° C.

Kiss Nellis

Kiss Nellis is a representative of early strawberries. The plant has a powerful bush with a large number of leaves. Strawberry produces powerful flower stalks, which are located under the leaves.

Kiss Nellis is considered a giant, its berries reach a weight of more than 100 g, and the average weight remains 50-60 g.

The berries have the shape of a truncated cone, mostly dark red in color. The flesh is distinguished by a sweet taste with a pronounced aroma. With good care, strawberries yield up to 1.5 kg.

Kiss Nellis is resistant to low winter temperatures, and therefore does not require additional shelter. The grade is a little subject to wreckers and diseases. At one place has been growing for 8 years.


Eliana is a self-pollinating plant and produces crops in the last decade of May. The berries ripen at the same time, and they weigh up to 90 g.

Fruits differ in conical shape, dense pulp, have sweet taste with strawberry aroma. The yield of each plant reaches 2 kg.

Eliana prefers sandy soils. The plant has a high winter hardiness, it is not susceptible to powdery mildew and other diseases.

Mid-season varieties

Strawberries average ripening harvested in June. This includes most of the largest and sweetest varieties obtained by domestic and foreign experts.


Strawberry Lord brought from the UK more than thirty years ago. The variety is medium late, well tolerant of even severe frosts. The height of the bush reaches 60 cm, and the leaves grow large and shiny.

Fruits are formed weighing from 70 to 110 g, have a rich color and sweet-sour taste. During the season, the yield of the Lord reaches 1.5 kg.

Strawberries grow in one place for 10 years. Fruiting begins in late June, lasts until mid-July. Bush grows quickly, gives a lot of mustache.

For planting choose southwestern areas. With a good yield, the flower stalks fall to the ground, therefore it is recommended to mulch the soil with straw.

Gigantella Maxi

Gigantella is a mid-late strawberry, ripening in early July. With quality care from one bush receive 1 kg of the crop.

The weight of the first berries is large and reaches 100 g. As further ripening their size decreases, and the weight is 60 g.

Fruits differ in bright coloring, dense pulp. Gigantella has a sweet taste and strawberry flavor. Its taste is preserved even during prolonged freezing.

Gigantella grows in one place for up to 4 years, after which it requires a transplant. The plant prefers loamy soil, where additionally humus is introduced.


Large-fruited Marshall variety obtained in America, however, has spread to other continents. Strawberries are characterized by medium early ripening and long-term fruiting.

One bush gives up to 0.9 kg of crop. The maximum yield is observed during the first seasons after planting, after which it gradually decreases.

Strawberry Marshall reaches a weight of 90 g, has a sweet taste with a slightly sour. The variety is not recommended to be transported because of the pulp of medium density.

The plant withstands winter frosts up to -30 ° C, however, tolerates drought well. Strawberries are resistant to fungal infections.

El Dorado

The variety Eldorado is bred in America and is notable for large fruits. The plant forms a powerful shrub with dense green foliage. Under the leaves are flower stalks.

Berries stand out in a rich red color and large size (up to 6 cm in length). The flesh is sweet, with a high sugar content, fragrant and fairly dense. Eldorado strawberry is suitable for freezing, and is considered to be a dessert variety in its characteristics.

The ripening period of Eldorado is medium. The plant tolerates temperature drops. Strawberry is resistant to gray rot and other diseases. Each bush brings up to 1.5 kg.


Carmen strawberry hails from the Czech Republic. This is a medium late productive variety with large berries. The plant forms a bush with dense foliage and powerful flower stalks. The yield per season is up to 1 kg.

The average fruit weight is 40 g. Carmen is valued for its taste. The berries have a high sweetness with a taste of wild strawberries, have a blunt-conical shape.

Winter resistance Carmen remains at moderate damage, so the plant requires shelter for the winter. Carmen has little disease.


Primella is a Dutch variety ripening in the middle of summer. Differs in large berries weighing up to 70 g.

Strawberries produce red, unevenly colored fruits in the shape of a rounded cone. Primella has a sweet taste, according to the description of many gardeners there are notes of pineapple. Fruit ripening stretched for several weeks.

The bush is formed powerful and sprawling. At one place grows 5-7 years. Primella is resistant to diseases, does not require special care, grows in various types of soil.

Kamrad Winner

Strawberry variety Kamrad Winner from Germany has an average ripening time. Fruiting occurs even with a short light day. The plant is quite tall and spreading.

Comrade Winner gives berries weighing up to 100 g. Average weights are 40 g. The variety is dessert, with delicate fragrant pulp.

In the first year, the yield is not the highest, but next year the crop increases significantly. At one place bears fruit up to 5 years.

Comrade Winner undemanding to external conditions, tolerates drought, low temperatures.


Tsunami obtained by Japanese scientists as a result of breeding. It is a powerful shrub that stands out with thick flower stalks and large leaves.

Berries of the first harvest have a weight of 100-120 g. The shape of fruits is comb-like, while the flesh has a delicate taste and nutmeg aroma. The grade belongs to dessert, especially appreciated for the flavoring properties.

Tsunami is resistant to frost, dry weather, it is often chosen for growing in the northern regions.

Late ripening varieties

Late large varieties of strawberries actively fruiting in late July. During this period, the plants receive the necessary amount of heat and sun, so they give sweet berries.

Chamora Turusi

Chamora Turusi is distinguished by good yield and large fruits. The maximum weight of the berries is 80-110 g, for the entire fruiting time their average weight remains at the level of 50-70 g

The fruits are dark in color and rounded with a pronounced comb. They taste sweet, sugary, have a strong aroma. In the final stages of the harvest, the taste qualities of strawberries are enhanced.

Each bush gives up to 1.2 kg of fruits per season. The harvest period lasts 2 months. To obtain large strawberry berries require careful watering. In hot climates, plants are planted in partial shade.


The UK is a mid-grade variety that stands out for increased yields. Its origin is unknown, however, this does not prevent the spread of strawberries in the garden plots.

The berries have a rounded conical shape and weight up to 120 g. The average weight of fruits reaches 40 g, they form even, large, with a sweet-sour taste.

Productivity of a grade makes up to 2 kg from one plant. The United Kingdom is resistant to spring frosts and has little disease. Fruits are suitable for transportation, do not crumple, are stored for a long time.


The variety Roxana is bred in Italy and is distinguished by middle-maturity. Fruits have a weight of 80-110 g, differ in dessert taste, have a pleasant aroma.

Bushes are quite compact, have a powerful rhizome and a lot of leaves. Berries ripen at the same time and acquire a cady taste, even at low temperatures and low light. Roxana is used for growing in the autumn.

The yield of each plant is 1.2 kg. Roxana is transferred to winter frosts from -20 ° С. Strawberries are subject to long-term storage and transportation.


The best varieties of strawberries allow you to get berries weighing from 50 g. The largest fruits are removed first, the size of subsequent berries decreases. For planting, you can choose strawberries early, medium or late ripening. Most of them require minimal care and are resistant to diseases.