Kimberley Strawberry


The list of strawberry varieties for growing in the suburban areas is so extensive that it is difficult for a beginning gardener to choose the “best” one. Garden strawberries ripen at different times. This is convenient for berry lovers:

  1. The first early strawberry pleases with delicious fruits after the winter break.
  2. Middle and late help to make a berry mix with other cultures.
  3. The remontress spoils the whole season with delicious delicacies.

Garden strawberries "Kimberly" refers to varieties of early ripening, therefore loved by many gardeners. The first berries can be harvested before other strawberry varieties.

Bred strawberry variety "Kimberly" in the Netherlands. Two remarkable species were selected for crossing - Chandler and Gorella. Both are familiar to Russian gardeners and are successfully grown on plots. They are hardy and unpretentious, with large berries of excellent taste. Strawberry "Kimberly" surpassed its "parents" in many ways. The Kimberley variety is a garden strawberry, and strawberries are called out of habit, through ignorance or for convenience. Strawberry "Kimberly", description of the variety, photos, reviews of gardeners - all this you will find in our article. The second known name of this variety is “Wim Kimberly”.

Description of the popular variety

Strawberry varieties are valued by the main indicators - yield, demanding of growing conditions and resistance to adverse factors. The latter include climatic and soil characteristics, the impact of pathogens, pests. Which of these requirements of gardeners is fully satisfied with Kimberley strawberries, the description of which variety will be discussed in this article?

First, it is necessary to note the excellent aroma and taste of Kimberly variety berries. According to the expert assessment scale of these indicators, it is at a high mark. The fruits are beautiful, with a slight gloss, conical, well-suited for any kind of use. If part of the crop is not eaten fresh, then the variety perfectly withstands harvesting and freezing.

Large-fruited and high yield are the main advantages of the Kimberly variety of strawberries. If we add to this also good transportability, then the merits of the berry are almost described. It remains to list:

  • early fruiting;
  • the structure of the bush, preventing the contact of the berries to the ground;
  • dense flesh (no voids);
  • high quality presentation;
  • resistance to cold and fungal infections.

To make the description of Kimberley variety strawberries complete, add flaws that are noted by lovers of fragrant berries:

  • subject to frequent pest attacks;
  • short period of fruiting (from 2 to 3 weeks, not more);
  • single fruiting;
  • poorly tolerated drought.

Despite the presence of deficiencies, good competent care for the planting of strawberries of the Kimberley variety will bring up to 2 kg of delicious berries from one bush.

What nuances must be considered to grow a decent crop? Of course, this is the correct fit and care. Paying attention to these points, you can enjoy the results already in the first year of cultivation of the variety.

How to plant strawberries on the plot

Plant strawberries "Kimberly" can be in the usual technology for strawberry bushes. This early variety is resistant to frost, so it is considered to be hardy. However, if the bushes have to grow in adverse weather conditions, this will affect the size of the berries and the overall yield. But this characteristic is very important for gardeners who prefer to grow the Kimberley variety on their own plot.

Therefore, we start with the selection of seedlings. Plant endurance depends on the quality of seedlings. The rules by which the bushes are chosen are better fulfilled than neglected.

Do not buy seedlings from strangers and in random places. To be sure of the quality of purchased seedlings, purchase them at a nursery, specialty store, or from a farmer selling ripe berries.

How to choose good bushes?

Examine their appearance. The leaves should be saturated green, monochromatic, without stains, dry places and damage. This will confirm that the seedling is not infected with a fungal infection, and you do not infect the rest of the planting of strawberries. Especially avoid buying strawberry seedlings "Kimberley" with pale leaves and dark dots on the leaf plates.

Important! When buying seedlings of strawberry varieties "Kimberly" do not take bushes with wrinkled or faded leaves.

These factors indicate the presence of disease seedlings.

Choose seedlings in containers and labeled with the name of the variety, if you are far from a purchase. Without packaging, take seedlings with a good root system:

  • root length not less than 7 cm:
  • no damaged and dry roots;
  • the whole root is moistened and not over dried.

When planting is delayed, store Kimberley strawberry seedlings in water to protect the plant from death and give it the opportunity to be saturated with moisture.

Prepare the site before the ridge. Choose a sunny place, because Kimberley garden strawberries are very demanding on the amount of light. But it is very important that the ridges are protected from the wind. You should not plant a variety of "Wim Kimberly" in the place where solanaceous crops grew.

