Weeded weeds: instructions for use


If you are in search of a highly effective means to combat weeds, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a new highly effective herbicide preparation - Weeded. Already, many gardeners use it and confirm that this is a great remedy for weeds. In this article, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with all the features of this drug, and also provide instructions for use.

Drug description

Propolol is a herbicide against a wide variety of weeds. So, it is successfully used to combat annual, biennial and perennial weeds in the garden. The principle of its action lies in the fact that its composition penetrates into the roots of a plant through leaflets and stems. This prevents the growth of the pest for at least two months.

Use of Propolol is relatively simple. 100 m2 consumption is about 5 liters of the finished solution. It can not be prepared in advance. If you plan to use it today, then dilute the herbicide Propolol is necessary on the same day. To dilute this substance, it is prohibited to use food containers. The ideal time for treating weeds is dry, windless weather. With all this on the weeds should be no dew or other moisture. Otherwise, the herbicide Propolol will not give the expected effect.

It is mainly used for weed control on the lawn. The production proportions are 2 grams per 5 liters of water. Used to combat pests such as:

  • Annuals.
  • Perennial.

This includes chamomile, yarrow, sorrel, plantain, dandelion and more. As soon as the lawn is trimmed, it is treated with Weed on the seventh day.


The effectiveness of this drug is due to its special composition. Its active ingredient is dicabma and chlorsulfaron. Due to this, the following properties stand out:

  • The use of herbicide Propolol does not cause any negative effects.
  • Herbicidal effect occurs on the tenth day. As for the complete destruction of the weed, it comes on the fourth week.
  • Sold in the form of granules.
  • The warranty period for the storage of the weed herb is 5 years.
  • In the application is very economical. Even if you decide to use its minimum dose, it will provide excellent protection for growing crops.
  • The drug is used on a specific system.
  • Herbicidal action is reduced to the fact that it covers the full range of winter and spring crop weeds.
  • Differs in its tolerance in relation to cultures.

Among other things, the herbicide Propolol has the following positive aspects of its use:

  1. Weathered from weeds on the lawn allows you to destroy hard-to-eradic weeds, such as pikulnik, sow thistle, cleaver, camomile This category includes all dicotyledonous weeds that are also common in cereal crops.
  2. In the application is very convenient. The substance itself is not dusty. Sold in convenient packaging. It is very easy to dose.
  3. This preparation allows to provide full purity of crops after carrying out their cleaning.
  4. Herbicidal Propolol perfectly soluble in water. As a result of dissolution a stable working solution is formed.
  5. It is important to note the fact that this substance is perfectly combined with humates.
  6. Unlike other herbicidal preparations, this one has a low cost. As a result, with a small dosage, a large area of ​​the land plot can be processed.

Tips and recommendations for use

If you want to achieve maximum results when dealing with weeds, then you should carefully follow the instructions for use. Plus, it is worth considering the methodological recommendations, which are given in this article further. First of all, pay attention to the fact that this substance Propolol is recommended for use in a variety of crops, namely rye, spring and winter wheat, oats, barley. It is also widely used for autumn weed control on winter crops.

In order to achieve maximum results when using it, weeds should be treated with this tool when there are at least 4 leaves on it, and the socket is more than 50 mm. The working solution can be used per hectare up to 200 liters of the mixture.

Tip! If replanting is planned, it is recommended to use cereals. If winter crops, namely rapeseed, are sown, then after cereals it can be sown in the same year.

Another feature of the herbicide Propolol is that the existing composition is very quickly and well dissolved in the soil. As a consequence, no threat or any danger is created for all growing crops, both now and subsequent ones. Propolol from weeds is also compatible with tank mixtures. This implies compatibility with all sorts of humates and pesticides. Due to this, high economic and biological efficiency is fully ensured.


Weeded by weeds, the instruction described above has a large number of positive reviews. We offer you some of them:

Anatoly, 56 years old, Orel. I needed to overcome all dicotyledal weeds, since I was sowing cereals. I also encountered a stubborn weed, such as a pickle, a blackthrow, a tenacious stalk, a chamomile, and another weed. Friends recommended me a herbicide Propolol. Now I will only use it. This is a fast-acting drug that allows you to overcome the existing problem in the shortest possible time. I also recommend to all summer residents and gardeners. The spent funds even exceed the expected result. After using it, it was a pleasure to weed the garden.

Stepan, 52 years old. Saratov Propolol is an excellent remedy. I decided to use it, because I had to deal with perennial weeds that were not removed by other preparations. The result, to be honest, surprised me. This is a systemic herbicidal agent of a wide spectrum. I was able to remove weeds from the lawn and my vegetable garden in a relatively short time. Plus, most turned out to destroy completely.

Julia, 44 years old, Kiev Before I had to sow the lawn, the soil was growing a huge amount of sow thistle. If you are a gardener, you realize that this is a difficult weed. As a result, I received excellent results. I decided to use it immediately before planting a lawn. The first thing I liked was a small expense. Using this substance saves money. With this savings, I achieved the desired result. Now I can enjoy a beautiful lawn in my country house. I recommend everyone to use.


So, if you are in search of an original remedy for weed control, then pay attention to the herbicide Propolol. This substance has proven itself only on the positive side. Additionally, we offer you to watch the prepared video material, which clearly shows the effectiveness and method of its use.