Strawberry pests: photos and their treatment


Pests of garden strawberries cause irreparable harm to the bushes themselves and negatively affect their fruiting. To combat insects used chemical and folk remedies. Increased attention is paid to the care of plants and preventive measures.

Strawberry processing steps

To prevent the spread of pests, several processing steps are required:

  • spring - before the start of flowering strawberries;
  • Autumn - after harvest.

The most effective insect pests strawberry chemicals. However, most of them are not allowed to apply during the growing season of plants. Preparations are used strictly in accordance with the instructions.

Folk remedies have a more gentle effect on strawberries and are used to disinfect soil and soil.

Important! Traditional methods are allowed to use until the berries appear.

Processing plantings produced by irrigation or spraying. For the procedure, the morning or evening period is selected, when there is no wind, rain or direct sunlight.

The following methods will help in the question of how to save strawberries from insect colonization:

  • purchase seedlings from reputable manufacturers;
  • disinfect the soil and seedlings before planting in a permanent place;
  • timely fertilize;
  • remove topsoil where most insects spend the winter;
  • prevent overmoistening of the soil;
  • trim mustache and old leaves.

What to plant next to strawberries to scare insects? Pests bypass marigold, calendula, borage, tansy, tobacco. Onions and garlic are planted in the garden every 30 cm.

Strawberry Pests

Garden pests live in the soil or on strawberry bushes. These insects spread diseases, feed on plant roots and leaves, and some of them prefer to eat fruit. Photos of strawberry pests and their control are given below.


Strawberry weevil is a small beetle no more than 3 mm long. Insect spends winter in the ground under the fallen leaves. In the spring, the female weevil lays eggs in strawberry buds, which causes them to fall off.

Weevil larvae appear in July and eat the leaves of plants. On strawberry weevil can destroy more than 50 inflorescences.

Tip! The first processing from the weevil is carried out before the flowering of strawberries, then the procedure is repeated in the middle of summer.

The procedure is performed using special preparations - Intra-vir, Namabact and Antonem-F.

A folk remedy for pests is a solution of iodine. It is taken in the amount of 1 tsp. and dissolved in one bucket of water.

During the formation of the berries, handle the weevil plantings with the following means:

  • 10 g of mustard powder in a bucket of water;
  • 2 kg of wood ash per bucket of water;
  • solution of potassium permanganate (5 g) in 10 liters of water.

Strawberry leaf beetle

A small bug with a length of up to 4 mm yellowish eats strawberry leaves, however, it also prefers other greens on the site. Beetle larvae appear in the period when the strawberry begins to bloom.

Determination can be determined by the set of holes in the leaves, dried foliage and small berries. Fighting a pest is complicated by its rapid spread.

Important! The lower part of the leaves of strawberry sprayed with drugs ("Karbofos", "Metafos", "Nurell D").

When using chemicals, strawberries are harvested from pests twice before flowering. Additionally, the procedure is performed after harvesting.

To prevent the spread of leaf beetles, weeding should be carried out in a timely manner in the beds. In early spring, strawberries can be sprinkled with tobacco dust.

Maybot larvae

Cockchafer is a large brown insect. The greatest danger to planting is its larvae, eating humus and plant roots. Their development takes several years.

Important! Maybirds larvae damage the root system of plants, which negatively affects their development.

You can destroy strawberry pests with chemicals ("Nurell D", "Karate"). For spraying used drugs "Basudin", "Zolon", "Aktara".

Larvae can be harvested by hand during the digging of the beds. An effective remedy is the infusion of onion peel. To do this, fill the bucket by a third with husks, pour water and insist for 5 days. The resulting tool must be diluted with water in equal proportions to pour strawberries.

Strawberry Mite

This species of mite destroys the color buds that form at the end of summer. The insect feeds on plant sap and is a white insect up to 2 mm long.

Important! The presence of strawberry mite is determined by wrinkled leaves and the slow development of strawberries.

Insect enters the ground with infected seedlings. Therefore, before planting, strawberries are dipped for 15 minutes in water with a temperature of about 45 ° C.

Strawberry mite activity increases with high humidity. What to process strawberries, choose from chemical or folk remedies. For the treatment of plants used colloidal sulfur or "Malathion".

The procedure is carried out before the beginning of the growth of foliage, then it is repeated after receiving the harvest. Additionally, the plants are sprayed with an infusion of onion peel, garlic or dandelion.

Spider mite

It is possible to determine the spider mite by a large number of spider webs that envelops the plant. The pest has the appearance of a small green insect picking out the lower strawberry leaves. Mites feeds on plant sap, which leads to the death of foliage.