Important! The best location of the ridges for strawberry garden "Kimberley" - a small slope in a southerly direction.

The requirements that Kimberley garden strawberries make to the soil can be called classic - good air permeability, fertility and the small presence of sand and peat. What activities need to be held on your soil, will prompt the analysis of its composition.

It is possible to increase the fertility and improve the structure of the soil for planting strawberries "Kimberley" in standard ways.

Before planting seedlings remove plant residues and weeds from the selected area. Pre-disinfect the earth with disinfectants. You can buy them in garden stores, and to prepare the composition for processing is very easy according to the description on the package.

Proper planting strawberry garden "Kimberley" includes several items:

  1. The distance between the bushes can withstand a large, not less than 30 cm. This is done so that with the help of a mustache a strawberry without thinning fills the bed tightly.
  2. Hole do deep. After planting the bush should be below the ground level. What it gives. Firstly, moisture is well retained after watering, and secondly, strawberries, a variety of which breeds with a mustache, will rise up over time.
  3. Before planting, seedlings add half a glass of ash and humus (compost) to each well. The roots are covered with earth, carefully monitored so that there are no interlayers of air. The growth point is located at ground level. If it is deepened, the plant will rot. If it is high - strawberries "Kimberly" will not survive the cold season.
  4. Immediately watered plentifully bushes.
Important! When autumn planting (end of August - September), cut off the old leaves to facilitate the planting period.

The first week after planting, seedlings of the Kimberley garden strawberry variety are watered daily.

Care for the harvest of berries

For each summer resident it is important to adhere to the basic requirements of agrotechnics when growing garden strawberries. The Kimberley variety needs more attention during the rooting period. If this is not done, then part of the seedlings can be lost.

For young bushes need daily watering for 10 days.

After soaking up the water, loosen the soil. This is done very carefully, so as not to damage the roots.

A warning! Skip the loosening is impossible - on the soil immediately formed a crust, preventing the flow of air and moisture.

As soon as the seedlings mature, watering is reduced, but we should not forget the weeding and loosening.

This will save the planting from the spread of disease and increase the yield of the variety.

Kimberley garden strawberries are fed four times in a season:

  • in early spring after the snow melted;
  • before flowering bushes;
  • after flowering;
  • after harvest in late summer.

Feed the bushes of garden strawberries "Kimberly" organic and mineral compounds.

If you use infusions of mullein and bird droppings, then do not forget to withstand the ratio of water and fertilizer. Organic compounds are very strong, so overdose is highly undesirable. From mineral components strawberry "Kimberly" needs nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. It is good to use ready-made fertilizers for strawberries from different manufacturers.

Mulching makes it easier for gardeners to grow a good crop. Strawberry varieties "Kimberly" can not withstand the drying of the soil and does not like neighbors, weeds. Therefore, mulching strawberry ridges is very useful for the Kimberly variety. Suitable dry grass or leaves, straw, needles of coniferous trees. Many gardeners use covering materials. The optimal time to shelter the soil - the active flowering of strawberries "Wim Kimberley."

Important! When using grass or straw, dry the mulch thoroughly. This will save seedlings from pest invasion and the appearance of diseases.

Pruning bushes in the autumn is carried out annually.

But after picking berries, experienced gardeners also prune the Kimberley variety. In this case, new shoots are actively growing.

Shelter for the winter. For it, spruce branches, non-woven materials are used (to avoid black linen).

The cultivation of the Kimberley variety of strawberries is considered grateful to the truckers.

Tasty, large berries cover all the time and physical costs of care.


Among gardeners about the Kimberley variety only positive reviews:

Elena Velyaminova, Bratsk We all love strawberries - from young to old. Variety "Kimberly" acquired at the fair. Very pleased. Characteristics clearly correspond to the description, care is traditional (only carefully monitor the watering). The berries are large, beautiful, very tasty and fragrant. Sheer pleasure to eat such strawberries! Margarita Zemtsova, Novosibirsk It is difficult to allocate time to work in the country. But on the beds of strawberries "Kimberly" I rest. So grateful variety that any care immediately returns excellent berry. Bushes in the country a little, but high yields, enough fruit for harvesting, and eat fresh.