Tomato Goldfish: reviews + photos


Tomatoes have long ceased to be associated with amateur and professional gardeners with red. First came pink, then yellow and orange tomatoes. Finally, it came to white, black, purple and even green tomatoes. Yes, tomatoes can be green, but at the same time completely ripe and even much sweeter in taste than ordinary red tomatoes.

Tomatoes of each color are responsible for some specific properties of the fruit, for example, tomatoes of yellow and orange flowers are characterized by a high content of beta-carotene. In addition, the very yellow color of tomatoes is caused by the presence of provitamin A in them, which is able to prevent the development of oncological diseases. Yellow tomatoes are characterized by low acidity and a high content of dry substances and can be eaten for people who have allergic reactions to traditional red tomatoes. Therefore, yellow varieties of tomatoes must be grown on sites, along with their red counterparts. Moreover, they are not at all distinguished by their particular capriciousness and exactingness.

And the Golden Fish tomato, the description and characteristics of the variety of which will be presented in this article, is one of the most attractive yellow tomatoes grown in our country.

Variety description

A tomato with such a fabulously fascinating name Golden Fish, was bred in the difficult 90s of the last century by the breeders of the seed company Gisok. In 1999, he was officially admitted to register with the state register with admission to all regions of Russia. This variety of tomatoes with equal success can be grown both in greenhouses and in the open field.

The variety is indeterminate, that is, it will grow and develop without any restrictions, if it is not stopped in time. Therefore, to limit the growth of the tomato bush is not only possible but necessary, especially in regions with a short and not very warm summer. However, in these areas, it is strongly recommended to grow a Goldenfish tomato exclusively in greenhouses, since due to the late ripening period in the open field, it is unlikely that it will be able to see its beautiful ripe fruits. They just do not have time to mature.

It is desirable to form this tomato in one stalk, in areas where there is enough sunlight and heat, you can try to leave from two to four stalks. This will favorably affect the yield, but only on the condition of regular and high-quality fertilizing.

In height the bush of a tomato the Goldfish can reach two meters and more. But it is difficult to call a bush powerful, its stems are of medium thickness and it needs an obligatory garter. Leaves of light green color are characterized by a special openwork. According to reviews of some gardeners endowed with a rich imagination, they resemble the tails of a goldfish.

This tomato forms a simple inflorescence. The very first inflorescence is laid quite high off the ground - after 8 or 9 leaves. In the future, the formation of inflorescences should be every 3 sheets.

In terms of ripening, this variety of tomato can be attributed more to mid-season, and even to late-ripening. It ripens for quite a long time and it may take at least 120 days from germination to the appearance of the first beautifully colored fruits.

The yield of tomato Goldfish is at a good level and is up to 9 kg of tomatoes from 1 square. meter

Comment! In the open ground, such an output of fruit per square meter can be obtained only in the southern regions.

The tomato of this variety is quite resistant to various adverse weather conditions and, most importantly, has a low susceptibility to late blight. Among the drawbacks can be seen its weak resistance to non-infectious apical rot of tomatoes. But this trouble is quite easily cured even at the stage of tomato seedlings with obligatory dressing with various microelements and, especially, with calcium. In addition, it is necessary to maintain the soil under the bushes of tomatoes in a moderately wet state, for example, with the help of mulch and many problems will disappear by themselves.

Fruit characteristics

The spectacle of the bushes of a fruit-bearing tomato Golden fish can leave few people indifferent. So, the fruits of this variety have the following characteristics:

  • Tomatoes have a well-defined finger-like shape with an outstanding spout on the tail. Some call this type of tomato icicles, which very accurately conveys their image.
  • At the stage of technical maturity, the fruits have a dark green color with a pronounced spot on the stem. Ripening, tomatoes are painted in rich yellow and sometimes orange. With a lack of heat and light, the green spot at the stem can remain in a mature state.
  • The flesh is dense, but rather juicy, the skin is thin, the fruit may be prone to cracking with a lack of some mineral elements. The number of nests is no more than two.
  • Tomatoes are small in size, each about 90 -100 g, grown with brushes, which consist of 4-8 fruits each.
  • The taste of tomatoes can even be called dessert, they are so sweet. Fruit abundantly and continuously, as far as possible until the frost.
  • Tomatoes Goldfish are equally good for fresh consumption, directly from the bush or in salads, and for canning with whole fruits. Due to their small size, they will climb into any jar.

Features of growing

Due to the long ripening periods of this period, it is recommended to sow a Golden Fish tomato as early as possible; you can begin as early as February. The deadlines can be considered the first decade of March.

Growing tomato seedlings produced in the traditional way. It is only necessary to take into account the tendency of tomatoes of this variety to be affected by apical rot, therefore it is imperative to follow the balanced feedings during the entire growing period: from seedlings to harvest.

Tomato seedlings can be planted in the greenhouse already in mid-May, and for planting in open ground it is better to wait for the start of the calendar summer. The best planting scheme for tomato plants of this variety is 50x60 cm.

Before planting, fill the soil with ashes and lime so as to be sure of sufficient calcium content in the soil. True, caution should be exercised, since excess calcium is also harmful, as is its deficiency.

Reviews gardeners

Reviews of people who planted this variety of tomatoes are quite diverse, but positive characteristics still prevail. Some discrepancies with the declared yield and growth characteristics are explained either by re-grading, or not quite correct agricultural engineering.

Timofey, 39 years old, Bryansk. He grew up a tomato Golden Fish in a greenhouse, tall bushes, led some in two, some in three trunks. The harvest was quite decent, at least he arranged for me. Tomatoes are great, tasty, you can even say sweet. Well kept almost until November. The only thing he constantly tried to get sick with top rot, but dressing quickly corrected the situation.

Karina, 29 years old, Samara. We have been growing Goldfish for four years in a row, and are going to plant it in the future. Usually, this tomato blows up to the very roof of the greenhouse, so it is forced to pinch the top of it, although it is pitiful, because it is actively blooming and many fruits are knitted during this period. Before that I formed two stems, now I want to try to leave three - the crop, I hope, will have time to ripen. The stems are not particularly powerful, but the bush twists with tremendous force, so there is no way without a garter. And the leaves really resemble the tails of goldfish - just like from a fairy tale. They are elongated, lacy and usually down. In the heat, they start to wither right away, so you need to water the bushes regularly and plentifully. But, of course, the most important thing for us is tomatoes! They are very tasty! Plump, fleshy and very sweet. Children and adults eat them immediately. But quite a lot of fruit, so enough for everyone, and for salads, and so to eat, and for canning. The color of tomatoes is bright yellow, almost orange, with a brush ranging from four to 12 pieces. In the first brushes - some more fruits, but at the end of the season - forms large brushes of tomatoes.

Margarita, 49 years old, Borisoglebsk. Tomatoes Golden fish was advised to me by a friend. She has the first time and took seedlings - she has been growing it for several years. I am also a beginner tomato scientist, planted these tomato bushes in the open field. Nothing particularly fed, except for whey and phytosporin. I liked the variety of tomatoes. Even though some fruits were damaged by top rot, the crop was very good. Especially in comparison with large-fruited tomatoes Pink Giant and Bull Heart. And the tomatoes are very good in taste. I do not like sour, but these are quite sugary. So I will still grow necessarily.


Tomatoes varieties Goldfish can be called one of the best among yellow-growing medium-sized tomatoes, the average ripening period. Both on productivity, and on flavoring characteristics they usually do not cause censures. And a certain tendency to diseases can be prevented by competent care of them.