Tip! First, the affected parts of the plants are removed. Spider mite appears when there is a lack of moisture, so you need to follow the mode of watering strawberries.

To control pests of strawberries, phyto-zeules are planted in the garden. It is a species of mite fighting other insects.

The best option to get rid of spider mites is the use of drugs "Ortus", "Omite", "Nurell D". It is also allowed to use an infusion of tobacco, onion, garlic, bitter pepper. Pest strawberries are treated by spraying.


A nematode cannot be determined with the naked eye, since its dimensions do not exceed 1 mm. Insect lives in the axils and kidneys of strawberries. Its activity leads to deformation and darkening of the leaves, the slow development of the bushes and lower yields.

Nematodes spread with infected seedlings and live in soil for up to 10 years. To combat the pest of strawberries used "Fitoverm", destroying its larvae. With extensive infection resort to treatment with methyl bromide.

Tip! For the prevention of the bushes watered in the spring with warm water.

Universal methods, how to deal with a nematode, is not developed. Shrubs are excavated and burned to prevent the spread of pests.

White fly

The strawberry whitefly is a small butterfly up to 1 mm in size. Her wings are covered in wax pollen. Insect does not tolerate exposure to the sun and prefers shady areas.

Whitefly larvae feed on plant sap. As a result of their exposure, strawberry leaves curl and yellow spots appear on them. The whitefly leaves traces resembling sugar.

The transfer of the beds to sunny areas will help to avoid the spread of the whitefly on strawberries. It is also necessary to provide the plants with the necessary care (remove weeds, clean the planting from the leaves).

Tip! Against the whitefly, Sharpey, Karate, Nurell D are effective. They are used before flowering and after harvest.

In small areas it is allowed to apply folk methods. This includes garlic infusion and a decoction of Dalmatian chamomile flowers.


Bronze is a black beetle with many hairs. Its larvae prefer plant roots and humus. The invasion of bronzovka is determined by the eaten leaves and damaged peduncles.

Digging up the soil and eliminating the larvae and adult insects will help get rid of the bronze. Since the pest occurs during the flowering and fruiting of strawberries, this makes it difficult to chemically treat the plantings.

Tip! We get rid of bronzovka with the preparation “Calypso”, which is used at any stage of strawberry development.


A bear is an insect of brown color up to 6 cm long. Its larvae feed on plants for two years. The defeat of Medvedka is determined by the destroyed root system and wilting strawberries.

Tip! Measures to combat Medvedka - this is the bait of grain and toxic substances. Traps are buried in the ground at a shallow depth.

Honey is used as bait, which is placed in a glass jar and buried in the ground. From chemical agents choose "Zolon", "Marshall", "Basudin".


Aphids are small pests that colonize the stalks, leaves and flowers of strawberries. Insects live in colonies, multiply rapidly and inhabit neighboring plants.

Important! You can determine aphid by deformed and yellow leaves, a sticky mass, and stopping the development of buds.

Chemical agents Zolon, Sharpei, Nurell D work well against aphids. Processing is carried out before the flowering of strawberries, and then repeated after harvest. From folk remedies we are fighting with this pest with soapy water, decoction of tobacco and bitter pepper tincture.

Tobacco thrips

Tobacco thrips has a yellow or brown color and narrow dark wings, and its length does not reach 1 mm. The insect eats the lower leaves of strawberry.

Thrips can be detected by deformation and leaf fall. Strawberry flower stalks suffer from insect invasion.

Tip! For the treatment of plants planted in the ground, the chemicals Zolon, Nurell D and Karate are used. The procedure is carried out every week before flowering.

An additional procedure for deciding how to protect strawberries is sprinkling with soapy water. Another folk remedy is dandelion infusion. For its preparation, the container is filled with one third of these plants, then it is poured with water. Infusion is left for 4 days. Before using it add a little ash.


With a decrease in temperature and high humidity slugs appear on the site. They are most active at night when they eat leaves and strawberries.

Tip! To protect the strawberries from slugs, soil is mulched. For this fit sawdust or special film.

A small ditch around strawberry bushes, which is filled with tobacco, ground pepper, lime or wood ash, will help protect the land from slugs. Use of the granulated substances is allowed.

Slugs do not tolerate phosphate or potash fertilizers, which can be scattered along the rows with strawberries.


What means to use for pest control depends on the time of their detection. Usually, the damage caused by insects is noticeable during the growing season of strawberries. The use of strong chemicals is not allowed at this time. Therefore, an increased attention is paid to strawberry care and preventive treatment.