Cellar titan: reviews


If you live in the country, then most likely, think about the device cellar. It is not always possible to build a repository under the house or separately. In some cases, this is simply not enough space or time. However, modern progress does not stand still. Today you can buy a finished plastic cellar. There is a wide variety of them. In this article, we will tell you about the advantages that Titan plastic cellars have. We learn about all its advantages and technological features.

Features plastic storage

Cellar Titan is made of durable plastic. It can be of several types, for example, terrestrial, semi-submerged and fully indented. It is important to note that the plastic cellar has a lot of positive aspects, before the usual buildings. For example, in order to maintain a pleasant microclimate in the storage, it is necessary to disinfect it once a year. All rooms should be well ventilated. With regard to the plastic cellar Titan, in this matter to carry out its operation, more than ever.

With plastic, you can clean up any dirt. Moreover, unlike other building materials, plastic does not absorb odor. This means that the walls are not saturated with the smell of stored products. Having spent in it annual cleaning, it will look absolutely like new.

In this matter, the cellar Titan of the highest quality. During its development only modern technologies were used, which allowed to create a reliable design.

Important! Before the plastic cellar Titan went on sale, it passed a three-step quality check. For this reason you can not doubt its quality.

Design features

In front of other types of plastic cellars, Titan stands out brightly. It is possible to identify a large number of design features. Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail. For example, it has special reinforced ribs. Additionally, there are 2 contour reinforcement. All this gives special strength.

As for the walls and the lid, the Titan cellar has a powerful fins. For the convenience of walking, provides a convenient ladder of dried wood. The steps themselves are pretty gentle. An important element of the whole structure is the hatch. In different models, the hatch can be of different sizes. Therefore, you can choose individually for your settings.

For reliable storage of a product, the basic configuration includes three rows of shelves. The depth and width of them varies from 10 to 50 cm. It is also left to the choice of the buyer. In order to maintain a comfortable temperature inside and a necessary microclimate, the storage facility is equipped with two ventilation pipes. The walls of the device itself can be up to 15 mm thick. This is quite enough to cope with the load from the soil.

The plastic cellar Titan is made from the primary certified raw materials - polypropylene. So that you can control inside the necessary temperature and humidity, it has a hygrometer. By the way, it comes as standard. For the convenience of its operation it has a nozzle for the input of electrical wires.

The advantages of the plastic cellar

Against the background of all these design features, it has undeniable advantages:

  • Its production is carried out from high quality raw materials - polypropylene.
  • It has a nice white color. Inside the plastic cellar with the lights on, it will be quite light.
  • The body is designed very powerful.
  • It has three full rows of shelves for storing food.
  • The case is completely sealed at 100%.
  • A wooden staircase provides safe descent and ascent.
  • The body of the entire device does not corrode.
  • Unlike other manufacturers, it has an adequate value.
  • In service, it is very simple.
  • Can be equipped with lighting.
  • Production is carried out in the factory.
  • The case is very powerful.
  • The case has a unique geometry and strength.
  • During the whole period of operation, the hull copes with the ground pressure.
  • The approximate operating life is about 100 years or more.


As you can see, he really has a lot of positives.

This is evidenced by the mass of positive reviews that can be found on the Internet. Below are some of them:

Anatoly, 56 years old, Ufa. We acquired this vault 10 years ago. We are absolutely pleased with this purchase. Although at first we were overcome by doubts, since not all new items are effective. To our surprise, after a while, all the positive feedback and its characteristics justified themselves. Recommended !!! Julia, 40, Kazan A few years ago we were advised to purchase a plastic cellar. Honestly, we were skeptical. But then, they saw it at our friends and were just amazed. All products are stored in excellent conditions. Now we have become the owner of this cellar and we don’t regret the money spent. By the way, its installation as a result went very quickly and with minimal costs. Svetlana, 50, Sochi A lot of information was found on the Internet about how well this repository is. Not to say that I am delighted with this purchase, but she saved our family from many troubles. We were able to install and commission it very quickly. Especially on our site to make your own cellar of other materials did not work.


So, as you can see, all these reviews point to the indisputable advantage of this cellar. You can solve the problem of storing vegetables and other provisions once and for a long time. In addition, we offer you an introductory video, which tells about its other features.