Tomato Buyan


Every gardener who grows tomatoes knows what requirements a universal variety must meet. The main advantage of this vegetable is good yield, taste and ease of maintenance.

Tomato "Buyan" includes all these factors.

Attention! This variety has another name - “Fighter”. Both names have got accustomed, and everyone calls him as he likes.

For the first time, "Buyan" was launched in Siberia in 2012 and is perfect for such a cool climate. There are two varieties of this variety: "Red Buyan" and "Yellow Buyan". They differ slightly in the shape of the fruit, but in general have the same properties. In the photo you can see those and other tomatoes.

Characteristics of a variety

“Buyan” tomatoes can be attributed to early ripening varieties, since only about 100 days pass from the germination of the seedlings to the ripening of the first tomatoes. The peculiarity of tomato is that it is a bush plant, determinant, and not tall, as we used to be. Its height can reach up to 50 cm. The number of leaves is average. Inflorescences are formed every 2 leaves.

Attention! The main advantage is that the bush does not need a garter and pinching.

Care does not require much time and effort.

The tomato is suitable both for an open ground, and for greenhouses. It tolerates any weather conditions: cold and drought. It has moderate disease resistance to bacteria, and does not respond to tobacco mosaic viruses.

Fruits very generously: from 1 m2 You can collect about 25 kg of tomato. Tomatoes are cylindrical, resemble plum. The skin is smooth and shiny. Unripe green fruit with dark spots, ripe - rich red. The first tomatoes are always slightly larger, but on average they weigh about 70 g. The number of seeds is very small, 4-5 seed chambers per tomato. It tastes sweet, but slightly sour, which is ideal for tomatoes. It is a pity that the photo does not convey the taste and smell, but we can see in a section how fleshy and juicy they are.

This variety of tomato is perfect for pickling, as the skin of the tomato is strong and will not crack. You can also eat fresh, stewed and dried. Suitable for freezing. But to keep the Buyan tomato fresh for the winter will not work.

So, the description of the variety “Buyan” has shown that it is almost an ideal tomato. The variety does not require much attention, does not need cutting of leaves and garter, which is very surprising for such high-yielding tomatoes. Easily tolerates temperature drops and matures very quickly.

Attention! The only, but not the most critical drawback, is that tomatoes of this variety are not stored fresh for a long time.

With modern technology, you can not worry about it, because when you freeze the taste of fresh tomatoes is almost not lost.

Growing up

This variety is sown in March. Seeds should be placed in the soil to a depth of about 2 cm. It is very easy to do this in this way: seeds are sown on tamped soil, sprinkled with a thin layer of soil mixed with peat on top. You can water the seedlings through a sieve or spray. Boxes covered with foil and stored in a warm place. When the tomatoes sprout, remove the film, and put the seedlings in a place with good exposure to sunlight.

Picks should begin after the appearance of 1-2 full leaves. Feed sprouts before planting preferably at least 2-3 times. We begin to temper when a week remains before the landing. After the frosts have ended, we begin to plant in the ground. At 1m2 about 8-9 bushes will be ideal density.

Tip! Watering need tomatoes in the evening, warm water.

Do not forget about the feed and loosening. Before flowering, it is advisable to feed tomatoes with mineral fertilizers. And after the first fruits appeared, potassium is necessary for the plant.

Diseases and pests

Variety "Buyan" steadfastly struggling with many diseases. This contributes to the proper care of plants. When all the rules and recommendations for care are fulfilled, no pests and diseases are terrible for tomatoes. But of course, to protect the plant from everything is simply impossible. It happens that on the fruit spots appear green. For this variety is a normal phenomenon. The spots disappear when the fruit is fully ripe. In addition, cracks may form. There can be several reasons:

  • too wet soil (perhaps you need to water the plants less often);
  • excess feeding;
  • a large number of fruits on the bush;
  • not enough light.

For prevention, it is necessary to treat plants from late blight. These rules must be observed when growing all varieties of tomatoes, but it is the “Fighter” who will be the first to delight the owners with a bountiful harvest.


Maria, 39 years old, Chelyabinsk. I have grown Buyan tomatoes for 5 years. This is my favorite brand. Low bushes, do not require a garter and pinching. Just what I need, because it is very difficult to care for high varieties. The fruits are not very large, but smooth and even. I make conservation of them, the fruits do not crack in the bank. Also, it turns out very tasty juice, thick and slightly sour. I do not know why they say that they are poorly stored fresh. I once picked the fruit still green and by the New Year, I had beautiful and ripe tomatoes, which so decorated our table. I collect the seeds myself. I recommend this variety to everyone! Oksana, 43 years old, Krasnoyarsk Had experience in growing the variety “Fighter” of yellow color. The variety is early ripe, bush. The fruit is medium density, smooth and neat. Unripe tomatoes with small dark green spots, but when ripened, become lemon yellow. The average fruit weight is about 100 grams, maximum - 150 g. The variety is resistant to weather conditions, and care for it is quite simple. If we compare the red and yellow species of the "Buyan", then the yellow ones are larger. Ideal for salads and pickling. Alena, 35 years old, Yekaterinburg, cultivated Buyan tomatoes last summer. As my colleague said, the variety is unpretentious neither to care nor to external conditions. I was very surprised because it turned out that way. They grew on my field, surrounded by weeds, not tied up and not stepson. To defend the water was not possible, so that watered from the well. I thought that with such care I would not collect anything at all. But, and in salads ate, and rolled up for the winter. This year I will buy the seeds of this variety again.

Let's sum up

The description of this variety is fully true. Tomatoes are really unpretentious and high-yielding. According to experienced gardeners, the variety “Buyan” is ideal for a cold climate. The hostesses who tried to grow it were very pleased.