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Rating best models benzokos


The features of the dacha landscape do not always allow the use of a wheeled lawn mower effectively - cutting grass near trees, on steep slopes or near a curb with such a technique is problematic. In this case, a benzocos will come to the rescue, able to work in hard-to-reach places with ease.

There is a large selection of models of benzocos, but the ranking of the best manufacturers for a long time headed by such brands as:

  • Makita;
  • Hitachi;
  • Oleo-Mac;
  • Patriot;
  • Champion.

The products of these companies have high reliability, all the necessary functionality and good technical parameters. Attractive design and ergonomic design of the models makes the work as comfortable as possible.

Choosing a model benzokosy, first of all you need to decide on its power, which affects the performance and intensity of work. Having a plot of a few hundred square meters, it is hardly worth buying a powerful device, the resource of which will not be used. For cleaning the grass on the lawn near the estate, a household gas mower with a small engine power and lower cost than a professional model is perfect.

Here are some of the most popular household benzosilok, coping with their task.

TOP 5 best

Makita EM 2500U

This model of a popular Japanese brand can surely be called elite among household gas benzos. The main advantage of the unit is a small mass of 4.5 kg, which gives a great advantage during long work. When working with heavier models, fatigue will manifest itself much faster than with the Makita EM 2500U gas mower.

Convenience of work is provided by an adjustable bicycle handle, equipped with rubber nozzles and a gasket to dampen vibration. Benzokosa is equipped with an engine with a power of 1 hp, which is enough to complete the tasks. The engine model is quiet and easy to start, even in a cold state. The volume of the tank is 0.5 liters, which is quite enough for cleaning the grass on an area of ​​2 weave.

Complete with a benzokosa, not only a bobbin with a fishing line is sold, but also a knife for trimming tough shoots with 4 petals.

The only disadvantage of this model is an uncomfortable shoulder strap. After purchase it is desirable to replace it.

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

This model from the Italian brand is equipped with a 1.1 hp gasoline engine. One tank refueling 0, 75 l is enough for 1.5 hours of continuous work, which is a fairly high figure. The manufacturer recommends filling the device with a mixture of A-95 gasoline and Oleo-Mac branded oil. For exact observance of proportions in a set there is a measured glass.

The weight of 6.2 kg benzokosa, adjustable handle and shoulder strap create the most comfortable conditions when working on weight, and the high performance of the model allows you to do quite a lot of work in a short period of time.

Good performance characteristics of the Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 are achieved through high-quality assembly and a high-quality engine that does not lose efficiency at low revs. The mowing machine is equipped with a 3-blade blade and a semi-automatic head with a grip of 40 cm.

The disadvantage is the high cost of the model, inherent in all quality products.

Hitachi CG22EAS

Another benzokosa Japanese manufacturers, where the main attention is paid to the quality of the product. The engine, with a capacity of 0.85 liters, provides a high speed of rotation of the knife, which makes it easy to mow even dried grass with a thick stalk. At the same time, manufacturers managed to keep a small weight of the benzocos, which is only 4.7 kg, which allows the device to work for a long time.

Profitability - a weighty argument when choosing a model benzokosy. Innovation is the development of NEW Pure Fire, which reduced gas consumption by up to 30% and exhaust gas by half compared to similar models.

The Japanese took care of safe work and added safety glasses. In addition, the Hitachi CG22EAS gas mower is equipped with a 4-blade blade and a cutting head.


  • no mixing tank included;
  • used only high-quality expensive oil.

Benzowder PATRIOT PT 3355

This benzokosa is a universal tool for removing vegetation both on flat surfaces near the house and in ravines or holes. The 1.8 hp engine, thanks to the primer, has a light start, and the 1.1 liter tank allows you to work without refueling for quite a long time. The folding bar provides comfortable transportation of the device.

The manufacturer took care of easy access to the air filter and spark plug, which allows the user to quickly perform maintenance of the gas mowers. Additional convenience when working creates an anti-vibration system and an ergonomic handle, on which the controls are located.

The model is supplied with a 2.4 mm thick fishing line, having a 46 cm cutting width and a circular knife with a width of 23 cm. The fishing line is fed in a semi-automatic mode.

Disadvantages of the PATRIOT PT 3355 gas mowers:

  • a bit noisy;
  • during operation the shoulder belt is stretched.

Champion T346

Benzokosa Champion T346 will serve as a reliable assistant in the fight against overgrown weeds. The working elements of the model are a 1.6-3 mm thick fishing line and a cutting disc with a width of 25 cm, which is quite enough for cutting grass and coarse bushes.

The weight of the mowers is 7 kg, but the ergonomic handle and hanging belt make long-term work as comfortable as possible. Thanks to the damping system on the bar and the handle, the vibration is almost not felt. The bar has a straight shape and a detachable design, so that the gas mower takes up little space during storage or transportation. Quality forged shafts ensure reliable operation of the model.

The power of the 2-stroke engine of the Champion T346 gas mowers is 1.22 hp The fuel used is A-92 gasoline mixed with oil in a ratio of 25: 1.