How to make a box for storing potatoes in the winter


If you love potatoes and plan to stock up on it for the winter, then you need to make every effort to create suitable conditions for its storage in the winter. If for the residents of a private house this task is simplified, then for the residents of apartment buildings one has to do something. Especially problematic if you live in an apartment and you do not have a garage with a basement. However, there is a way out. You can make a special box for storing potatoes on the balcony in winter. In this article we will look at useful tips on how to do it. We hope this material will be useful for you, especially if you are looking for the best solution.

Where to start

First of all, you need to decide on a suitable place to build a box for storing potatoes on the balcony in winter. So, you should decide where it will be installed. First of all, it should not interfere with the free movement on the balcony or loggia. It is also not recommended to build a box for storing potatoes close to the outer wall. From it will pull constantly cold in the winter.

Among other things, it is necessary to decide what will be the size of the structure for storing potatoes in the winter. To do this, make an analysis, namely how many people in your family, whether everyone loves potatoes, what the size of the balcony and the like. Of course, you can not make a box on half the balcony and store there up to 600 pounds.

It is also worth thinking about the shape of the tank for storing potatoes. Some decide to combine this device, for example, by finishing the drawer so that it serves as a seat. Perhaps it will be a built-in construction or a detached one that can be moved as needed. Someone wishes to collect capacity for storing potatoes on a square or rectangular balcony. There are no strict rules in this matter.

It is also worth considering in advance what materials will be used in the construction of containers for storing potatoes on the balcony in winter. You may need the following materials:

  • Boards.
  • Plywood.
  • The bars.
  • Fasteners.
  • Heat insulation material and so on.

It would be nice to design the shape of the future box. Some make it of this type:

  1. Made design with double walls of wood.
  2. Insulating material is packed between the walls.
  3. Additionally, to maintain the positive temperature inside the box on the balcony in the winter time incandescent lamp is installed.

The created box for winter storage of this type will allow you to maintain an excellent temperature and keep the potatoes all winter on the balcony.

Making a box

So, now we will take a closer look at how to make a box for storing potatoes in the winter with your own hands. So, first of all you decide on the chosen place, as well as on the sizes. The whole process of making a construction for a potato with your own hands comes down to the following algorithm.

For the given dimensions you saw off wooden blocks to form the frame of the box. First, the bars are fixed to the floor in a horizontal position, and then in a vertical position. Plywood or other board material is also cut to form the wall. On the base, be sure to fasten a board or piece of plywood. This is important to prevent direct contact of the potato with the concrete surface.

The next step is insulation. So, attached insulation. Foam, mineral wool, polystyrene foam or other material can be used for this purpose. Insulation layer depends on several factors. For example, your balcony is insulated or not, how severe the winters are in your area and so on. Installed insulation necessarily closed board or the same plywood.

Be sure to organize the lid of the drawer for storing potatoes on the balcony in winter. It is also made of boards or plywood. On the inside, the lid is necessarily insulated. It is important to ensure that a good tightness is formed in the closed state. Therefore, for the convenience of opening and closing it, you can fasten a handle.

Also organized a kind of heating for storage in the winter. Mount the tin pipe inside the box and fix the incandescent lamp inside it. As for the wiring, in order to avoid direct contact with the wooden structure, it is necessary to place them in a special protective corrugation. Additionally installed switch. It is best to install it inside the apartment. This will allow you to turn on the lamp for forcing the temperature inside the potato storage facility, without going to the balcony in winter.

Also organized and ventilation. As ventilation can act the usual technological openings from the bottom of the structure. Remember, the purpose of ventilation is to ensure the change of air inside the box. However, in this issue should take into account some of the nuances:

  • Air vents are not drilled from all sides of the box. The side that adjoins the wall of the balcony should remain intact.
  • Holes must not be larger than 3 mm. Otherwise, it can lead to freezing of root crops on the balcony in winter.
  • Do not rush when drilling holes. Plywood or other facing material should not be cracked. Because of their appearance, the box made will quickly fail.
  • It is not necessary to drill holes at the bottom of the structure. If there is soil on the potato, it will remain inside the container and not get enough sleep.

So, as we have seen, making a container for storing potatoes in the winter on the balcony is an excellent solution for many apartment dwellers. Following this simple instructions, you can do all the work with their own hands. As for the design of this building, it all depends on your imagination. For example, you can, using foam rubber to make a soft upholstery. Some additionally secure the back for convenience. This will allow you to organize a place for gatherings on the balcony at any time of the year over a cup of coffee.


As you can see, there is a decision on how to store potatoes in winter in city apartments. It remains for you to realize all these ideas. Well-made design will last you a very long time. Even if you change your mind after a while to keep potatoes in it, such a warm box can be used for other root vegetables. In any case, the farm he just come in handy. We hope that this material has given you useful food for thought. In addition to all, we recommend that you watch the video at the end of this article. He will help you to consolidate all the theory provided by the real practice of home craftsmen.